Best Eyeshadow Palette 2019: Anastasia Beverly Hills x Jackie Aina

My comment about Jackie Aina follows end of blog post. Yes I am going there because I am fearless. 🙂

Back to makeup!

Very rarely has a palette come along and seduced me the instant I saw it. ABHxJAckieAina

The other time this happened was with the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk eyeshadow palette.

I didn’t buy Desert Dusk because I didn’t want to deal with all those same-y skintone mattes, that problematic glitter, the gold shimmer and the fact that the purple, the shade I was DYING for was the weakest formula.


The Anastasia Beverly Hills*Jackie Aina colour story spoke to me and I absolutely trusted Jackie to ensure the formulation would work for us brown people.


This palette has the perfect number of ‘skintone’ mattes that I will tolerate in a palette. Three.

Edges, Ginger and Credit.

And they blend beautifully and have the depth of colour that will actually show on my MAC NC40/Dior4 skintone, crease and outer V.

(fun fact: I DO appreciate a white shade though. Perfect eraser shade)


Next my eyes went to the coloured mattes.

  • Supreme (Matte rosy pink)*
  • Pinker (Matte mid-tone cool plum)*
  • Big wig (Matte rich purple)*

The type of colours I love for my crease and eyelooks.

It’s a novel experience to NOT STRUGGLE to get these type of colours to show up on my lids! I dont have to pack them on…! Imagine the freedom!

Big Wig is probably the weakest in comparison to the other shades IN THIS PALETTE. I did have to dip back a fews time to get Big Wig to the depth I wanted. But then I don’t do subtle. Different strokes ….

PinkPinkerPurple ABH

I topped it off with Shookington (Metallic violet with a blue shift).


I have a tiny eyeshadow collection but please may I say Credit is simply the BEST dark chocolate matte I have encountered. (described as Deep Plum Brown by ABH)Credit

Dark Umber in Soft Glam is pure trash. Patchy and difficult to blend. I now use it to powder my roots in-between coloring in my greys.

But Credit. aaaah! Blended beautifully even on an un-set primer.

Then there is

  • Lituation (Metallic deep taupe with a violet shift)
  • Wiggalese (Metallic cranberry red)
  • Sponsored (Metallic chocolate with a teal shift)

I adore them especially  for single shadow look. Swiped across my lids and buffed out with a clean brush. Why mess around adding crease, browbone, transition shades ? These are beautiful by themselves. FAV SHADED ABH JA

I have rejected shades like Sponsored (Metallic chocolate with a teal shift) in other palettes thinking ‘yea whatever another WetnWild -esque Comfort Zone brown-teal metal’

Nope not Sponsored. And on my eyelids in certain lights it reflects a moss green !


  • Soleil (Metallic soft peach with a gold shift)
  • Zamn (Sparkling rose gold)
  • Dwollahs (Metallic golden olive)
  • Trust issues (Sparkling white gold)

Shades of gold and variations thereof, are not my favourites and on top of it they all have glitter fall-out. GRRRR.

In this day and age glitter formulations must be ‘minus fallout’. What is this ? The Middle Ages????

They do foil beautifully with a wet brush but I am still surprised at the crazy fall out.

Zamn is beautiful, because it the type of the ‘rose-gold’ I appreciate. The one that leans more copper.


Dwollahs, I giggle EVERYTIME because I can literally ‘hear’ Jackie saying this, is the exact shade of gold I hate the most. I can’t see the olive shift.

Me and gold eyeshadow are not friends. I wore this shade of gold eyeshadow in 1993 when I got married ….so in 2019 ? No thanks!

Soleil. Dwollahs.

Trust Issues I think is a topper shade and I need to play with it more.

All in all I love this palette because all the colours SHOW UP on me! Now I could have invested in Colored Raine and Juvia’s Place but none of their colour stories attracted me till this one came along.

So full marks to ABH*JackieAina!!!

My views on Jackie Aina:  

Jackie Aina’s palette is the FIRST collaboration I have bought, EVERNot because I am a ‘fan’ but I liked what I saw and I like her!

I am a consumer and happy to acknowledge that she will get a % of my purchase because she delivered on this product.

But I am not subscribed to JA, but then neither am I subbed to Tati or Emily Noel.

I like supporting smaller YTers with my subscription and continuous ‘views’ & ‘engagement’. Mel Thompson, Kinkysweat, Michelle Wang, Theresa is Dead, Beauty News and the like.

First what I don’t like about Jackie is the lack of public apology to Petty Paige. That is not fair.  The allegation was massive hence the apology also needed to be massive.

Also I didn’t like the fact that she publicly dragged Juvia’s Place about the J* thing,  and but had a quiet word with Too Faced Jerrod (?) after his sh*tty ‘Rich Lives Matter’ cake.

Both were around the same issue hence both so should have been brought to light in the same way. That’s how I feel.

What I like about Jackie is she is ‘globalising‘. People have called her polarizing, but I like to use ‘globalising’.

  • I love the fact that she is well versed on Halal Makeup,
  • I love the fact she wishes her viewers Happy Ramadan/Hari Raya,
  • I love the fact that she recognizes hijabis,
  • I love the fact she knows about ‘Fair & Lovely’ in India,
  • I love the fact that a girl in Bangladesh adores Jackie for recognizing her hijab and her values.
  • I love the fact she gets those pronunications right !


I am Hindu but I like the fact Jackie tries to talk beyond the borders of the ‘Western World and Western Values’.

So all in all I am chuffed.


after a year of slagging ABH eyeshadow formula off (Soft Glam) for its piss poor longevity on my lids I have learnt how to find happiness with my ABH*JA palette.

  • Don’t apply eye cream.
  • Carefully dry/dab off eyelids after skincare and sunscreen.
  • Apply NARS pro prime smudgeproof.
  • Allow it to set, either air dry or with a setting powder.

Then apply the shadows.

This has helped me so far but I am yet to do a full on 8 hour test.






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