NYX Eyeshadow: Love You So Mochi

This is the NYX Mochi Electric Pastels palette, all shimmers and I LOVE it.

I am going to be completely reckless and say that this could even be your stand-alone palette depending on how you view colours and shimmery shades.

I love colours and shimmers because they make my small hooded eyes pop and appear bigger/brighter. For a quick eyeshadow look, I wear single shades on the lid,  blend it outwards to diffuse it and use an eyeliner and/or mascara.

For added depth I might add a matte shadow in the crease.20180320_105335

Sometimes I will pair matte shadows that I have lying around to go with corresponding shimmers in the palette.

For example I will pair an orange matte with the peach shimmer or reach for a neutral matte to go with the copper shimmer.FaceSWTThese shadows apply well with a flat brush or finger and build on themselves. The shimmers are beautiful, not chunky and have minimal fall out.Mochi

I have inserted a few comparison swatches, in natural light and flash.PinksThree pinks swatched side by side to show the difference.

White ShimsThe three icy shades: #1 looks like a light blue in the pan but when applied it is white with a purplish shift to it. #5 is an icy blue and #9 is a white shimmer.

PeachesThe two warm shades: #4 a peach shimmer and #6 a copper shimmer. Both were hard to shoot because of changing light situation, apologies for that.

20180327_134817The teal and yellow are fun shades, much richer than caught by the camera.

I still need to use them for a look but I haven’t been for a night out as yet 🙂







Covergirl Eyeshadow Palette: Jewels

Note: Finger swatches without primer. Wear test has not been done.

CG jewels
M=matte, S=satin, G= glitter

I am SO DAMNED late in the eyeshadow game it is not even worth commenting on! I missed out on ALL of the Urban Decay and Kat Von D palette releases that housed rich deep jewel shades! #PaletteRegrets

Wandering around my local Walgreens I spied this little gem…ahem jewel. The Covergirl Jewels palette. Usually palettes like these are prone to #PaletteFail but not this one!

I love it !  They definitely look better on the eyelid than as a swatch!

CG Jewels Swt

First things first.  The star of this palette is shade 7. A golden shimmer that looks like a SHEEN ! Not a hint of glitter or gold flecks.

I wore it on my cheeks and it was just how I like my highlighter to be!  A ‘wet’ look without a sign of micro glitter! Ofcourse you have to be SO careful dipping your brush when flanked by 2 dark shades. LOL

Shade 3 is a bronze shimmer but not a ‘wet-sheen’ like shade 7.GoldBronze

1 is a shimmer with a pink shift to it.

Shade 2 a milky-pink is a matte and does have kick up so be careful with it.  Actually shade 3 is also very soft. Lay the brush flat and gently swipe to pick up.

Shade 8 is a matte black with micro silver glitter. It disappears on the eye. It’s not a deep dark black and with very little fall out. Infact I did not notice any.

Now for the shades that pulled me to this palette. Alas natural light just doesn’t do the shades justice!CG PurpBlueGreen.001The purple and blue are rich, silky, satin shades.The purple applies more opaque than the blue.

The blue applies best with a finger. But when applied with a wet Mac Fix+ brush it really pops! To anchor the blue I found it works best when blended out, towards the crease, with the black, ie shade 8.

Both purple and blue look gorgeous when used along your the lower lashline. I used a wet brush.

Shade 2 was my brow bone shade for both eyes.

Shade 6 is a beautiful olive with gold glitter. It applies well with a flat eyeshadow brush but needs a glitter glue. It has some fall out and as the day progresses you will have flecks on your face. But shades like this, irrespective of palette price, have this problem. It’s the nature of the beast that glitter is!

I used a dark peach on my crease. Olive and peach/orange pairs really well ! You can go smoky with the black for a night time look. I lined my lower lash with the black in the palette.

What I really like about this palette is all the shades show up, and are flattering, on my NC40 Indian skin-tone.

I am impressed.

Well done Covergirl !








Wet n Wild Eyeshadow: Not Your Basic Peach

Note 1: Me: NC 40 Indian colouring with a warm undertone. 

Note 2: Finger swatches without a primer. Not tested for a ‘wear test’.

Isn’t this a beautiful looking palette ? Shades 5, 7 & 8 stole my heart and to grab it at $4.99 was a no brainer !

I am really enjoying this palette. Especially because this is the only ‘peach’ palette I own.  However, as with all palettes, some shades perform better than others.

Shades 1 and 10 are matte transition shades and I love them. In-fact I like all the matte transition shades in the Color Icon palettes.NYBP1210

Shade 2 is a satin. The lack of a matte brow bone highlighter should not be a deal breaker.  I have been applying it lightly on my brow and buffing it well.

It definitely doesn’t come off as ghastly-bulgy brow bone shimmer. Ugh. Truth be told it is usually the fault of the person who applies a shiny pigment on their brow bone, with a heavy hand, rather than the fault of the pigment itself 🙂

Shade 3 is a dark peach/orange. Shade 4 is a light peach. It is a matte but with flecks of glitter that disappear when applied on the lid.  I really like 4 but need to layer it to get the colour payout I want.NYBP3456

Shade 5 applies better on the eye than in this swatch!  I am so impressed with it ! It is a duochrome  with a gold undertone. This makes it a wearable shade rather than being too loud or ‘out there’

At first ‘brush’ it is not as pigmented as I thought it would be, but builds up well.  I would hazard a guess in saying it is beginner friendly for those who are starting to dabble with colour.

Shade 6 is a beautiful gold shimmer. It has visible micro glitter so not a ‘wet-sheen’ finish, but I like it!

NYBP789Shade 7 is a beautiful dark peach/orange shimmer but the gold flecks here have fall out. In-fact it gets everywhere. It is difficult to control it on your eye ie differentiate between your mattes and this shade.

When applied with a flat brush over the NYX glitter glue it definitely popped the colour and seemed to minimised the fall out somewhat. But it also seemed to emphasise the size of the gold flecks and made them appear a bit chunky.

Will there be glitter down your face by end of day ? I would assume yes.

I personally prefer to wear shade 7 applied without a glitter glue. While it is more subtle I can still see the flecks of gold.

I like this shade but I will have to wear this as a single on my lid as it messes with the mattes. And by days end I am sure I will have flecks all over my face.

Now shade 8 , I dont know what to tell you. Dud, El Duddo, Dudley Moore. I mean look at the swatch.

On the eyes it’s a waste of time, but I did apply it on my cheek and buffed it out and the top mauve shade disappeared and I was left with a satin peach reflect.

Maybe someone with a  deeper skintone could play with it and see how it performs as a blush? I really like that peach reflect when buffed out. But on me the hint of the mauve that remains looks like a bruise.

I did apply it on my lower lash line…and not so bad. What showed up was the  peach reflect.

Maybe WnW were trying to go for something that is pretty complicated to pull off? I dont know.

Shade 9 is a dark brown. I very very lightly touch my brush to the pan and then almost ‘whisper’  it on the area I want deepened, crease or outer V. Any darker and it would look like a black eye on me!

Anyway I am really enjoying this palette and am eager to see how many looks I can get off it.

Basically I am experimenting to see if I can make it perform like a comprehensive palette that one can take when on holiday !

Quick Reminder: All shades may have a degree of fall out even if not mentioned above. I am pretty light with my brush, always tap my brush AND do my eyes first.







Responsible Beauty: Eyeshadow Sponges

Me: Hooded eyes with very little real estate. My crease almost touches my brow!Using the ESS.001

Ok people time to stop tossing the humble eyeshadow sponge and time to embrace it.

I used to throw them away too but I started to really feel wasteful. Add to it I always feel guilty using a cotton bud once and then throwing it away !

So I use these sponges instead of cotton buds. I use both the thin and flat ends and I clean them just how I clean my brushes.

Be gentle when washing so you don’t kill it before it’s time 🙂

Now I might have arrived late to this environmentally friendly party but at-least I am here now, right ?

So here goes:

1.The thin eded to smudge out your liner and/or powder along lash lines.

2.My fingers are too big to dab a inner eye highlight and if my detailer brush is not handy I use the thin edge to ‘actually’ line the inner eye. For small eyes like mine it works best!

3.Which brings me to the next use. Every time I apply a shimmer (even with a detailer brush) along my inner corner I get it down to the inner under eye. This is not just messy but also emphasises every line and wrinkle in that area. I use the flat edge dipped in micellar water to wipe away the fall out !.

4. I use the flat edge to wipe off under eye smudging either from pencil or mascara. I always have this problem. Use dry for mascara. Brilliant !

5. This I recently discovered. I have applied and blended my eye shadow with my brushes but then I notice I need to add colour back on my crease without disturbing the transition or the lid shade.  I used the flat edge to lay (add) colour along my crease.

I am so happy to have discovered this for myself.

The sponge I am using is the one that came with my Covergirl Jewels eyeshadow palette.

CG jewels
Post of this coming soon


I am putting this little sponge through its paces and am loving every minute of it, especially because it is so precise and perfect for my eyes.




Hard Candy Hydrating Primer Mist

Me: Maturing skin that used to be normal but now veering towards dry.

I am not a big primer person. Maybe because I have ‘old-people’ eyesight and I can’t tell if my makeup has shifted or even lasted. The only thing I can tell is whether my eye liner or mascara has smudged or not !

So why am I writing about primers ? Well because I wanted to commend Hard Candy on their hydrating primer mist !

It all started with my quest for a moisturising facial spray.  Here in Seattle with it’s central heating, a quick spritz over my normal facial moisturiser really helps combat that ‘cheek-stretchy’ feeling. You know what I mean ?

Now if you have read my Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist post you will know that I have had a hit and miss time with hydrating facial sprays.

Amongst the high-end brands I trust like Tata Harper, Kate Sommerville or Josie Maran  they all contain either essential oils and/or have citrus pretty high up on the ingredient list. Even my affordable favourite, Mario Badescu, has essential oils.

No thank you.

Enter  EmilyNoel83 (or was it Angie from Hot and Flashy ?) who talked about the Hard Candy hydrating primer and how they use it.

And I was like YES ! I logged onto Walmart, ordered it and proceeded to LOVE it !


Hard Candy ingredients
Hard Candy Ingredient List. Oil-free, silicone-free and alcohol-free

I don’t feel the need to re-spritz. It is like there is a good moisture sandwich between my regular moisturiser and this spray.

I use it under makeup or on bare face.

Now it does leave your face tacky and shiny which I don’t mind when I am at home. When stepping out for errands I pat my face with a beauty blender, to kind of absorb some of the shine and follow up with a light dusting of powder on top.

I just use my Bobbi Brown finishing powder.

Sadly I am nearly running out and this is a definite re-purchase for me but it has been out of stock in Walmart.

Why Hard Candy ? You had a good thing going, why is it out of stock ?

Are you re-formulating ? Hope not.

Are you changing the packaging ? Hope not.

Are you discontinuing it ? No No No.

Mac Fix Plus you say ? No not really.

I have seen it being sold by 3rd parties on Amazon but I can’t trust those.

I will just wait I guess….or wait till Drunk Elephant comes out with their hydrating facial spray !








Wet n Wild Eyeshadow: Rose in the Air

I apologise to everyone especially the beauty community on the internet but I f**king hate this palette.

It’s now been 4 weeks since I had this palette. The first week it was just as rubbish and to give this palette the best shot possible I even bought eye primers and Kat Von D’s whiteout concealer.

Even before I know this was a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance I  liked shade number 3, 5 and 8.

Shade 3 is a shimmer and super MEH ! Hardly shows up with flat brush or finger. Rose 386 swatches.001

The shade #8 shows up as lack lustre in real life as it shows up in the photos.  In my experience it just swatches sexy with a finger.

There is fall out and this is especially problematic with the darker shades, so beware of that.

I usually tap my brush for ANY palette, so it’s not a big deal for me. Also I always do my eyes before my face.

The mattes in this palette, infact in all of the Colour Icons I LOVE, no complaints. But the whole reason I bought this palette was for  #3 and #8 and both need too much effort to just….be….there.

You know, just sit on your lids adding nothing to your look.

Rose Swatches

#5 is a gorgeous satin.  It has micro glitter and shows up as a browny-mauve on my skin.

It’s subtle but has gravitas. The type of shade you can feel confident showing up for a luncheon with just that on your lid ! 🙂

I like #4 which is a dusty pink on me.  I use it mainly for my crease or base shade.

So what do I do ?

I can not justify buying the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette as of now, so hitting pan on this palette is my goal.

And what a boring goal it will be, trudging along with neutrals and shades with no pop.

While I fall asleep just thinking about my goal, I would recommend you check out Smacy on Youtube to get a realistic review and wear test on this palette.

It is a positive review and she has way more experience with eyeshadows than I do.






Berry Eyeshadow: Makeup Forever, Tarte and Anastasia Beverly Hills

I have been bitten by the Berry/Plum/Cranberry bug and have been on the hunt for the perfect berry eyeshadow! And this was proving difficult. Mainly because most palettes that have these fabulous shades also house a lot of neutral (boring!) shades.

Also I didn’t want to spend money on palettes that are $45++ for just one or two shades.

So I looked at the drugstore. Spending $5 on a dinky Wet n Wild Color Icon  palette was more acceptable to me. Luckily WnW did a great job (review coming).

I bought Rose (as in pink champagne) in the Air palette. The shade I was lusting after was Shade #8.

The shade that everyone says is a dupe Love Letter in the ABH Modern Renaissance palette.


Ummm..no, not for me. It could be my Indian NC 40 skin-tone, it could be my inexperience, it could be my crepey eyelids, but I am not thrilled with shade #8.

It isn’t very pigmented and if I blend a little too enthusiastically the pigment starts to disappear. I can actually start to see my skin!

I had also bought the palette Not Your Basic Peach. That shimmery plum, shade #8, was calling out to me.

Not Your Basic Peach

Alas it is a dud ! The shimmer/micro glitter disappears and the shade is not pigmented enough for me.

I tried to make it work but was disappointed every time ! So I decided it was time for me to invest in the big gals! I marched into Sephora determined to find palettes with the berry/wine shades I wanted.

I soon realised that no palette would give me what I wanted. I would have to make my own palette.Berries Eyeshadow

Berries Swatch

The Makeup Forever Artists Shadows.  1=M847 Burgundy, 2 – M928 Eggplant and 3- D826 Fig.

I was missing a berry/red shimmer so I picked up Tarte’s Revel described as a Deep Red. On my eye it comes off just like the above swatch, ie not deep red.

And then I picked up the queen of the lot, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Love Letter.

It cost me $65 for just 5 shadows. Not the best example of money saving tips. The Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette is $65 for 18 shadows  !!

But almost every palette  in Sephora has 1-2 shades I want and the whole lot of shades I don’t. Wasted shadows not to mention the space they take up on my vanity.

A Novice’s Verdict: I LOVE these. I am a beginner and I am thrilled I invested in single high end shadows. I got the shades I wanted and they all have great pigmentation. I don’t struggle to blend and they retain colour even after a reasonable amount of blending.

Revel CU
Tarte Revel
Fig CU
MUF Glitter Fig

Now the MUF Fig was a bit subtle with a brush so I added more with a finger. It settled into a lovely lavender-purple colour in real life. Sadly not seen in the picture:(

I usually look like I have been in a bar fight when I wear purple tones but not with this one. And it is also subtle enough for a work do !

I wore both shadows over Kat Von D’s whiteout primer which I set with a white matte eyeshadow.

I used the Shu Uemura brush on the movable lid and used the Wayne Goss 06 to sweep a matte shade to diffuse the edges and add some depth.EyeBrushes

Also I found a way to beat eyeshadow intimidation. I don’t try and be like beauty gurus who work with 15 shades for single look. That would paralyse me and I would never use the shadows.

I simplify.

I put a single shade on my lids and then blend it out with any matte transition shade I have.

There is nothing more wasteful than buying things and not using them! Right ?





Makeup Resolutions: Project Pan March

With all the makeup that ‘YouTube made me buy’ YouTube beauty vloggers have also inspired me to do this. To hit pan.

Basically use up products till you see pan and to keep using till its a clean pan!

I know when I go about my hit pan project it will have an impact on my purchases. Basically I don’t buy till I use up a product. This translates to me buying less and for 2018 to end up as a low-buy year !

Starting March 2018, this is the makeup I must hit pan on and then completely use up;

  1. MAC Prep and Prime Lip Primer
  2. NYX HD Eyeshadow base ( sadly this does not help with glitter eyeshadows though!)
  3. Elf High Definition undereye setting powder
  4. Bobbi Brown sheer finish pressed powder in Warm Natural
  5. MAC Bronzing Powder
  6. Benefit Hoola Bronzer
  7. Lancome Grandiose Smudgeproof mascara (black)
  8. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Calypso Coral
  9. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush in Pink Sugar
  10. Bobbi Brown single eyeshadow in Heather
  11. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop highlighter (Powder & Liquid)
  12. Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon cream eyeshadow in Dark Pearl
  13. Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in Espresso
  14. L’oreal Infallible Paints Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Black Party 300
  15. Jordana Easy Liner for Lips in Rose Crush
  16. Maybelline 14 hr Super Stay Lipstick in Always Plum (matte)
  17. Maybelline Color Sensational in Untainted Spice (satin)20180306_094412

Below is a summary of how I propose to use some of the products. My intention is to use these products for both day and night looks so I can really make a dent in them and eventually, finish them.

Hit-Pan: Cheeks I am a bit worried. Both blushes are full size and barely have a dent in them! The creme blush Calypso Coral gives a nice natural flush on my NC 42 Indian skin tone and is perfect for daytime. And because I like a shine, I will put the Champagne pop liquid highlighter over it.

For the evening the shimmer powder blush is better. It is very pigmented and I have learn’t not to go heavy handed with it.  If I do it will show up  like clown cheeks. I am not sure about the shade, since I depotted it, but I think it is Pink Sugar.  The shimmer is a nice one but I like to crank it up with the Champagne pop powder highlighter across the cheek bones.

And the look finished off with Benefit’s Hoola as a contour.  I really love Hoola!

And….. I am not wowed by the Champagne pop, especially the powder. I bought it  based on YouTube hype and wish I hadn’t. I mean how much does one need to buff this in ? I like a ‘wet-sheen’ look and not glitter, however fine or micro it might be.

Also can I be really weird and say I prefer Elf’s baked highlighter. The one that EVERYONE hates ? I scraped off the surface and use a hard brush like the Real Techniques contour brush. To me it delivers like the Hourglass ambient powders. 🙂

I am now going to put a dollar amount on to be aware of how much they cost and the savings made by using them up before buying more of the same.  This I learn’t off an Aussie YouTuber who includes the cost in her project pans. I really liked the idea.

  • Bobbi Brown : Shimmer Blush $30 + Pot Rouge $30
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Limited edition Mini from Sephora : $ 20
  • Benefit Hoola mini : $15

Total Cost : $ 95+ 9.5% tax  or savings!

Hit-Pan:Eyes I love my Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow pencil. My shade is Dark Pearl (for brown eyes). I wear it without a primer and line my lids. I love the sheen. It sets well and doesn’t crease.20180306_104152

I use the MAC bronzer on the rest of the lid and along the crease to tie the eye shadow with the rest of the lid.  (I need to use this bronzer up. It’s massive and I have a small face.)

I add the Bobbi Brown Heather matte eyeshadow to add depth along the crease and brush it along the lower lid.(Heather was a big mistake. On my skin-tone I look bruised if I use it by itself, ie. without warming it up)

While the look is not dramatic it’s passable for a casual night out because the sheen the Color Chameleon eyeshadow gives off.

I complete the look with a lower lid liner, upper lid liner and mascara.

The eyes are a jackpot for me as far as the hit-pan project goes ! 6 items for one area ! Now for numbers

  • L’oreal Infallibile Paints eyeliner Pen + Jordana eyeliner pencil = $ 14
  • Bobbi Brown eyeshadow: $26
  • Lancome Mascara: $32
  • Charlotte Tilbury cream eyeshadow: $27
  • Mac bronzer : $27

Total Cost(Savings) : $126  + 9.5% tax

Hit-Pan: Lips I was thissss close to buying a whole load of ‘nude’ lipsticks based on a YouTuber’s review when I thought ‘hang-on a min, I already have the nude(s) I need for my lips!’ lip cheek eye Sw

I have 1 satin and 1 matte formula from Maybelline and I love them both, so why buy more ? And sometimes I top the matte off with the satin for added moisturisation.  So kill two birds or …..hit two birds with one hit-pan stone.

The Jordana lip liner does a good job. I wear it with my nudes or by itself.  Truth be told, I bought the wrong brand. It’s the Essence lipliners that EmilyNoel and/or Tati really like, not Jordana ! Oh well!

  • Maybelline Colorsensational: $5
  • Maybelline 14 hour Lipstick: $10
  • Jordana Lip Liner: $3

Total Cost(Savings) : $18  + 9.5% tax

Items valued at $239 (+tax) is what I will save if I just focus on using up these perfectly good products. I will do an update in a months’ time to show progress.

1st Impressions: NYX Beauty School Dropout Freshman Palette.

Should this post come with a warning ? Yea it probably should. ‘Take with a pinch of salt as it is written by a 40+ eyeshadow novice who is still unsure about what exactly a transition shade ‘does”. 

And maybe add another warning. Very long post with loads of swatches, just for fun!’

For years and years I only ever owned one eye shadow palette. It was the Sleek iDivine Mattes V2 and I barely used it. (why did I buy it??)

Over the years I have gotten better at my eye shadow game and got interested in delving into palettes again. Based on YT beauty reviews I picked the Viseart Petite Pro and the Covergirl Jewels palettes and I like them both.

my shadows

However both the Petite Pro and Jewels palettes are shimmery, evening looks and I was looking for a palette that was more day appropriate.

Then 3 weeks back I went into Ross to pick up oven gloves and a bundt cake tin.  While standing at the checkout line I spied this little cutie on the shelves. The NYX Beauty School Dropout Freshman and it was 15 bucks.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 11.49.41 AM
Front and Back

Now everyone will tell you ‘Oh for Godsakes you don’t buy makeup from Ross!’. But I looked at the cover and thought ‘look at those fun colours, it’s NYX and it’s $15. What’s not to like ?’

Ka-ching ! Done !20180226_111045

P – Pressed Pigments

Great little palette. I have been playing with it loads and I am enjoying it. The colours don’t have the va va voom on my skin-tone so it’s a nice daytime palette.

The face powders are all matte.

The small pan eyeshadows have both matte and satin. More satin though. You can see flecks of glitter in some of the satin shades but they don’t really show up on the eye. And I am ok placing them in my crease or outer V. The 2 light lavender shades are frosty.satin shim

The shadows are lovely to touch with a nice soft feel. Some are best applied with a finger for the full pigmentation. They are easy to blend but do have fall out.

A word of warning. Don’t swirl your brushes with a heavy hand. If you do it will kick up powder.

I just dab the pan or give it a gentle swipe. That’s how I normally pick up shadow anyway so it’s all good for me.

I found that the Elf eyeshadow brush (short bristle with white handle) and the flat Shu Uemura eye shadow brush are best to pack colour on the lids.

Now for the swatchy-swatch.

FACE: The 4 face swatches done on my arm with a finger.Face Swatches.001

#1 looks like a lovely peach-coral in the pan but it doesn’t show up on my skin-tone and if I pack it on, it ends up looking really chalky.

#4 I suppose is a bronzer but on my skin-tone it is very subtle.

#2 & #3 are perfect daytime blushes. And whenever I have gone heavy handed with either I have dusted #1 or #4 on top to tone it down.

With these powders its important to blend, blend and blend because I can see a chalky finish if I don’t.

I like the fact that they are matte which means I can top it off with a highlighter, ie a more targeted highlight than the entire cheek being highlighted.

EYES:  Arranged below the Face colours are some shadows for the Eyes. They are the transition mattes, 2 matte brow highlights and 2 shimmers. The 2 shimmers are also subtle, nice for daytime. The transition shades don’t really show up on my arm or on my eyelid but good enough to serve their purpose.

The brow highlights can veer chalky but I can blend it out. I often use them as all over lid colours too.Transition, Shimmer and Brow.001

Coloured Eye Shadows : To the un-trained eye like mine I think the layout seems a bit higgledy piggledy. The colours appear to be laid out where-ever, how-ever.

I have tried to look at them in terms of quads or even threes but I can’t see it.

Anyway now for the swatcheroos. I have swatched with my finger on my arm, with a primer.

Greens and Blues: KN Green blue SW.001Blues 1&2 are the most un-impressive with minor to no differentiation. The two aqua/teal shades are great ! Greens 5&6 are similar but good pigmentation. 7 is a nice leaf green and 8 an olive green.

Lavender and Salmon:  Lav Sal Jpg.001The #1 in the Pink/Lavender family is a barbie pink barely visible on my arm. I had high hopes for the 2 Salmon shades 7&8.  They are ok. The lighter of the two (8) needs to be packed on really heavily for it to show.

6,7 & 8 are listed as pigments and have a warning on the cover to NOT use on the eye but on the face. I have checked the ingredients for all 3 formulas and there is no difference. Also if they were dangerous would they place it slam bang in the middle of all the other eyeshadows ?

If anyone knows the right answer please comment below. (Update June 2018: it’s to do with FDA approval for ‘eye safe’ or not)

Swatches on the Lids without a primer: These are NOT looks, just ‘swatched’ on my lid to show the colour. Blue SalmonThere are 2 blues on one eye and the 2 salmons on the other. Little to none differentiation on my skin-tone. The blues I am LEAST impressed by. The pigmentation is rubbish.  I really had to pack the shades on my eyelid !

Green with Brush
Green family: Shade 5

For the Lavenders there is not much differentiation between frosty 4 & 5.  At a pinch 3&2, though 2 does look more dark in the pan. But wearable for daytime.lavender.001

Darks: GreyBrown.001Darks.001Brown.001

Ingredients: Talc is the first one. I am not worried about talc.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 11.48.40 AM

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 11.49.41 AM
Front and Back

I really like this palette and dare I say I found the shades easier to blend than some shades in the iconic drugstore palette, the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone.