Confessions of an Adult Colourist

Today I did what most colorist would baulk at. I trashed my art !

Most fine colourists, complete their pages and then put them in individual plastic folders OR retain the books. Especially if they are art by Kerby Rosanes and Hanna Karlzon!

Not this philistine. I enjoyed breaking the spines on those books and ripping the pages out. And then into the massive blue recycle bin/dumpster they went.

Each page had a variety of mediums; pencils, markers, gel pens and paints. And then I destroyed them.

Into recycle dumpster they went; Kerby Rosanes Mythomorphia, Mindfullness Colour Book, Darcy May’s Alphabet Fairies, Hanna Karzon’s Winter Dreams and Jes MaHarry’s Free Spirit (good riddance)Untitled 2.001I know what you are thinking, ‘so very Buddhist of me’. 😛

Excerpt from the Huff Post link-  When the mandala is finally finished, however long it takes for the monks to deal in this divine geometry of the heavens, they pray over it — and then they destroy it. They sweep it up, every last grain of sand and give handfuls of it away to those who participate in the closing ceremony as a final memory of sublime possibility. Then they throw the rest of the sand into the nearest living stream to be swept into the ocean to bless the whole world. And that’s it. It’s gone. In an instant, after all that artistry, all that work, it’s over.

We..ll ….hmm….ok my colour work stinks! No concept of colour families, artwork lines or light and shadow. Flat flat flat colours, often going out of the lines.

It was ‘kindergarten’ bad. (those kids are awful at colouring, admit it).

That being said I will continue with this ‘hobby’ till I am gainfully employed. It does calm me and keeps the time from stretching , but I don’t think I will ever improve.

Oh well, we’ll see. I ‘practice’ if only to prove whether the concept of ‘practising till perfection’ is true.

And then maybe one day I too will file my work in individual plastic sheets and put them in a binder.

Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest postcard book (from the thriftbook store) is already in the mail 🙂ENCHAT FOREST

Delicious, intricate pages to colour with the all the myriad markers, gel pens, paints and pencils I have. As these are postcards, I will take more time to colour them, and once done with post them to people as cards.  So for this book thankfully it’s Win, not Bin.



Living in America- 1 year On.


2018. Happy New Year America. It’s been hard and I am still learning to live here. And there are things I have discovered.

American Doors: I still have difficulty negotiating doors in commercial establishments (when the doors are NOT automatic)

Look I never put much thought in opening doors in other countries. I just randomly pushed every door.  Unless there was SIGN on the door that said “Pull” or “Push”.

But here it seems the rules are strict.  You _____ to enter and ____ to exit and I still haven’t grasped it.  Push to enter ? Pull to exit ? or is it the other way around ? Bah!

Till then I can continue to amuse the locals I guess.

American Paper : Did you know the mail here is very sharp ? Seriously.

I grew up in India, lived most of my adult life in Hong Kong and have travelled and worked around the world.  I worked in an office and I opened mail, carelessly all the time.

But boy oh boy 2017 in America was the 1 year in my life that I received the MOST paper cuts.  I constantly cut my fingers with the mail I opened.

What is it with this razor sharp paper ? Don’t we have enough violence in the world ?

American Hair:  Ok ok this just might be Kirkland ( Greater Seattle) hair.

I walk a lot. As a couple we walk where ever we can. 2 miles to Safeway ? Lets walk ! It’s probably the Hong Kong influence in me and my husband’s English genes.

Anyway for the past 1 year the 1 thing I find on the road are hair ties.


Not dog poo (thank god) but hair ties. Not torn ones but complete ones!

I am NOT joking. Within a 1 mile radius you will find at least 7 hair ties.  I mean how can you not know when your pony tail has come lose and your hair is whipping your face as you are on your run ?

My husband even said ‘maybe its from dogs’. You know those handbag dogs with fancy hair styles ? But I haven’t seen any dogs with hair-clips, bows or hair ties.

My only explanation is people in Kirkland WA have VERY silky hair!

There you go , the mostest first world issue of All first world issues in a first world country !

American Pronunciation:  I probably shouldn’t lump this observation as ‘American’ pronunciation because it is only some people, but I did anyway. You know, artistic license and all that!

So here goes; 3 words that take me right back to India.

Did you notice how certain Americans pronounce Police as Powh-liss ? Watch Live PD  on A&E and you will know what I am saying. 🙂

That takes me right back to the streets of Bombay. The local Marathi man on the street, ‘son-of-the-soil’ pronounces police (po-lees) Powh-liss.

And when I heard ‘aks’ instead of Ask,  I thought I had gone right back to Goa, India.

I honestly thought the Goans in India were the only people in the world most likely to say ‘aks’ then American TV proved me wrong. ( The other astonishing find was ” Thank-S God” too )

And then the last one is Nervous. I was watching Homeland Security or Border Security JFK and the customs officers were all so Nair-Viss. I was like WHAT ! You too ?

I thought school girls in Delhi were the only ones who were oh so Nair-viss. Them and customs officers in New York apparently.

It’s the ‘Viss’ (hiss) as opposed to the ‘Vous’ that annoys me !

And so life and learnings of a recent immigrant continues, and the feeling that I will never solve the hair tie mystery.













Worst Colour Book!

Ugh I seriously hate this colouring book and I want to throw it in the recycle bin, like now!

So decided I better take some pictures and get a post out and then get this book out of my sight.

Jes Maharry’s Free Spirit.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 3.52.15 PM

OMG ! It’s a mess of a book. Higgledy-piggledy scribbly illustrations.

Jes Maharry is a jewelry designer and honestly when you see the very same scribbly artwork on her jewelry as charm bracelet or an earring it is unique and beautiful but the style just does NOT translate well on paper, for a colouring book especially.IMGP3543


Her style is unusual no doubt but just wish she had put more thought in each page. Instead what you end up with is a printed version of her rough, scribble-sketch pad.

Colouring is supposed to calm you but this book had the opposite effect on me. Every time I picked it up to work in it I got stressed out.

The book is everything you want out of a colouring book in terms of paper and layout. The illustrations are single sided and the paper can take a variety of mediums.

I used water based markers, pencils, acrylic paints, water-colour paints, water-colour pencils and an alcohol based Sharpie.

It is lovely smooth paper that doesn’t suck the ink out of your markers and yet has  great tooth for colour pencils !

I do like her quirky sensibility,  but she needs a smart editor before she publishes her next colour book.


I basically blocked out the untidy backgrounds  with acrylic paint just so I could enjoy the beauty of her artwork like I did with the owl below.


Alternately I will cover up the rubbish ‘debris’ bottom left corner (near the pencils) so I can continue to enjoy and colour the big cat.IMGP3551

I do believe it’s the size and layout of these extra elements on the page that make each page so untidy.

If every animal, insect, flower and bird on a page was given a respectable size and a sensible layout it wouldn’t be so bad. I mean one just needs to look at Johanna Basford’s work to know how to make tiny small illustration look like art instead of scribbles !

Thankfully I bought this at Walmart and even with shipping it was less than $10.

Thus it wont hurt that bad when I put this book into the recycling bin.