Project Pan: Pan Porn

Courtesy to whoever came up with #panporn on Instagram and to all the amazing YouTubers who are blazing tracks with their #projectpan.

So I started my panning journey late March 2018 (read post here)

Products I had chosen, my progress and new products introduced are as follows;

Bobbi Brown sheer finish pressed powder in Warm Natural:  Pleased to inform that the pan has expanded quite a bit. Yaay! I have now started to set my eye primer with it too. It works well.

Lancome Grandiose Smudgeproof mascara (black): This started to smell so I had to throw it away. However I did a swatch test on a tissuse to see how many uses it had left.

Approximately 10 days of wear I think. This is how I used it as it grew drier: 3 strokes for 1 eye , then dip and 3 strokes for the other.

In a previous post I had mentioned why I am not going to re-purchase.I don’t like wet formulas and it smudged on me. I bought it because of YouTube. (grimace)

I have added the L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise waterproof and a mini Benefit Bad Gal Bang. I am enjoying them both but the Benefit Bad Gal is my fav, it’s always been.Mascara

L’oreal Infallible Paints Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Black Party 300: Done! Not gonna re-purchase. (read ‘why not’ here)

While I prefer waterproof formulas I do need to use up my Shu Uemura Calligraphy pen. It is not waterproof but it is old. I have also added the Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel pencil liner.Shu Mayb

The Maybelline one will be a long one because I don’t reach for this often. The black is a rich black gel that sets well but it tends to smudge rather badly on me. (My oily lids are no match for anyone or anything.)

Jordana Easy Liner for Lips in Rose Crush: I am not sure why I bought a lip liner because I just don’t use lip liners. This one will be a LOOOONG haul. There is a lot to go !

I have now decided to apply it all over my lips and let it set and then I apply my project pan item the Maybelline Color Sensational in Untainted Spice (satin) over it. I like how the satin feels more matte when applied over the liner.Mayb Lip Jordana Lip.001

Maybelline 14 hr Super Stay Lipstick in Always Plum (matte):  I LOVE this. The formula and the colour. But my lips tend to be dry and I wear the satin more often than this matte. Not satisfied with struggling to pan 1 matte lippie I decided to add one more.

The MAC Viva Glam Rihanna 2.  I am worried about it. It’s starting to go dry even though it’s newer than the two Maybelline lipsticks. If it goes bad it will be a colossal waste of money because I have hardly used it.

MAC Viva Glam 3 pics.001It is a warm copper mauve with a frosted/metallic finish. It’s unusual but not a  ‘lets do a grocery run’ kind of colour for me. But I need to find a way to make it work as an everyday, day time colour. Perhaps trying to mix it with my other lip products to make it more daytime/wearable? Dunno.

MAC Bronzing Powder: Finally a glimpse of pan ! I never thought this day would arrive. Like I mentioned in a previous post this bronzer does sweet f-all on my skintone. If I had to choose a product in this category I would go for a contour-matte shade. I am just waaaittiing for it to empty and then I will never buy it again.Bronzer BF AF New.001

Anyway empty it I must. So what I do now is it mix it with another project pan product my Bobbi Brown single eyeshadow in Heather (matte) and use it as a subtle contour!

The purple-grey works well with this brown to give me ‘shadows’ and add a dimension to my face which the bronzer alone was not giving.

Bobbi Brown single eyeshadow in Heather (matte):  Speaking of…..look at the dip in the centre! I have been picking this and the bronzer with my Real Techniques contour brush which is a stiff brush. I swirl my bronzer and then give a poke,poke on the Heather. Not too hard…but look at the DIPPPPP!!! yes!!Heather Swatch and Dip NEW

Working with Heather I have a new found respect for Bobbi Brown eyeshadows.

This is an old single but the formula is amazing. It’s firmly packed, barely any (none) kickup, soft to the touch, blends well and builds beautifully. It’s a really fantastic matte!

I have now started to use it to deepen my outer corner. Example if I use ABH’s DUSTY ROSE in my crease, this Heather is a nice outer corner shade to deepen the look. It is not as dramatic as a grey or dark brown or a black and perfect for work/daytime.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer: My favourite contour shadeI had already hit pan a while back. But this is a sad story. I decided to re-organise it from one magnetic palette to another (why???) and I dropped it.

Beware! When a powder product that has hit pan, like this one, breaks, it crumbles. Mine crumbled into powder..all over my carpet. 😦

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Calypso Coral &  Shimmer Blush in Pink Sugar: BB Cream Blush and Powder NEW.001I like cream blushes in summer or for long wear however other than the dip getting deeper I am not sure this is going anywhere soon. This is pigmented and you need a tiny bit. This is an old one. I honestly think this will go bad (start to smell, or dry up) before I can pan/empty it.

The shimmer blush is heavily pigmented, needs a light hand, hence hard to pan. The all over shimmer finish that is not my favourite at this stage in my life.

A.N.Y.W.A.Y. I was again trying to re-organise the magnetic palettes and the blush cracked while I was trying to do it. I repressed it with some alcohol, but the top layer of one side fell off and it got hard pan where I used the alcohol to press it back.

No biggie can still use it. I wont be re-purchasing this or any other shimmer blush like this. I like my blushes matte.

Elf High Definition Under Eye setting powder: This seems to be going pretty well. It’s hard to see through pictures but the level is reducing. It’s nice but i don’t like the micro glitter bits it has.ELF Under EYE PDR.001

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon cream eyeshadow in Dark Pearl & Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in Espresso : I love both of these products. I have measured the pencils as they stand now. We will see how they go. The Jordana pencil I bought around Feb this year so it will be with me for a while 🙂 I prefer this to the Maybelline pencil.CharTill Jordana

MAC Prep and Prime Lip Primer :Done and not re-purchasing. (read why here.) This was the easiest because it was already nearly over. Foolishly I did not keep the empty tube so I could photograph it here.

It was the first product I emptied from my project pan and in my excitement could not wait to get rid of it in the recycle bin.

A victory ‘basket’ of sorts!

NYX HD Eyeshadow base : I like the NYX primer but I gave it to my sister.

I basically sent my sister a small goody bag of makeup to lift her spirits. She is entering the workforce after 10 years of being a mum and needs a boost of confidence. I bought her some makeup and decided to send her this barely used primer so she can start to play with eyeshadows.

The last time she played with eye makeup the concept of primer was alien and there were no YouTube vloggers to help us! I wanted her to playing with something I had ‘used’ and could ‘vouch’ for.

For my own pan, I swapped this item with a mini Urban Decay Anti Aging primer .

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop (Powder & Liquid): The powder I sent to my sister. Highlighter is a COMPLETELY new concept for her so it will be fun to see what she thinks.

So now I am left the liquid highlighter.

I really dislike it and not sure how I will pan/empty this ! I mean l like subtle but not invisible. For me this is another of those overrated ‘YouTube made me buy it’ products.

I honestly prefer Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl way more than this.

Anyone who lives in Seattle and doesn’t care about germs 🙂 came and take it from me. It’s a mini so don’t get too excited.

So that’s it.

Wish me luck !




Project Pan: Pan Roulette 25th June 2018


I was inspired to Project Pan Roulettte after watching YT beauty vloggers. Read my post on what my categories are and how to play Pan Roulette here

I had an outdoor event the 25th of June so I went to play !

I have 50 categories in total and the numbers generated by were : 9, 16, 31, 7, 11, 23, 14, 25, 26, 35.June 25th Palette roulette EYES CU

# 9 is EYELINER. Being an outdoor event in summer I need smudge-proof. I chose my Japanese Heroine Make waterproof eyeliner pen. Japanese brush tip eyeliner pens are my favourite ! I love brush tips be it for my Tombow pens or my eyeliner pens.

Alas the Shu Uemura calligraphy pens don’t come in waterproof inks :(. Because if it did, the SHU would be my Holy Grail.

#16 is Mascara. Again I need smudge-proof so it has to be the only waterproof mascara I own the L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise waterproof.

#31 is a Brow product. I don’t like doing my brows so the brow product I used was the ELF Brow Wax to hold my brows in place.

Ughhhhh I am not going to re-purchase this. This pulls my eyebrows out even with the gentlest swipe and the hold is rubbish.

I like the ELF clear brow mascara way better. Just remember to wipe the wand clean before ‘double dipping because the clear gel so gets gross with foundation colour or brow colour after several uses.

#7 is a Highlighter/Illuminator. I chose my Becca Champagne Pop liquid highlighter. Good thing I have a sample size because honestly I am not impressed by it and will not re-purchase. This particular product also appears under the category “hyped by YouTube”. Overrated rubbish, IMHO.

I much prefer to use my Viseart Paris Nudes shadows as a highlighter or my Hour Glass Ambient lighting powder or even my ELF Blushed Gems baked highlighter. (read post here)

#11 is a Lip Balm. I have 2 coloured lip balms, one is a sheer red and the other is a mauve. I wore the Mentholatum Lip Baby crayon (mauve/pink).

#23 is categorized as ‘something you love’. One of the things I love is my Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil in Dark Pearl. I usually line my lower lashes with this because it’s most flattering. At my age I do not like dark liners on the lower lashes. It just drags the face down and looks too dated and too harsh.

#14 is a concealer. I chose the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Golden instead of the WnW Medium Tawny. 

Golden is not brightening rather it is a match for my face. I just buffed it around my face so it meshed seamlessly with the rest of my face.  That way I didn’t have to bother with foundation.

#25 is the category ‘something from NYX’. I used the matte brown shades from the NYX Beauty School Dropout palette.

#26 is under the category of ‘something old’. I have a few oldies in my stash but I picked an old cream blush since I did not get a blush in my random numbers. It is the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral.

and the 10th product/item is # 35, ‘an expensive product’. Amongst the few items I have under this category I chose my Viseart Paris Nudes palette. I used two shimmers from this palette to my movable lid. A pinky one and the more bronze one.

full face June 25th Final
The only way blush of any type will show up on my camera is if I do clown cheeks. I do have blush on I promise.




Project Pan: Pan Roulette 2018

Pan Roulette. Idea courtesy to YouTubers like Elle S, Alexandria Sjosten, Heather Warren and Rebecca Morgan.

‘Playing’ this takes away the dreary bit of project panning. I have taken categories off Elle S blog (check her out) but have only stuck to makeup items that suit my panning needs at the moment. I really need to use up my makeup.

Note: Skincare and Toiletries I research/curate before buying. I don’t buy multiples and empty before buying the next one.

Categories:Total number of categories I chose are 50. Items can belong to one or more categories which makes it real fun to pan when random categories come up.

At first glance it seems some categories seem redundant and the items against them, appearing multiple times looks like cheating. ‘ Why does YSL glossy lip appear as ‘a favourite’, as ‘something with a wand’ and ‘something I would recommend’, but honest to the Gods of Makeup it does work out !

It is a clever arrangement of categories. These beauty vloggers are geniuses ! My categories, items and my comments, in italics, beside some of them are as follows; Scroll down for some pictures.

Categories- Something Overrated and a Cheap product might surprise you 🙂

1 Drugstore Product: CoverGirl, Wet and Wild, Maybelline, Loreal, Jordana, NYX.
2 High-end Product: Hourglass, Viseart, BobbiBrown, Christian Louboutin Armani, Shu Uemura.
3 Free Choice: any product you want
4 Foundation: MAC face and body. The only one I own, yaaay!!!
5 Single Eyeshadow: Bobbi Brown Heather, ABH Love Letter
6 Face Primer: Smashbox Original primer. I am meh about this. I dont like the feel of silicone.
7 Highlighter/Illuminator: Becca Champ. Pop liquid (mini), ELF Blush Gems, Hourglass Ambient Lighting edit.
8 Blush: Bobbi Brown Shimmer in Pink Sugar, NYX
9 Eyeliner: Shu Uemura, Heroine Make, Maybelline pencil, Jordana pencil, Charlotte Tilbury EyeCrayon
10 Lipstick: MAC, Loreal Pure Red, Armani, Maybelline, Bite Beauty, Pixi, Christina Louboutin
11 Lip Balm: Mentholatum (Japanese) Sheer & Mauve
12 Lipgloss: YSL Glossy Stain. I am not a lip gloss girl. YSL would be my ONLY re-purchase
13 Something You Love: Charlotte Tilbury, YSL, MAC, Viseart, Benefit
14 Concealer: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind, Wet n Wild photo focus
15 Nude Lipstick: Pixi Matte Last, Maybelline, Bite Beauty
16 Mascara: Loreal, Benefit.
17 A Cream Product:  Wet n Wild Highlighter, Bobbi Brown blush
18 Pink Lipstick:  Bite Beauty, Pixi Matte Last
19 Lip Liner: Jordana, Encoleur (EU product)
20 Something in your fave shade: UD Naked 3, ABH Soft Glam, YSL purple gloss, Maybelline Mauve lipstick, Bobbi Brown coral creme blush
21 Face Powder: Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Hourglass Ambient
22 Red Lipstick:  MAC Salon Rogue, L’Oreal Pure Red mattes
23 Something you used to love: I need to think about this one
24 Something from Urban Decay:  Naked 3, Anti Aging eye primer and the Grinder sharpener LOVE IT (ha.ha)
25 Something from NYX: Setting spray, glitter glue, Beauty School Dropout Freshman palette.
26 Something Old:  Maybelline lipsticks, Mac F&B, Bobbi Brown blushes, Shu Uemura Calligraphy eyeliner pen,
27 Something New:  ABH Soft Glam, Smashbox Smoky, Naked3
28 A product you would recommend: YSL glossy stain, Viseart eyeshadow, MAC matte listicks, MAC Fix+
29 Something you already hit pan on:  Bobbi Brown setting powder
30 Bronzer:  MAC ‘Bronze’. My Hoola broke 😦
31 A Brow Product:  New Born (Japanese) W Brow Ex, ELF Lock on Liner & Brow
32 A product you regret buying:  NYX Beauty School dropout palette (brown girl eyelid issue), MAC bronzer (invisble on my skintone), Pixi Liquid Lip (milky-rose on my pigmented lips)
33 A Loose Powder item: ELF undereye setting, Laura Mercier Translucent
34 An item that was a gift:  Bite Beauty (birthday freebie from Sephora), Heroine Make eyeliner pen (from Hong Kong), Bobbi Brown Creme Blush (friend’s de-clutter)
35 An expensive product: Christian Louboutin lipstick, Viseart Paris Nudes, Hourglass Ambient Edit
36 A cheap product: Wet n Wild Concealer (.49 cents on sale!!!!)
37 A Black Eyeliner:  Maybelline pencil, Shu Uemura Calligraphy and Heroine Make eyeliner pen.
38 Something Overrated: Definitely ABH eyeshadow formulas. Soft Glam is the palette I own. Doesn’t last on my lids.
39 Something Underrated: Smashbox  Covershot eyeshadows
40 Beautiful Packaging: Christian Louboutin lipstick
41 Something I Overlook: Wet n Wild Brow highlighter, Becca Liquid highlighter.
42 A Vampy Lipstick:  L’Oreal Pure Red , MAC Salon Rouge
43 Something Matte: NYX eyeshadows, MAC, L’Oreal and Maybelline matte lipsticks
44 Something Sheer: Armani lipstick, Mentholatum Red sheer lip balm
45 Holy Grail Product:  MAC Prep and Prime Fix+
46 Something purchased because of YT: Becca Cham.Pop highlighter, KVD whiteout concealer, UD Anti-Aging eye primer, Naked 3, Pixi Everlast Matte liquid lipstick.
47 A Product with a wand/applicator: KVD whiteout concealer, UD Anti-Aging eye primer, Pixi Everlast Matte liquid lipstick, YSL Glossy stain, Wet n Wild Concealer,
48 A Liquid eyeliner:  Heroine Make, Shu Uemura Calligraphy
49 An Eye primer or base: KVD Whiteout, UD Anti Aging, NYX Glitter Glue
50 Something from ELF: Brow wax (ugh pulls my brow hairs out), Liner & Brow Wax (love the perfect cool tone brown to line my eyes but having some issues with smudging),  Undereye setting powder, Peach corrector (a bit drying for me. Keep your under eye well hydrated), Blushed Gems.


Lip Products:Lipsticks

Drugstore Eyeshadow Palettes:

You must be wondering what those WnW Color Icon palettes are ?? I swapped shades around to make my own ‘travel’ mini.

High-end Eyeshadow Palettes:20180628_091448

So this is what I do, or rather this is how it is done. Set your parameters in the random number generator. For me it is  1 & 50. Then hit ‘generate’.

I chose to generate it 10 times. I don’t have the science of why 10 times but soon realised it gives a good amount for a full face.

All 10 random numbers that appear will form part of your make for that day, time, moment !

Try it ! It is fun.

Please comment if you have started Project Panning and Like if you enjoyed this post.



Eyeshadow; Smashbox Cover Shot Smoky

I love this little thing! This is my only Smashbox eyeshadow palette and I am definitely impressed.

I don’t know why they don’t get enough love amongst the YouTube beauty channels. But once in a while someone does a de-clutter and they reference these dinky little things and say good things about them.SmashBox Insta

These shadows are described as low shimmers (and high shimmers) but I would describe them as shiny satins, if that is even a thing. Not a glitter speck in sight.

They are buttery to the touch and it is only the green shade that has some fall out. However it is a habit with me to tap my brush. I do it no matter what.

There is no kick back and I rarely use my finger to get the payoff I want. I just use my synthetic Shu Uemura 10 for the 4 satin/shimmer shades. Pat, pat, pat.EyeBrushes

As an NC42 Indian skintone, the Cream matte is really fantastic on my lids. Brings on a brightness without looking ashy.

And I love love love the neutral Brown matte shade in this palette. “I love you so much neutral brown (kiss) (kiss)”. In all my brown mattes this is the only one that adds a natural looking contour and looks like I have spent ages blending and creating a contour, when I have not.

Basically a lot of brown/caramel transition and crease shades that are added in palettes don’t add any dimension on my lid.  I often have to dip into the deepest brown to get that dimension…and oh you know those deep browns. They are dangerous, hard to blend and often patchy. Scary!

SBox Swatches.001
Green. Bronze and top right , Silver. The cream matte was used across the lid up-to the brow bone.

While the shimmers are low-shimmers (shiny satins :)) for me this is definitely not a sombre* work-day palette.

It IS a smoky palette so I am making a redundant statement here but then again I always try to see where, and how, I can get away with just 1 palette.

I have worked in media all my life, where, generally speaking, the makeup can be bolder than say a bank*, hospital* or school*. The only shade I would use is the Bronze for my work day. It’s close to my skin-tone and yet adds a little pizzaz. I used the green on my a lower lash in the above image.

At a business cocktail I would use the silver and the grey matte or the black matte to line my eyes.

Aah yes the matte Black has sparkles which…….umm I don’t know why brands do this…

On lighter skin-tones I think the cream, the brown and the matte grey could add a natural  ‘work day’ dimension but on my dark eyelids it is like ‘mm why bother’.

psst Truth be told I am not an all matte gal. I must must must pair my mattes with a satin or a shimmer on my lids.

As a novice I am very happy with the mild intensity of the matte grey and black. They are not crazy dark, blend beautifully and add the right amount of depth for my outer v.

I am literally scared of deep, dark blacks, greys and browns. I can not work with them, but these, I love.

Now for the silver. I don’t like silver shimmers. They are either frosty or ashy on me and because of that not an age appropriate look on me. This one is not. It is a very flattering silver. I am impressed.

For me this is not a travel palette either. Not only for the reason I mentioned in the ‘work-day’ bit but because I would get bored of the dark shades. On holiday I like a choice of warm, bright and smoky shimmers (and satins) for those fun night outs.

The shade eggplant is ….err… eggplant. Worn all over my lid you can see the colour really well but alas my smart-phone camera is picking it up as brown. So I did not include it in this blog.

Also IRL because my lids have a purple under-tone the contrast with this shade is not really there. You can see it, but not….baaam.

On my skin-tone the green is dark but ‘opens’ up my lids but the eggplant closes it. So I will always use it outer third, never on my entire lid.

The swatches above are without a primer. Also I have not a done wear test.

FYI my ABH Soft Glam palette has VERY  poor wear on me, whatever the primer, set or not set. In-fact same with my UD Naked 3.

I think my oily, hooded lids are no match for any brand. (surprisingly my Wet and Wild Colour Icon shades do really really REALLY well. Probably cheaper, dryer formulas work? I don’t know)

So would I buy more Smashbox Cover Shot palettes ? Yes. And I love the fact they are dinky. Perfect size.

I am S.O. over huge pans or large palettes. Dust collectors and anxiety providers because they will outlive me, especially in project pans.





Drunk Elephant C Tango Multivitamin Eye cream

Vitamin C is a must in my skincare regimen and the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum and their C Tango Multivitamin Eye cream are fast becoming staples on my vanity. I want to raise a glass….a post to the C Tango Multivitamin Eye cream today.

Now I am an eye cream junkie and always on the hunt for the best cocktail of ingredients. Packaging plays a big part too because I subscribe to the Paula Begoun school of thought of ‘ jars are bad’ 🙂 so pumps or tubes only.

Hydration and strengthening the skin around the eye is key for me. I am not looking for magic formulas for bags, lines and dark circles.

My bags and lines I will set aside for the surgeon’s knife 🙂 and dark circles? Jeez there a 101 factors that affect dark circles and while a basic goodnight’s sleep eludes me I will hire correctors and concealers to work for me!


Now I worry about about waxing eloquent about skincare products because it takes time to show results. Also many factors affect the efficacy of a product. How I am applying it, when I am applying, how often and the other products I am using in conjunction with it. Not to mention health, hormones and skin type. Anyway here goes;

 I watched Tiffany Masterson’s interview on Caroline Hirons’ channel and it got me interested in C Tango Multivitamin Eye cream.

The vitamin C is a plus for me ofcourse, but I also like the hefty list of ‘frees’ especially silicones because I really, really, really, really do not like the feel of silicone on my skin.

I really enjoy this cream. It has a thick consistency and I use half a pump (a fat rice grain size) for each eye. I tap it in first and then lightly massage my eyes around the orbital bone.

I have had no reactions to this formula, however I DO know some beauty vloggers did get an adverse reaction to this so please do check them out.  Puffin’s Wife & Just Buy The Makeup are the two I remember. Andrea Mattilano ? I can’t remember whether she had a reaction or not, but she reviewed it too.

Before trying the Drunk Elephant eye cream I would have probably re-purchased a previous staple of mine, the Kate Sommerville Line Release eye cream (read post here), or the Estee Lauder one that I tried and loved (read review here). But I like price and the ingredients in the Drunk Elephant C Tango so the others so that is here to stay.eye creams.001

The C Tango Multivitamin Eye cream ingredient list, more details available at

– power 5c vitamin complex: a complex of five forms of vitamin c work together to brighten uneven tone and firm.

– 8 peptide blend: eight peptides with the power to rebuild, strengthen and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

– cucumber: antioxidant-rich, non-sensitizing plant extract.

– superoxide dismutase: an essential enzyme naturally present in skin, superoxide dismutase is one of the most powerful neutralizers of aging free radicals.

– hesperidin methyl chalcone: a potent flavonoid that helps reduce the appearance of aging under the eyes.

– ubiquinone: supplies coenzyme q10, a vital antioxidant that decreases with age, and has been shown to reduce the depth of fine lines and wrinkles.

– vitamin e: a powerful and absorbable vitamin that boosts skin’s environmental defenses and helps preserve its natural lipid balance


(I love Vitamin C – Read post on Derma E vitamin C serum here and Skinceuticals CE Ferrulic here  )

Viseart Eyeshadow Palette: Paris Nudes

Me: NC40-41 Indian skintone. Hooded eyes with very little eyelid ‘real estate’.

The Viseart Paris Nudes eyeshadow palette is a recent purchase and I love it.  L.O.V.E it.

Now I don’t usually go for such muted shades but what attracted me to this palette was the fact it reminded me of river rocks. river rocks

I love rocks. Their colours, their shapes and the tranquility they exude. River rocks, seen under the water’s surface are especially mesmerising.

I also bought this palette because it is an all satin and shimmer palette. I like shimmers for my hooded eyes to give a ‘lift and light’ to my eye. However I am wary of most formulas because I don’t like how they emphasise my crepey lids.

Viseart’s formulas are one of the best (read post here) and their satin and shimmer formulas are forgiving on my lines and creases.


middle row sw
Middle Row

viseart 2 pals

Most eyeshadows palette give me anxiety but this one calms me.  I don’t need to think. I choose a shade, one swipe and I am out the door. (Ok I lied about that 1 swipe but I will explain below.)

Also I don’t need to buy a matte palette to pair this with. I have many transition mattes but I was thrilled to discover that the mattes in my Viseart Petit Pro 1 pair really well with this palette. Pair like with like. (happy dance)

OK now before you run out and buy this palette …and chase me with pitchforks later, let me manage expectations.

The shimmers are muted. Think river rocks glistening with water instead of disco balls.

If I could make a broad generalisation for the sake of an explanation, I would recommend this palette to matured ladies who are afraid of shimmers. If you are a young-un looking for fun, I would say ‘No’ and hand you the Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette instead.:)

I would recommend this palette to people to wear on a work day.

The shades are best applied with a flat eyeshadow brush like my Shu Uemura No 10EyeBrushes

I don’t do one swipe. I sweep the flat brush across the pan and then pat and swipe across my lid. I will typically do this twice.  If I want a bit more I might dab with my finger. As with a lot of shimmers, fingers are best.

I have not wet my brush to check the effect and probably wont. If I want that kind of vavavoom I will use my SmashBox Smoky palette instead, this is not the palette for that.smashbox smoky (1)

The shadows have almost no fall out, and while some shades might be a wee bit more dusty, that are minimally so.

I wore this with my Urban Decay Anti aging primer and went for sweaty 2 hour hike. About mid 60s. Came home and checked the eyes, perfect.

Some blogs say that these are not pigmented. Not true. The skin around my eyes is dark and for reference the shades in the Naked 3 (rose) palette have difficulty showing up on my skin, but not these.

Now some shades do look similar on my eyelids.

Viseart Paris Nudes

Top Row, shade 3 and Second Row, shade 6 look similar. 3  is more yellow while 6 translates more champagne on my lids.

Second Row shade 8 and Bottom Row shade 10 are similar but shade 10 is more green.

(I dont have the names anywhere on my palette or on the cover. See Temptalia’s review for shade names and description.)

In terms of colour payoff I would say the Top Row is the most subtle and I think it’s down to my skintone. Top Row shade 1 is more frosty on my eyes than pink but when worn as a blush it is a beautiful baby pink that gives off a wet sheen. I love it!  Shade 2 also behaves similarly on my eyelids, but I think it would work wonderfully as a highlighter.

I did use shade 4 on my brow bone. It looks fine. Slight satin sheen but nothing that would appear to ‘bulge’ the skin.

Usually when I spend $80 on something I suffer buyer’s regret soon after, but this one I am thrilled with.

I do have my cross hairs on the Viseart Dark Mattes palette. Probably nudge hubby to buy it for me as a Christmas present 🙂












Makeup: What I Am Not Gonna Buy (re-purchase)

Title credit to Ms Kimberly Clark; talented Drag Artiste, social activist and one of those few YouTubers who aren’t afraid speak their minds. She is bloody funny too. Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 10.15.36 AM

Warning: Rather long post. Skip below to which ever product you are interested in. I am not going to buy 11 products. 1.the Bobbi Brown Setting Powder, 2. the ELF under-eye setting powder, 3. Lancome Grandiose Mascara, 4. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush, 5. Loreal Infallible Paints Eyeliner Pen, 6. Loreal Infallible Liquid Eyeshadow, 7. Mac Bronzer, 8. Mac Lip Prep and Prime, 10. Estee Lauder Little Black Primer and 11. Becca Champagne Pop highlighter.

Note: All my observations are via a x5 magnified mirror because that’s the only mirror I use to apply my makeup thanks to aging eyes 🙂

My project pan journey started March 2018 (post) . Using a product over and over again on different days, at different times, under different circumstances helped me understand what I really want out of  each product. What I like about it, what I don’t and why.

I have reached a level of zero tolerance where I want a product to perform exactly how I expect it to irrespective of when and how I wear it. Otherwise I am not gonna buy it. (not including user error or using a sweaty hike as an example of performance :))

What I am not gonna buy (re-purchase);

Bobbi Brown Finishing Powder in Warm Natural & ELF Undereye Setting PowderBB Finishing powder.001

I love the ever widening pan, go me!

I usually powder to set my under-eyes, on my t-zone and along the sides of my nose.  The rare occasion I have used to set my entire face I have to spritz MAC Fix plus to reduce the powdery effect.

I like it because of its blurring effect on my forehead lines and the pores on my cheeks. Under my eyes ? Not so much. It accentuates the lines under my eyes.

Now I like this product and would recommend it to people but for me personally;

  1. I don’t want to use a powder I have to spritz down. I want ease of use. One step and done!
  2. I don’t want a powder that accentuates the lines under my eyes. This is either a new thing with my advancing age or I have just noticed it. Either ways, nah.
  3. And lastly I want to own only 1 setting powder at any given time. Not have a mattifying one and another one thats a different formula on days I don’t want to use a spritz. It adds to clutter and an extra product I will struggle to ‘pan’.

So this I will not re-purchase, but what will I buy  instead ?

I have a mini Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder I received as a sample that I will start on once I have panned Ms Brown.

However I am dreading the whole ‘sieve-powder’ hoopla that I have to go through with the Laura Mercier one.(Seriously how lazy of a makeup lover am I?)

By the time I am ready to buy another setting powder I would like to invest in something like the Becca Hydra Mist powder that is supposed to be 50% water and glycerine. But I am hoping they bring out a pressed powder version by then, I am so over this salt shaker bs.

The ELF undereye setting powder, the darling of many on the net, is not coming back either. Why ?

  1. I don’t like the micro glitter in it. While great for the under-eye not great for the other areas of my face.
  2. It accentuates the fine lines under my eye and
  3. I don’t like the whole sieve-powder malarkey, too tedious.

Lancome Grandiose Smudgeproof Mascara.001

I don’t like mascaras that are too wet and clump lashes together. In the picture it might look good but in real life, I had to brush through with a lash comb everytime I applied it, and I still wasn’t happy.

I don’t want 7 clumps of lashes, I want a full fluffy effect. Just for reference I love Benefit Bad Gal,  Dior Icoinic, Chanel Inimitable (not de Volume; too wet for me) and Charlotte Tilbury’s Full Fat Lashes.

Oh…see the smudge-proof in the name ? well it….smudges. That’s my first beef with it.

Loreal Infallible Paints Eyeliner Pen  & Liquid Eyeshadow Loreal

I am sorry both these are duds for me.

The Eyeliner pen is a hard felt tip which on my crepey eyelids skips and makes for a very jumpy line.  Also it tends to go ‘translucent’ on me, not the solid black I was expecting. And it dries really fast on the lids, even before you have finished lining the entire lashline, so going back to smoothen out a skipped patch or smoothen out a rough line just removes the colour you have laid down in the first sweep.

And…it transfers onto my eye crease. Every time. I powder my lids and it still migrates. I have oily lids that are hooded to boot.  The struggle is real.

The good news is the pen doesn’t dry out quickly. I started to store it nib side down from almost the 5th day I bought it and avoided the quick drying out that a lot of these type of pens seems to succumb too. I bought it last year and it’s still going.. …alas….

The eyeshadow paints are just not working for me.

Loreal EPaint
Cool Ivory Gold on top, silver below
  1. It looks like curdled cottage cheese on my eyelids. I think the glitter might be too chunky for someone with my crepey lids. Definitely not the rich wet sheen I had expected out of them.
  2. It applies well with my Real Techniques (synthetic) shading brush but my fingers give the best, uniform, coverage. However this could be a fat fingers v/s tiny eyelid space thing, but the shadow spreads all over, ie beyond my mobile lid, so there is shimmer all over my lids.
  3. The shade Cool Ivory applies translucent over my natural deep skin tone and needs a second layer. While they can be built up very well, you need to wait for each layer to dry before the next one and I can’t be bothered with that.

I expect liquid eyeshadows to be a wet-sheen like finish that can be achieved with a quick swipe and slight buffing around the edges.

The Loreal worn alone or buffed out with a matte shadow, looks dated because the shimmer travels all over the lid.

Remember when all eyeshadows were either satin or shimmery and looked awful on the lid because it emphasised every crease and made the eyes look bulgy ? ugh.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush in Pink SugarBB Blush

Great blush, very pigmented with very  very fine shimmer. I mean it’s Bobbi Brown I wouldn’t expect anything as crass as big chunks of glitter. 🙂

Once I am done with this one I am not gonna re-purchase because I now prefer mattes so I can place my highlighter on the specific areas I want to highlight, rather than the whole cheek.

But even without the shimmer I would not re-purchase because this is very pigmented, something I love in eye shadows but do not appreciate in blushes.

I lightly tap my brush in the pan, wipe it on the back of my hand and then apply it on my cheeks. Even then I am feverishly blending it out and finishing that off by buffing my setting powder over it. I like a flush effect and this takes a lot of work to where I am comfortable with the look.

Weirdly I prefer low pigment blushes so I can be rough and tumble and rest assured, whether I blend or not, I wont have clown cheeks.

MAC Bronzer and MAC Lip Prep and PrimeMAC B and Lip.001

I have seen the gorgeous effect of a bronzer on people. Instant fab! Sadly not for me.

Bronzers rarely do anything for me or at-least I can’t see it.  Contouring powders on the other hand, I can see their effect especially my favourite, Benefit’s Hoola.

I am a WOC with a NC 40 skintone and have a yellow undertone. For me, in order  to look healthy and glowy it’s more about exfoliation, hydration, moisturisation and SPF. Add to that an under-eye concealer, a rich lip balm, dab on some highligher and done ! Kajal or mascara; optional.

When my face goes ‘flat’ after foundation I prefer to add the contours back with a matte contour powder.

This  MAC bronzer is a beautiful neutral brown, imparts a natural ‘glow’ because of the  fine micro shimmer it contains and would work wonders for someone else.

For me not only can I not tell the difference it’s making I don’t like the all over glow-y look. As always I prefer adding highlighter only over very specific areas of my face and not the larger areas this bronzer hits.

This bronzer is in my project pan and when….oh lord when?…I finish it I will not be re-purchasing. But I wont be buying the Hoola either.

I don’t really ‘contour’ that much and for when I do, I will simply use one of the many brown matte eyeshadows I have lying around.

And once those powders/eyeshadows are done, I will re-purchase the Hoola, the mini one ofcourse!

The MAC Lip Prep and Prime. Another product I am not sure I can see or tell what the product is doing for me. I know what it is supposed to do because I have read the marketing info and the instructions but IRL not worth the price for me.

Estee Lauder Little Black Primer and Becca Champagne Pop highlighter (pressed).ESTEE and BECCA (1)

I received the Estee Lauder Little Black Primer as a gift and I LOVED it. I would still recommend it.

On no makeup days I would wear just that!  It gave my lashes definition and didn’t smudge, even in Hong Kong’s 90% heat and humidity!

However worn under a mascara I couldn’t really tell the effect or rather it did not make such a huge difference.

Would I re-purchase once I am done with it ? Probably not.

In this past year or so my whole mascara attitude has changed. I have become mascara brash. I want my lashes to scream ” I am wearing full fat fluffy lashy mascara”.

And on those ‘natural days’ I could just as easily wear a mascara from the drugstore that doesn’t do it’s job and merely coats the lashes. (We know a lot of mascaras like that don’t we ?)

And drugstore is a heck of a lot cheaper than Estee Lauder.  I am not comparing formulas here because the EL is uhmazing rather the effect it has on me or how I want to use it.

“Oh Becca Champagne Pop pressed powder. I am not impressed by you and I think it might be me and not you.”

I was expecting it to be sheen-y. In my x5 magnifying mirror I can see micro glitter that clings to my skin and peach fuzz and I don’t like it.

Also I am not into the ‘I have highlighter on’ look. I am more the ‘oh look at her inner glow’ type of person. 🙂

Right now the ONLY highlighters I like are the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders.

Hourglass and ELF

and if they change their formula I will weep.

And if for some horrible reason they are not available anymore I will probably re-purchase the ELF blushed gems. Yes. Read my review here

So that’s it, enough rambling……back to panning … I can be free of these.

Sigh 😦










Makeup: Lessons from Project Pan

Project Pan is like a weightloss plan. You need discipline and it takes time.

I started my project pan March 2018. Read post here  I put $ value against the things I need to use up. Almost $239(+tax) worth of stuff. 20180306_094412This is NOT counting Eyeshadows. Eyeshadows added an additional $250.

Now if you have been on a project pan journey, you know how hard it is to use up makeup. It takes ages to hit pan and then even longer to empty that pan.

And through this journey you will meet Boredom & Patience, head-on!

However for me personally the first thing I had to/have to wrestle with is Discipline. I see people on their project pans who have the absolute discipline to stick to a single palette or lipstick for a month!  I can’t.

Eyeshadows is the worst for me. And I have no excuses. I have a tiny eyeshadow collection (made up mostly of Regrets!) and I struggle to stick to one palette. I dabble in a new one everyday!

ES palettes
The ’empty’ pans you see were dud shades I threw away. They were annoying me.

Out of all my eye shadows the easiest palettes to pan are Wet n Wild’s Comfort Zone, Viseart’s Petit Pro 1 and Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Soft Glam palette. Each can take you day to night, every single day.

Comfort Zone and Petit Pro 1 should be no brainers right ? Small enough to hit pan and feel a sense of accomplishment.

That sense of accomplishment which is the carrot a novice panner like me needs to persevere on.

My next strategy after that would be to attack the neutral matte shades, which I have many of thanks to the 3 Wet n Wild Colour Icon palettes I bought, and pair those with the NYX Love You So Mochi Electric (all shimmer) palette.

And I could always rotate the eyeshadows. A palette a week and then rotate.

Easier said than done. I lack that discipline. Very much like my lack of discipline with cookies and chocolate.

And it takes Patience because you can not hurry hitting pan. You have to work through the discipline (and boredom) of using that same palette every day for a week, or for a month, and then allow for time to hit pan.

If I need to be successful in my Project Pan I need to pray for discipline! Pray? yes I take my makeup seriously, okay! 😛

But all is not lost. I have learnt a very useful lesson. The lesson to prevent un-necessary accumulation of stufffff.

I shudder to buy more product because I now know how long it takes, and how hard it is to finish it up.

Do I need one more blush ? No! I can barely make a dent in the one I have.

Do I need one more highlighter ? Heck no. I am sick of the one I have but I must finish it because I spent good money on it.

I have also learn’t the lesson that full size makeup is too damned big to finish and when I repurchase it will be MINIs where possible.  The reality is that I get bored with the brand halfway through it’s life anyway.

Note: For skincare and toiletries I have always had one of everything. I use it up then buy another. The real struggle is makeup. It’s so pretty and sparkly and colourful!







Eyeshadow Brush: Anastasia Beverly Hills v/s Walgreen’s

I generally dislike pitting brands against each other because almost all brands have hits that they should be appreciated for rather than focusing on their misses.

But I had to, just had to, blog about this Walgreen’s $4 eyeshadow brush. Less to diss ABH, rather to give kudos to this humble brush that many might skip over.

So the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palettes come with dual ended brushes. I bought the Prism and Soft Glam palettes in the recent Macy’s 15% off sale and got the brushes inside. (wish they did not include them and just reduced the price instead!)ABH palettes (1)What surprises me is a lot of YouTubers actually said the brushes were good and there is really no reason not to trust them, but what I really don’t understand is how???

The fluffy end of this brush is so scratchy I literally can not do ‘wind shield’ wiper motions on my eyelids. I am sure I am getting micro abrasions there, honestly. 😦 The flat end is good, picks up product well to pat,pat,pat the shadow on.

Anyway I have been on the hunt for an eyeshadow brush that is small enough for my hooded eyes but fluffy enough to diffuse my crease/transition shade with my brow bone, to create a blown out effect.ABHWALBrush.001

I have been burnt by brush recommendations before because they are  always too rough or pokey.

The ONLY brushes that are soft enough for me are the Wayne Goss brushes and I had resigned myself to getting me another Goss brush from Beautylish.

But before dropping the $$$ I decided to take one last walk along the aisles of Walgreens when I spied this eyeshadow brush.

OMG!!! bunny rabbits shed their fur for this brush.WALGREENS BRUSH

The flat and fluffy end both do a great job and blend so beeeoootifully.

I used both dual ended brushes, the ABH one and the Walgreens one on my Soft Glam palette with the same shades, on two different eyes to give them both a fair trial. And the Walgreens is my favourite.

I don’t need to spend money on the Goss brushes because I have the perfect sized, soft brush to diffuse my eyeshadow.

Surprising note on my soft eyeshadow brushes: The softest are the 2 Wayne Goss brushes, my Walgreens dual-ended one and…….get ready…brace yourself….a $1 Daiso calligraphy watercolour brush. I use it for mega blown out effect. LOLALL Eye BrushesDare I say…my search has ended.

umm who am I kidding?….till the next release. 😛




ELF Baked Highlighter: Blush Gems

Me: NC 40 Indian skin-tone. Normal skin. My skin is now veering towards dry because of that wonderful thing called age.

I like ELF cosmetics as a company and always up for supporting them. At their price point I can afford to experiment with their products to see if they work or not. Some hits some misses.

Anyway I saw the Blush Gems Baked Highlighter at Target and bought it.  Yes you guessed it right! The very same highlighter that everyone loves to hate !

So why am I writing about this one when Tati #glamlifeguru and co have already raved about how great ELF’s newer highlighters are?  Well that is because I have something nice to say and I want Blush Gems to get some internet-beauty-love.

I have been playing with this for over a month now and I feel that Blush Gems behaves like an affordable dupe for the iconic Hourglass Ambient lighting powders.

Placebo effect or not, I think these Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders do impart a creamy, blurring effect on my skin. When I dust DIM Light on my cheek bones it brings that area forward, ‘highlights’ it. When I dust the Blush Gems on my cheek bones it gives me the very same effect ! A subtle bringing  of the area ‘forward’.

There is a sheen but it’s subtle.

At my age I am not into highlighters you can see from space nor into highlighters that emphasise my facial texture or pores. So I like these powders that have an ‘age appropriate’ effect on me.

But bear in mind some housekeeping notes for the Blush Gems.

Take the top layer off: I took a rough-ish tissue and rubbed the top layer off. I did not use anything stronger. On Makeup alley people have said eyebrow spoolies etc etc. Nope just a rough textured tissue was good.

Use a stiffer brush: I always use my Real techniques contour brush for this. Or even those cheap(not soft or fluffy) blush brushes you get with palettes.Blush Gems (1)

Usage: Where I need a single tap of the Hourglass ambient lighting powder I had to use 2-3 good swipes with the ELF to get the same effect. I also buff the powder well onto my skin.

Skintone:  On my NC40 Indian skintone there is a subtle colour payoff.

If you are woman of colour I think  the colour payoff from the Apricot Glow or the Pink Diamonds might be stronger. A nice flush to the cheeks.

Blush gems doesn’t give me a flush just enhances it. A brown-gold sheen with a hint of pink, as opposed to yellow-gold.

What I mean by ‘yellow-gold’ is what Becca’s Champagne pop  gives off on my skin. Blush gems is not yellow.

For a $4 highlighter it is oddly without chunky glitter and suitable for work and/or in  the day while running errands.

NB1: I have not tried the Essence Pure Nude highlighter. This is the one EmilyNoel83 really likes but I am not sure if it will show up on my skintone or not. The way the description reads on Makeup Alley the effect seems similar to the ELF Blush Gems.

NB2: I dont really like the Becca Champagne Pop highlighter. It’s too ‘look I am wearing a highlighter’ for me. After I am done with my mini I will not re-purchase it.