Maybelline WTF (or Who Needs a Separate Cheek Stain)


Not me.

Anyway first things first. How annoying. Has this ever happened to anyone ? The sponge applicator of the doe-foot breaks off ?
IMGP2565That’s what happened to both my Maybelline 10 hour gloss. Granted I am committing crimes against makeup and using the glosses, 2 years on now. But the glosses are fine. Glossy, staying-put, not rancid, smelly or separated.

When makeup is almost untouched, has loads left I hate to discard it. So I decided I am going to use this as a cheek stain.

I have run the gamut of Benefit cheek stains and Bobbi Brown pot rouge. Mainly as gifts received,  I have to add.  But really??!! come on people. Use your lipsticks.

And then I decided to use these 10 hr stay glosses as a cheek stain. And boy do they work.  Nice flushed look, but like a stain work QUICK. Like a stain dont apply to cheek directly. Rather put on finger and then blend


or like I did – use a torn off wedged sponge.

Work one cheek at a time.

Stained fingers even after washing my fingers.


Good staying power, afterall this IS a 10 hr gloss.

I went for a massage, ie face down on massage bed and the flush hadn’t shifted !

But please do work quick. And work with little bit of colour.

Its not ‘scary quick’ like Benefit’s cha cha tint. Also its gel-like consistency is nice to smear with.


Curried Chickpeas

This is not my recipe, but taken off the internet. And as with all receipes, I read it and mess around with the ingredients to make it my own.

Chickpeas have a 101 ways to cook them. Dry, wet, with meats, with spinach, plain. IMG_0242.JPG

This is a great quick, snack-y receipe.

Canned Chickpeas (1 can for 2 people)

One small onion cubed.

Curry Leaves – 5

Mustard Seeds + Splash guard

Dry Red Chillies – 3



Red chilli powder – optional

Chaat Masala

Dried Mango Powder (Amchur)

Oil to fry

1. Drain and rinse canned chickpeas. Par boil the chickpeas in salted water to slightly soften. This is a hard step to gauge. Basically this is to cut down on chickpea cooking time but also they should have enough time to soak up the spices that will follow in the steps below. Drain. Pat dry

2. In a wok, heat oil.  Add mustard seeds ( use your Splash guard here, these little seeds sputter everywhere!) They will crackle and burst.

3. Add the dry red chillies and the curry leaves. Add the onions. Caramelise.

4. Add chickpeas, salt, turmeric powder. Stir around. It can get  dry here, add water little water. Enough to soften the dried bits and to mix the all the spices with the chickpeas. Also enough to create good steam. If the red chillies are not hot enough you can add the chilli powder.

5. Cover the wok and cook on low heat. This step is basically to soften the chickpeas and really soak up the seasoning.

Keep an eye out as mixture tends to dry up super quick. Test the chickpeas and once you are satisfied, cook without cover.

Add the Chaat Masala and Amchur here. This is to add a sweet-tangy kind of bite to the peas.


If the mixture is bit wet, then cook without the lid to evaporate the liquid.

This receipe is pretty dry.

Defintely serve this with whipped up natural yogurt. Seasoned with salt, little bit of sugar and chopped cucumber.

I dont need any bread or rice with this.

Garnier Micellar Water

Dont buy it. Your welcome!2015-06-27 10.25.43

I dont buy anything without extensive research and uming and ahhing because I am that person.

Makeup Alley, Allure, Pinterest (yes that authentic source, haha), everyone, everywhere was raving about how good a dupe this is to the Bioderma. It isn’t and I shouldn’t have believed them.

I don’t use foundation, wear waterproof makeup and never touch my makeup up after a 9 hour day and yet this is not as effective as I would like it be.

I double cleanse: A balm to take makeup off and then a cleanser for the face, however I use micellar water first to remove eye-makeup and lipstick.

Lips – great !

Eyes- not so good. It basically does not remove as clean as I would like it to. I have to go back multiple times to remove piddly eyeshadow and pencil.

Who’s got time for that ?

Once this is done I am going back to my Body Shop Chamomile eye makeup remover

Honestly warm water with a flannel is as good as this Micellar water to remove the top layer/pigment of makeup- and then you go in for a DOUBLE CLEANSE.