Daily Prompt: Candle

Image Courtesy: Behind the Candelabra. Michael Douglas as Liberace

via Daily Prompt: Candle

Candles. Something about that flame. I just have to to pass my fingers through the flame. To and fro, to and fro. Not paying attention to the people I am with. Just playing with that flame.

Or pick at the dripping stalactite-like wax and stab it back into the flame to watch it melt. Or poke my finger into the wet wax to watch it form a seal on my finger. All this usually ends up with either the candle tipping over or the flame going out completely.

Other than candles and me being a potential fire hazard they are little flames of joy. Twinkling in bathrooms, foyers, on dining tables, side boards, gardens, entrance ways and path ways. Imagine a public toilet with some tastefully placed candles.

The wonder of candles didn’t escape the makeup companies who  scrambled to make powders purported to make us look like we we were kissed by candle light. A light dusting on cheekbones was all we needed to look beautiful. Why? Because we are supposed to look better by candle light.

A bit insulting really. I spend a lot of time walking around in daylight so what are you trying to tell me Too Faced ?

But even candles can get annoying. Like when used as ‘background’ of almost every novice beauty vlogger on Youtube! They are placed so mindlessly it’s distracting. Moreover make-up is pretty enough, you don’t need a candle to make your content attractive.

Or when placed on compact tables for two in restaurants. The food starts to arrive and soon the glasses and plates are jostling for space with the candle. No one will remove the candle and by now I have already singed my wrist trying to reach over the flame to get to my food or drink.

And seriously how funny is a candelabra on a dining table ?  Next time count the times you are you ducking, diving and twisting your head so you can actually see the person sitting across from you. Unless you and your guests are so tall that your eye level is above the height of the candles sitting atop the candelabra. Haha Not!

And then there are fragranced candles. My absolute favourite kind but also my biggest bug bear.

Maybe I hate waste or maybe I am stingy, but this is what gets me. Buy fragranced candle, light fragranced candle, blow out fragranced candle for another day. Do this a a few times and soon there is a deep hole in the centre of the candle with a big fat, almost untouched rim.

How many candles have I had to throw out because I could not get the wick to burn the wax uniformly ? I have melted, microwaved, immersed in hot water. Everything, but with  very little success. Defeated is what I am when I finally bin it.

I think it is amazing when a company knows how to make ‘use up all the wax’ candle. Till I can find that one company that does it,  the only way to prevent the waste might be to never blow out the candle. That’s not possible.   So my current quest remains to find that elusive ‘waste-not-want-not’ fragranced candle.

That, and dripless candles.

I wanted to end this post saying nothing can beat the real thing and how LED t-lights can’t hold a candle.……but that’s just naff.






Game of Thrones Colouring Book

I am a Game of Thrones nerd, the books, not the show so much. And then a friend gifted this to me (Adult Colouring books) 


I love it ! Hours spent bent over the pages with colour pencils, brushes and a small pot of water.IMGP2833

At first I struggled with the colours and what & how to place them. But after a few pages the blank pages start to talk. Sounds weird but true.

I didn’t decide I wanted to paint an entire forest scene in blue. The page told me :)Isle of Faces

or this one

forest2 (1)
Children of the Forest

Some early ones

Ser Loras Tyrell
the Khaal!
Samwell Tarly
Slaves of Meereen

Starting Lord Varys, I am so excitedIMGP2711However the hardest is yet to come. Balon Greyjoy’s castle Pyke and the island ! Black and Blue pencil only, I am dreading it.

Black and Blue (and white space)

But do you know what is so Odd? THERE  IS NO MOTHER DRAGONS!


Adult Colouring Books

Sounds R-rated right ?

I got this as a present and never been happier. Now I want to present one to all my friends.

2016-02-01 19.04.40

Something not connected to electricity, dependant on Wifi, isn’t backlit and yet provides hours of fun like Candy Crush.

Desert Island stuff this one!


Did you even know colour pencils had advanced so far as to become Watercolour Pencils ??

I didn’t.

Colour in with pencils, dip brush in clear water and stroke over it.

Some of the spaces are so intricate it reminds me of Adult puzzles but in colouring in form.


Still trying to master Snow (light blue wash)

I might invest in actual watercolours as the Faber Castel pencils I am using are a bit hard and they are not rich dark shades, basically for primary school kids.

So the colour payoff is not as opaque as I would like.

Will update on how I get along


Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

I fear this enigmatic balm.  It’s still to reveal its secrets to me.2016-02-01 14.14.41But I was determined to try it though because Lisa Eldridge and Pixiwoo love it.

Hong Kong can be frustratingly 3rd world in beauty and makeup and for some reason doesn’t even stock the Beauty Flash Balm, so I bought mine from Singapore Duty Free ( oh how I love thee Singapore)

I like Clarins fragrance, so thats great. The texture is like a thick lotion, but non-greasy. Rather silicone-y.

I have a small face, no different to the 100s of Asian girls here in HK, so that little bit is ALL you need.

Do not massage this in like moisturiser.

Sweep-smooth it on the skin, like you would a primer. The Clarins website says ‘warm product’ and then sweep it across. I ‘warm’ it between my fingers as opposed to my palms. Less wasteful for a pretty expensive product.

Once applied I rub my palms together and press into my face just for the product to further sink in.

Now what does it do ? Still trying to figure it out.

It feels hydrating. It adds a slight luminosity to the face. Not ‘brightening’ as that in Hong Kong can mean white 🙂 Rather your skin looks fresh!

I like the subtle luminosity and thus can be worn by itself.

It WILL ball up if you rub anything over it. So if you are putting on a foundation, firstly wait for around 5-7 mins. Then dab makeup over it. Like with a beauty blender.

I usually apply liquids with my fingers but not when I have this on.

Anything more I can’t vouch for.

Would I re-purchase. No

And trust me I would re-purchase lots of Clarins just not this one.




Body Shop Targeted Hand Oil

I would address this product more as ‘Targeted Nail Oil’

I suffer from dry hands (who doesn’t?) But hand creams, while I do use them, are so annoying. Oh My God that stickiness! Greasy fingerprints on your iPad and phone, ugh.

Also I am a ‘once a year’ Mani-Pedi person.  That means often the skin around my nails feel dry. Especially when the dreaded WHITE-DRY skin around the toe nails start to show.

Creams don’t get rid of the ‘white’ but this nifty oil does.

This from the Body Shop is a repeat purchase. 2016-02-01 12.18.29There are very very few things I re-purchase from the Body Shop, as they are often disappointing, but not this one.2016-02-01 12.17.34The rose fragrance is a bit ‘oily’ for me, however it works like a dream.

I roll-it around my nails, hands and toes and everything gets beautifully hydrated and soft.

I sometimes just let it sit, while I do other stuff and then you rub it in. It’s surprisingly non-greasy.

For my toes specially, I can almost instantly wear the summer sandals and not be embarrassed.

Makeup Apartheid: Hong Kong

Gist of my email to Clinique:

Hong Kong is a world city and needs to accept that people with different skin colours exist in Hong Kong. 

If MAC and Bobbi Brown are able to recognise and respect such skin tones, its a bit surprising that an Estee Lauder company like Clinique still practices such prejudiced values by consistently not stocking colours for people with deeper skin tones. 

Singapore stocks and accepts people of different skin tones why not Hong Kong?
Clinique has consistently failed in this aspect. I have supported Clinique for the past 20 years because of their amazing skincare products and for me the Moisture Surge CC cream is perfect for my skin’s needs.
I am not so bothered that Japanese and Korean companies do not cater to “brown people” but Clinique is a an American company and needs to practice racial harmony like their counterparts in UK and USA
I also read that Cliniqu CC cream moisture surge is the BEST one amongst all CC creams in the market.
I would like to try Light Medium, Medium and Medium deep to know which one suits me and then order if possible.
Atleast keep DARK shades so we can atleast try and then order

When Good Makes Make Bad Makeup


Makeup is personal and dependant on a million things. Skin type, skin tone, your body temperature, the way you use it or even a secret tip that someone shared.

Also with HongKong’s no return policy I try and use a product to death before I give up. And then there comes a time when I have to have that ‘talk’. Its You not Me.

I have to end that relationship and part ways.
These 3 will never dip into my wallet or darken my vanity again.
1. I will never buy Clinique’s Pore Refining. Benefit’s Porefessional is hands down the best one to camouflage your pores.

2. In the lip gloss category, its not news that I am on an eternal quest for good pigmentation, reasonable lasting power and non gloop. Benefit’s Coralista is…….hello what do you do ??
It the gloss of old days ? Remember when all you got was minimal durability with high shine ?
Reminds of my school allowance lip gloss purchases.
Buy a nice lip balm from Maybelline or Revlon’s Kissable balm Stains and call it a day. Or go the YSL or Dior route.

3. Rimmel Scandalous Eyes Waterproof. Nay Nay a 100 times Nay. (If anyone out there has had a better experience please write to me) It’s definitely waterproof and lasts and lasts.
I have notoriously oily lids and racoon eyes and I are old friends and this one didn’t budge. But it’s just so hard to apply.
It’s hard, it drags, it sticks to the lower lashes and as you draw your line it clumps your lower lashes, so you look like you have eye gunk on your lower lashes. Not a good look.
Revlon Colour Stay eyeliner pencil. Good enough for me.

NB: Look Bobbi Browns Gel Liner is awesome and rocks and does what I wanted the above to do…but that damn product keeps drying on me! Its too expensive to keep buying and throwing. Also a pencil is easier than ‘open pot, dip brush, drag brush on lower lid, screw pot on tight and store upside down’.

Make up should be fun not a lab project everytime.

So 1, 2, 3 – in the bin you go.