Feminine Wipes ?*&^%$%

(Warning: This post contains TMI)

I bought an awesome eye serum and received a few packs of Feminine Wipes, for free. Yaay….. NOT !! 

It took a lot of effort on my part to not fling it back at the cashier. It’s not her fault. Preying on insecurities is what Commerce is built on. 

2016-03-17 15.58.50

There are articles dedicated the Pros and Cons of Feminine wipes.  And I belong to the Con side of things.

While common-sense hygiene, underwear  and diet is always good,  I find ‘wipes’ dedicated to the Va-Jay-Jay (thanks Oprah for the word !) offensive.

I don’t see wipes for men. Then why, why do we need it ?  The natural taste and odour is what the vagina is designed to have. Nature knows best.

And what maddens me even more is the allergic reaction these products can have.

My own experience – THRUSH !

Now being allergic to wheat I have suffered, what in the past was a pretty frequent attack of, Vaginal thrush. I shudder to recall the sharp pain-itch even as I type.

Sitting in Vinegar baths, garlic suppositories, what not. I stopped my frequent wheat consumption and has helped keep this ‘pain’ at bay

However in my early, ignorant years, I ventured into Feminine Wash. And HOLY F*** The Thrush !!!

I don’t care how well formulated modern VJJ washes or wipes are. Don’t mess with nature.

I know there are discharge and odour issues that might have underlying medical-diet  reasons. A topical, cosmetic suppressant is not the answer.

And again, who said the Vagina needs a wipe or ‘perfume’?

Really offended.

Use them to wipe your makeup brushes or spilt foundation.



Bio Essence Gold Water

Oh Bio Essence you are really pissing me off.

So I also bought this 24K Bio-Gold Water along with the Deep Exfoliating Gel (dud). Mainly because of its Anti Oxidant claims.

2016-03-22 16.02.33

And its hydrating,  with some flecks of gold suspended in it.  Gold is always fun.

2016-03-22 16.03.12


We Indians have consumed gold for the longest time. In deserts and in our health foods. So I ain’t afraid of a little bit of gold.

2016-03-22 16.11.50

It has a light watery texture , that you pat in.  I have found PAT is best and not wipe or rub. As it absorbs pretty quick and then leaves a very tacky feel. This tackiness does disappear to leave that light siliconey-smooth feel to skin.

I used it this morning after my shower and a gentle toner (Garnier Aqua Defense).

I plan to use this Gold Water as an AM serum of sorts.

Once it disappears I apply my Olay Anti Wrinkle Serum and then my moisturiser.

I will update once enough time as gone by. However what really frikkin gets my goat is the cheap packaging.

Yes its a glass jar, but with a Cheap Sticker label.

2016-03-22 16.03.492016-03-22 16.10.10

This is day 2 of use. Even my phone screen sticker has lasted without peeling for 3 years

Not Happy

Really?! BioEssence Deep Exfoliating Gel

‘exfoliating’ my a**

Singaporean company. The only reason I even tried this brand is because Caroline Hirons Cult Beauty Box had the Bio-essence Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask.

She even likes their makeup remover.

So a brand accepted Queen Hirons is alright by me. Right ? Wrong.

The first thing I buy off this line is this, the Bio Essence Deep Exfoliating Gel. Waste of Space and Money.


2016-03-22 10.27.43

Something doesn’t sit right and out of ALL the reviews this is the one that I trusted. And then this is what Paula’s Choice had to say ”  Group of thickening agents used primarily to create gel-like formulations. High amounts of carbomers in a gel may result in the product rolling or balling up on skin, but this depends on other formulary steps taken to minimize this effect.”


2016-03-22 10.25.33

Not dead skin, product balling up!

To top it all it leaves a horrible plasticky layer on the skin. Like a heavy duty silicone primer.

2016-03-22 10.26.25

It’s depressing how misleading the product is. I mean really ? This product is not worth wasting your time ‘exfoliating’. Might as well use a warm wash cloth.

Too bad found this blog only AFTER I bought it.

But while it’s not expensive, I hate buying and binning, adding to landfill. So I am going to use it on my nose and update

And for my face I will continue to use my acid toners to exfoliate, thank you very much.





Wayne Goss Brush Review

These brushes do shed a wee bit, but they are soft as a baby’s butt on mah face.

I dont have problematic skin but very sensitive “brush” skin. MAC, Bobbi Brown, Real Techniques have all ,from time to time, felt rough or pokey on my face.  Infact I can NOT use the Real Techniques buffing brush. I feel like my skin will ‘buff’ right off.

So I was at cross roads. Where else could I turn to for  makeup brush TLC ?

And then everyone started to say how SOFT the Wayne Goss brushes are. It’s true!

For 4 brushes I paid close to HKD 500 each. Worth every single penny. These four fulfil all my makeup needs. I don’t need any more.  Aw alright then, maybe the Fan Brush (sly smile)

13, 02, 04, 06
Size Reference. Standard MAC packaging and Bobbi Brown Single blush.

Brush 02  

I have a small face and this brush is perfect for me to apply blush.  And perfect for highlighter too. 20160317_09150920160317_075456

It doesn’t pick up heaps of colour which is fab, especially to build up or for a natural flush. However if you do pick up too much, beware. It’s not the BEST at blending. My Real Techniques GIANT blush brush blends really well and out of ALL the RT brushes, I feel like the Blush brush is the softest.

Brush 13 

Multi-tasker. Apply and buff in liquid or powder foundation. Apply bronzer, contour (yes even on my tiny face). At a pinch, apply Blush.20160317_075355


Real Techniques Stippling Brush, Wayne Goss No 13, Real Techniques Contour Brush

Soft Soft Soft…and yet it buffs really well !

Brush 04 & Brush 06

Top: Crease 04 & Bottom: Paddle 06

The 06 Paddle Brush is great for sweeping colour all over the lid and narrow enough to get colour just on my movable lid. See below how little space my movable lid has because of my hooded eye-fold.

2016-03-17 14.24.04
06 Paddle – applying colour onto the movable lid

2016-03-17 15.44.37
06 Paddle – all over the lid

06 is also good for smudging some shadow on the lower lash line.

04 Crease is good for small eyes.


13, 04, 06 are soft and yet great at blending.

02 is the weakest at blending but beautiful at placing colour, especially highlight.

All of them are the right size of my face/eyes.

Very happy.

Gold Star for Wayne Goss.

Really?! Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler

Youtube you made me feel like I was missing out if I didn’t own a Shu Eyelash Curler.FullSizeRender

So ofcourse I went out and bought it . And I am not happy.  It is MEH!

And also I have learn’t a lesson. When Makeup Artists tells me something is amazing, a novice like me should ignore that advice.

WHY ? Because in the hands of the experts, everything starts to work.

My TV will have clear reception as soon as the cable man arrives, my computer will cheerfully ‘print’ as soon as IT arrives at my desk  and the tap stops leaking when the plumber visits.

Mysterious and  damned annoying behaviour of inanimate objects.

The Dior Iconic Overcurl mascara without curling my lashes gives me a bigger curl.

With the Shu I am like ‘why bother’. Just mascara works just as well. Also the implement in itself feels like it needs “tightening up“. It’s loose and floppy.

Blurry pic I know. But cat jumped up and nudged my elbow. Small mercy I didn’t poke my eye!

My good ole, run of the mill eyelash curlers from Sasa, dare I say it, curl better.

Image from Sasa Website

The battery helps this to heat it up and it works. Also this was my first ever eyelash curler and I never nipped any skin!

I have used this with and without heating and the heat works better. Without the heat I found it a lame.  Lame, just like my 3-times-the-price-Shu !

Image from Sasa Website

Now this compact one can be tricky. The wrong angle, and while your lashes do get curled, they also get a sharp kink in them

So make sure to really get into the lash line.

Anyway inspite of possessing both these, I bought the hype and got The Shu.

I will admit, Shu Uemura is a God of sorts. However I think the Shu Gods were looking the other way when they made the eyelash curler.





Korean Sheet Masks

I love face masks I wont lie.

And to be honest Ruby Hammer’s comment about using a face mask everyday , on some TV show, set me on this trail!

Walk into SASA HK and it’s a treasure trove of sheet masks. Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese.

2016-02-10 13.03.19

So Beaute and SNP were the ones I bought. I also wanted to buy the Skinfood masks, but didn’t see any in the Sasas I visited.

The SNP animal ones are silly…



The SNP ones are also dddripping in liquid, which I do not like.

If you store them standing up, they are still drippy but you end up with around  1-1.5 inch of liquid in the pack ! So now I store them flat.

And what’s point of the animal pics, I do not know,

The So Beaute is the one I prefer. Seemed to fit better and drip less. It also seemed to leave the right amount of product once you took the mask off. Just enough to tap the residue in.

I use sheet masks for hydration and it’s a nice self pampering ritual for a weekend.

That’s what most face  masks do.

It’s that little bit of TLC you give yourself. And it’s the TLC that gives you the glow I think and not the mask, when you look in the mirror!

And for me personally the fact that, even after so long, it ALWAYS makes my husband  giggle.



DCS Nutriderm Eye Ampoule

I am not crazy about my hooded lids because my eyeliner will smudge on my crease when I open my eyes. Which means I cant wear a pencil.

And when I use a liquid liner my crepey eyelids makes my liquid liner skip and stumble to give me a rough line .

What does a girl do ? Gets herself a nice firming eye serum.

So I bought the Perricone MD eyelid serum and used it for a year. Nothing.

Shiseido and Clarins have firming eye serums but I did not feel comfortable with the ingredient list.

And then…..I  saw the Amorepacific Vitalizing eye serum with a roller ball and thought ‘that’s what I want’. But it is not available in Hong Kong currently.

So the quest continued.

And then by chance wandering around my local Watson’s,  I spied this. The DCS Nutriderm  eye roller ball serum with a CLICK function.

2016-03-14 15.27.50



2016-03-14 15.28.39

Roller ball with a CLICK function means you don’t keep adding more and more product  as you massage your orbital bone.


You click, dispense product, click-lock it and then massage around the eye.

One half click is enough for 1 eye.

I noticed something weird this morning. After 3 uses, my eye liner didn’t jump and leap to make a jagged line.

Is it working ?

Let’s see.

Cost me HKD 175