Face Mask Smack Down


Face Masks are insanely difficult to review and I believe, need a good few months of dedicated use to really know if it works or not. Who knows whether after a few months the verdict in this post might change ?

I do know that I watched an interview with Ruby Hammer (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruby_Hammer) and she is 50 something and said she uses a face mask everyday.

So off I went to stock up on my face masks. My skin is basically hassle free, but have maturing and dehydrated (as opposed to Dry) skin. It doesn’t have any glaring issues that need clearing up, EXCEPT the blackheads around my nose. Grrr.

Instant clearing up – Biore strips, but I haven’t used a strip in ages. I do think a combination of the Origins Clear Improvement and Soap and Glory Scrub your Nose in it might have something to do with it.  I mainly apply them on my Tzone.

It doesn’t vacuum the pores instantly, but over a few weeks it seems to clear them a bit.

I don’t know why I went nuts and bought 2 Peter Thomas Roth when the Cucumber would have sufficed. I don’t see any big difference in their use.

The Cucumber one, when kept in the fridge, also can be applied under eyes to reduce puffiness. I keep both in the fridge and often when I make my morning tea, I apply the Cucumber under the eyes and the Rose over the rest of my face. Nothing spectacular happening. I think I can see the puffiness reduced. The Rose ? Cant see anything happening.

The Clinique hydrating mask is literally, Nothing. Don’t bother.

The Origins Drink Up intensive is similar in the fact that they are hydrating . They are not so much MASKs as much as ‘apply a thick layer’ and tissue off excess. I prefer the Origins one.

The much hyped Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Clay mask. I haven’t seen a huge difference once I wash it off, so I will pass on the re-purchase.


The Nuxe Clarifying clay mask I have raved about. But how odd is this? The mask I am happiest about is the one that is a sample !

I will invest in a full size once I am done with my myriad other masks.

Now for the  Bliss Multi-face-ted anti aging mask.  An Anti Aging face mask is definitely a category I want to invest in. But HELLO !

The first time I applied it, it frikking STUNG my face. Stinging of a thousand bees. I put it on after double cleansing my face ( cleansing gels etc)

When I removed it after 2 mins, instead of the 5-7 they recommend, I was bracing myself for an angry breakout. But nothing. NO reaction other than that crazy stinging. Not even after a few days.

So after a few weeks when I used it, I cleaned my face with just water (it was a weekend so no makeup anyway), and applied it only on my Tzone.  It stung a wee bit.

The next time I applied it, it was for the full 5 mins, all over my face. A wee bit of sting. Few pin pricks here and there.

No instant effect with this one, but I am guessing this needs pretty regular use to see an effect. So far meh!

It has quartz granules that feels too rough on my skin and is a NIGHTMARE to wash off. I use my environmentally friendly washing https://zoorkitty.wordpress.com/2015/08/09/beauty-routine-and-the-environment/, but this one leaves a GREY hue behind. I can only imagine the colour on my fairer sisters.

You have to use a mild toner to completely get this off! Basically wash wash wash and then tone tone till cotton pad doesn’t have any grey residue left.

Out of this pile which ones will make the re-purchase list ? Not sure.

The Nuxe definitely.

The Origins Clear Improvement might get replaced with the GlamGlow or Omorovicza

I am not too chuffed with the Bliss so might check out Clarins to see if they have something. An anti-aging / hydrating mask is a must.


Instant Gratification


My skin is basically hassle free, few freckles and pores.

I can’t visually ever tell how my skin is doing other than say a suntan, or dull after being outdoors and sweating or gets a rough texture.

Out of all the skincare I own and use, these three top my Instant Gratification list.

The Nuxe clarifying clay mask is brightening, the Clarins toner removes dead skill cells beautifully and your skin glows and when my skin feel rough the exfoliKate is the best scrub for me.

Pores don’t go away, because they never will. Blackheads, on my nostrils, don’t disappear,  but these 3 do a good job of giving the face a good ole ‘scrub’. And I can see it instantly.

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup: Worth the Hype ?


Charlotte Tilbury. Queen of the hyperbole. Attractive and Entertaining.

The range – not available in Hong Kong. Will keep an eye out and check if Beauty by Joyce or Harvey Nicks stocks it or not.

I ordered mine online and got it delivered within the UK (when I visited this summer)


Worth the Hype ? Yes and No.

Full Fat Lashes – YES, Love it.  I haven’t tried every Mascara known to Humankind. However have tried Chanel, Dior, Benefit, Covergirl, Maybelline, Loreal & Clinique.  All mascaras I love more when they are slightly drier as I don’t like the wet-clumpy look. But I love Full Fat Lashes! They are not wet or clumpy and give me volume. Will see how long it lasts. For example Chanel dries out and is un-usable quicker than any other mascara.

And if it lasts (and doesn’t become a colossal waste of a lot of cash ) then this will be my High End Holy Grail.

Colour Chameleon Dark Pearl (for Brown Eyes). Love it. My fucking eyes are so oily that primer no primer, powder no powder, layering, cooking, whatever I do, I get racoon eyes. This pencil is the bomb.

To be fair I haven’t tried Bobbi Brown Long Wear eye shadows so I can’t compare, but this one is the bomb and I am happy to not try a BB and stick of these chameleons!


Subtle enough for work and yet enhancing.

20150908_085439 (1)

Full fat lashes plus liner.

Goddess Clay Mask ummm. Its fantastically difficult to review masks without diligently using one for a month to check on how effective they are.  For that kind of cash I want to see INSTANT results, like my Nuxe Clarifying Clay Mask. Instant brightening.


It doesn’t dry tight and remains creamy but I didn’t see any wow results. Did I see a minimal brightening or is it just a ‘placebo effect’ ? Or maybe thats more because the mask itself is White Clay (residue ?)

Thankfully I did not buy the Magic Cream. Caroline Hirons reviewed it well and I said ‘thanks but no thanks’ . (Honestly for skincare Kate Sommerville is currently toping my list)

Boots Mini Brush Set

Image Courtesy: http://www.boots.com/en/Boots-Mini-Black-Brush-Set_1261049/

A vinyl pouch, some poke-y brushes and a sponge applicator.  It screams “DO NOT BUY , buy the Real Techniques Mini brush set instead”.

I bought the Boots one and boy am I a happy bunny!!!

Overall the brushes have the right amount of stiffness which is always good for eye (liner) brushes.

The Powder brush is hard and while it was a perfect size and stiffness for me to use for my cream blushes / lipsticks as cream blush, I gave it away.

It was too hard for my maturing skin and ‘she’ needs all the TLC she can get.

The Star of this set for me is the Angled Liner brush. I have bought many (cheap) ones and then I have the two Liner brushes from Bobbi Brown’s Gel liner sets. And they are/were all to thick.


But this Boot mini Angled liner won my heart.  It is SKINNY, stiff and nestles right into your lashline to give you the thinnest liner.


The Sponge Applicator is not bad, but I am not a sponge person for my eye shadows so I gave that away and while the Liner brush is also great good- stiff and thin, but I have the E.L.F Angled liner so gave the Liner brush away too.

The retained the concealer brush though, but use it to prise eye creams out of jars to prevent cream from getting under my nails. Hate that !