Have Tube Must Cut

I must cut tubes and remove every bit of product in it before I trash it

20160209_130143 (1)


A cut tube contains products that are good for at the very least 10, yes 10 more uses !

Pumps I store face down and then remove the nozzle to scoop product out. Again atleast 10 more uses.

Next on my massacre hit list to take apart is featured below but they might need more coaxing than other similar packaging.


Might need hubby’s help with pliers and a wrench.

That Kate Sommeville ‘jar’ is no ordinary jar. It’s a depress-down-pump mechanism and will be interesting taking apart I am sure.


Kate Sommerville CC Cream – my Favourite

On Caroline Hiron’s recommendation I started to use Kate Sommerville and I have fallen in love with the brand.

I see the  ‘benefits’ almost immediately, and that has built an emotional connect with me and the brand.

No Mineral Oil, no Sulphates, no Jar packaging and no Alcohol. If I am not mistaken no fragrance either !

I have been getting compliments on my skin since I have been using Kate Sommerville.

So while I continue to purchase and re-purchase Kate Sommerville’s basic skincare – moisturiser, eye cream and exfoliant, I  received a sample of her CC cream.


I am meh about BB creams but I did see an amazing ‘makeup’ difference when I used the Stila One Step Correct CC cream.  So I didn’t say no to her CC cream.

Surprisingly the colour number 3 works for my NC40 skintone ! (This is HK no dark colours here!)

It works well to give an even skintone, reduced the dark circles and with my yellow ELF booster it’s a good ‘no makeup makeup’ look for the supermarket or a quick trip to the coffee shop.




This is the second cc cream sample I received and continue to feel good about it.

There is also a subtle glow.

I like makeup that comes from good skin-care lineage especially blah-di-blah stuff like BB creams and CC creams. Take it or leave it for me!

So if a cc cream can reduce the look of my dark circles and even out my skintone, where I don’t need ANY foundation or tinted moisturiser I will buy a CC cream and the one I will bother to buy is the Kate Sommerville one!

The MAC cc cream I do NOT like ATALL.


‘Makeup Diet’ Resolutions

I don’t make New Year resolutions, because resolutions can be made at any time. Have a Goal and a  how to get there.

My exercise ‘resolutions’ I almost always keep, albeit some take longer to achieve.

The ‘I will wake up at 6 and exercise before work’ took me 10 years to get to but I finally did.

The ‘work out for 60 mins each time‘ took me 6 months. So not ground breaking achievements, but I didn’t give up and remembered my ultimate goal every time I failed.

The ‘give up added sugar‘ resolution on the other hand, I am still working on. 10 years and counting.

But my 2015 ‘don’t buy Makeup or skincare till you use up what you have’ I have been successful (ish) for 6 months now. ‘Ish’ if you count my purchase of the YSL Lip Oil in Dec 2015. 😦

I obsessively research everything. But this research also leads to purchasing the ‘whatever is better than what I have right now‘. Greed I say!

I have only 1, rather small, face. Products take ages to get over. Boringly so coupled with the fact I don’t throw makeup till it smells, looks or acts weird. Yes sorry, but it hasn’t done my skin any damage for the past 20 years and maybe because I have normal, blemish free skin.

Boredom makes me buy new stuff and I am trying to resolutely conquer that boredom.

Now I research, make notes and hold off purchase.

And a few things happen. I either lose interest in that particular thing OR something better comes out or better still, realise I don’t actually need it!

But before I adjust the halo on my head a word (few words)

Potential Red Flags of Failure. Hourglass, Laura Mercier, Christian Louboutin, Tata Harper & SASA Hong Kong

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit. I own NONE of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders and its FINALLY come to HK. Here I might stumble. Why ? because the Mac Definitely Defined highlighter I have, I am not happy with. Also I am looking for GLOW and not highlight. available only via Net-a-porter

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. I don’t own any translucent setting powder. My Bobbi Brown Warm Natural pressed setting powder does a great job but sometimes I feel it makes me too matte and can be a tad pale for my skin-tone.

Christian Louboutin Bengali Lipstick I am Bengali and I MUST have it. Not available in HK and I haven’t found it on any company shipping to HK

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask I own too many masks but I am waiting for the WOW. Maybe Tata Harper will be the one?  available only via Net-a-porter

Sasa Miscellaneous Look I have managed to enter Sasa for the past 6 months and come out without a purchase. But the YSL Tinted Lip Oil has really got me into Lip Oils. And I hate it when my lip makeup clings on flakes and dry patches.So I thought I would give the myriad Korean and Japanese lip essences/oils a go.

If they turn out to be nothing but the usual ho-hum lip balm then, beware Wallet, the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil might hit you.


Adult Colouring Books

Sounds R-rated right ?

I got this as a present and never been happier. Now I want to present one to all my friends.

2016-02-01 19.04.40

Something not connected to electricity, dependant on Wifi, isn’t backlit and yet provides hours of fun like Candy Crush.

Desert Island stuff this one!


Did you even know colour pencils had advanced so far as to become Watercolour Pencils ??

I didn’t.

Colour in with pencils, dip brush in clear water and stroke over it.

Some of the spaces are so intricate it reminds me of Adult puzzles but in colouring in form.


Still trying to master Snow (light blue wash)

I might invest in actual watercolours as the Faber Castel pencils I am using are a bit hard and they are not rich dark shades, basically for primary school kids.

So the colour payoff is not as opaque as I would like.

Will update on how I get along


Wayne Goss Brushes

My Wayne Goss brushes arrived from Beautylish !! Review later.

Orders over USD75 and shipment is free to Hong Kong !2016-02-01 12.26.14

2016-02-01 12.25.20

Brush 13, Brush 02, Brush 04 & Brush 06

The brushes are incredibly soft and the most expensive are the face brushes, 13 & 02, ranging between HKD 400-250 and the Eyes, 04 & 06 are between HKD 200-250.

I am on a quest for SOFT. I go to Lane Crawford and stroke makeup brushes on my face and always come away thinking ‘nope’.

The Goldilocks syndrome.

So far WG seem to be just right BUT …..not so fast, review to come !

The brush 6 looks a bit frayed 😦 so I am sad. Hopefully it will sort itself out as I start to use it. Probably moved around a bit when it was in its plastic cover.

Will report in a months time.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

I fear this enigmatic balm.  It’s still to reveal its secrets to me.2016-02-01 14.14.41But I was determined to try it though because Lisa Eldridge and Pixiwoo love it.

Hong Kong can be frustratingly 3rd world in beauty and makeup and for some reason doesn’t even stock the Beauty Flash Balm, so I bought mine from Singapore Duty Free ( oh how I love thee Singapore)

I like Clarins fragrance, so thats great. The texture is like a thick lotion, but non-greasy. Rather silicone-y.

I have a small face, no different to the 100s of Asian girls here in HK, so that little bit is ALL you need.

Do not massage this in like moisturiser.

Sweep-smooth it on the skin, like you would a primer. The Clarins website says ‘warm product’ and then sweep it across. I ‘warm’ it between my fingers as opposed to my palms. Less wasteful for a pretty expensive product.

Once applied I rub my palms together and press into my face just for the product to further sink in.

Now what does it do ? Still trying to figure it out.

It feels hydrating. It adds a slight luminosity to the face. Not ‘brightening’ as that in Hong Kong can mean white 🙂 Rather your skin looks fresh!

I like the subtle luminosity and thus can be worn by itself.

It WILL ball up if you rub anything over it. So if you are putting on a foundation, firstly wait for around 5-7 mins. Then dab makeup over it. Like with a beauty blender.

I usually apply liquids with my fingers but not when I have this on.

Anything more I can’t vouch for.

Would I re-purchase. No

And trust me I would re-purchase lots of Clarins just not this one.




Body Shop Targeted Hand Oil

I would address this product more as ‘Targeted Nail Oil’

I suffer from dry hands (who doesn’t?) But hand creams, while I do use them, are so annoying. Oh My God that stickiness! Greasy fingerprints on your iPad and phone, ugh.

Also I am a ‘once a year’ Mani-Pedi person.  That means often the skin around my nails feel dry. Especially when the dreaded WHITE-DRY skin around the toe nails start to show.

Creams don’t get rid of the ‘white’ but this nifty oil does.

This from the Body Shop is a repeat purchase. 2016-02-01 12.18.29There are very very few things I re-purchase from the Body Shop, as they are often disappointing, but not this one.2016-02-01 12.17.34The rose fragrance is a bit ‘oily’ for me, however it works like a dream.

I roll-it around my nails, hands and toes and everything gets beautifully hydrated and soft.

I sometimes just let it sit, while I do other stuff and then you rub it in. It’s surprisingly non-greasy.

For my toes specially, I can almost instantly wear the summer sandals and not be embarrassed.