Hmm, Nuxe White Range

Nuxe-White-BrighteningAvailable  only in Asia and the Middle East I think. And all you find are rave reviews. Blogs and reviews that appear Advetorial to me.

As for me, I am annoyed with Nuxe.

Basically when I saw the ingredient list I was surprised.  The range has a series of products to be used as part of a whole regime. However 3 products of that range have the same exact ingredient list. Even the same order.

% I can not comment on.

Being unable to contact an Asian representative I have written to Nuxe UK and Nuxe US Customer service. Am keen to see their reply.


I could not believe it. I kept loading and reloading the page thinking there was a glitch in the system. Nope!

Basically I bought the Nuxe Brightening Moisturizing  Lotion (toner)as I was looking for an evening AHA/exfoliating toner without alcohol. (Benzyl Alcohol is ok – source Paula Begoun Beautypedia)


and I received the  NUXE White Intensive Dark Spot Correcting Serum and NUXE White Brightening Moisturizing Emulsion (moisturiser)  as samples.

Had trouble photographing the tiny samples so took these images off Google.

So why am I writing this post ? I love Nuxe, I love samples and will put anything on my face.

However NOT before I research the ingredients, and this is when all the bother started! The Serum and the Emulsion have the EXACT same ingredient list in the same order.

And then on further investigation turns out  even the Toner(Nuxe Brightening Moisturizing  Lotion)  I paid for, has the SAME ingredients in the same order. The bottle reads  “micro exfoliation” which is WHY I bought it, but I cant see any that can do that.

Probably their % vary, but then again why buy 3 products, when 1 could suffice ?

I am no expert, but the list isn’t that impressive either. Skin conditioners, stabilisers, preservatives is what leaps out at me.

preservative BENZYL ALCOHOL
astringent/stabilizer/ph/antioxi CITRIC ACID,
humectant /emulsifier SODIUM HYALURONATE,
preservative/chealating TETRASODIUM EDTA,
solvent/humectant/preservative BUTYLENE GLYCOL,
absorbent/skin conditioner MALTODEXTRIN
alkalizer/binding SODIUM CITRATE
humenctant/emollient SUCROSE
fragrance masking/colorant CROCUS SATIVUS FLOWER EXTRACT,
anti oxidant/reducing agent SODIUM METABISULFITE [N2803/A].

I want to understand more, however till then I want to say I do not recommend.

And the samples are going in the bin.



Mentholatum Lip Fondue: Use It!Wear It !

Mentholatum’s Lip Fondue.OMG ! OMG! I love it.

I picked it up in Sasa and I am ecstatic. Definitely re-purchasing.

It’s a thick gel that instantly soothes your lips.

It doesn’t feel like Vaseline or Chapstick. It’s like a soft cushion on your lips. You can feel it on your lips but it’s not sticky!


It’s difficult to shoot the product. The packaging instructions tell you NOT  to twist it up too much as it DOESN’T retract. It’s colourless and looks like gloss, but may I please repeat, it’s not wet or sticky.

Just what a ‘cushiony balm’ might feel like I think.

It is also a great base for Mattes lipsticks. Matte lippies dry lips. I often have to apply chapstick OVER my matte lip since they feel so dry.

Not with this fondue !

I have applied my Christian Loubotin Matte and my Loreal Matte over this. It does give the matte a slight glow as you would expect. Satin-Matte type look.

But it didn’t make it slip or slide. None got on my teeth or leaked outside my lips !

My lipstick stayed on through sips of water, Proseco, toast and a slice of (oatflour) banana bread.

I am now off to have Ramen.

Nothing survives Ramen though !

Of Holy Grails & Repeat Purchases

Skin type: Normal to Dry. Maturing skin. Not prone to breakouts

I get bored easy and love a change.

In HK you can’t throw a stone without hitting a shop. Shop’s whose shelves are filled with beauty products that glitter, glimmer and whisper their supernatural claims and magical powers in my ears!

And I am easily swayed.

But when I do walk right past a new product and re-purchase something ‘old’ it’s a big deal !

Kate Sommerville Dermal Quench Liquid Lift


This is the 2nd full big bottle I have purchased.

I started this with 2 travel size free samples. And at first I was a bit ‘eh’. Shake bottle, then ‘spray’ the liquid on your face. You basically get foam. You need to massage in the foam immediately. Not for eyes or lips. Though I will massage up to the optic orbital bone and around the lips lines.

2015-05-24 11.56.15

It while I was on the 2nd free bottle that I felt I saw a change.  My skin looked smoothened and I thought I saw a glow.

I have faint lines on my forehead and have laugh lines from nose to mouth. The two areas I worry about. Nothing short of surgery can turn back the hands of time, however I guess we can take steps to prevent it.  I am betting on this one !

DCS Nutriderm Golden Ball Eye AmpouleI have been using this every morning for a month. 10 light circles around my eyes, 10 under eyes to temple, and 10 along the brow bone. It WORKS !


12 months with the Perricone MD upper eye lid serum and it did nothing.

This one, a drugstore find, 1 month and  my eye liner applies better! No jumping or leaping. My creases have definitely plumped up. Even shiny eye shadow doesn’t look so crepey  on my lids!

I am heartbroken. The range has disappeared in Watson’s Hong Kong. I am not sure what I am going to do !!!

Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Cleansing Oil: I have used the Clinique Take the Day off Balm,  the Neutrogena Cleansing Oil and then I bought the Shu. I loved it the moment I used it.  I use it as my First cleanse. The one I use to take my makeup off.


I am currently running low on my Shu so I bought the Banila Co Clean it Zero to give it a try.  I am not impressed. It feels great, works just as well, however it just doesn’t seem to leave my skin with the same clarity as the Shu.

Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser : Simple no foam, no nonsense. It’s my second cleanse. ie the no makeup cleanse.


It’s gentle, doesn’t seem to contain any baddies like Alcohol or SLS and easily available at Watsons or Mannings.

I have tried many cleansers and have felt meh! Most leave my skin feeling tight and that I hate!

I basically researched on Beautypedia (Paula Begoun) and saw this one has a good rating. So bought it. Will re-purchase

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner : Love it ! Great toner for exfoliation. Yes to be used only 2 times a week but who said we need to exfoliate everyday ?


My PM skincare routine

9 steps.

My Skin- Normal to Dry/Dehydrated

The best way to end my day is my night time skincare routine. It’s like a mini pamper every night. I love it!

And on days I wear makeup I am dying to get my makeup off as soon as I am home. ( Bra and makeup, something about them. I want them both off!)

Let the games begin!

  • Change into tshirt/nightie
  • Tie hair, put on hair-band.
  • Remove eye & lip makeup with Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip remover. This from the Body Shot is a constant re-purchase for me.
  • Then I remove my makeup  with the Shu Uemura Skin Purifying Cleansing Oil.Shu Oil

Massage face and around eyes for atleast 60 secs. Emulsify with water, massage and then rinse off . ( My Shu is nearly empty so I bought the Banila Co Clean it Zero . Banila aint blowing me away so far!)

  • I then second cleanse with the Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser, rinse off and pat dry.

Part 1 done

Part 2: It’s (s)TONER time ! Haha

I like to Acid (haha again) tone at night but do not have the ones I reeely want ie the Pixi Glow or Biologique Richerche P50 Balancing Exfoliators (and neither have I seen it anywhere in Hong Kong. )

It’s been a headache trying to get a good exfoliating toner locally.

I bought First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads from Sephora in Singapore. I really like them ! However for the night they might be a wee bit too gentle.


I have the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator (‘Brightening’ ) Toner . Love it! But should be used only 2 times a week. Too strong. So Goldilocks continued her search for an exfoliating toner that was just right!

Finding one with no alcohol is hard in Hong Kong ! I hunted, read labels, researched labels and finally found this one. The  Nuxe White Brightening Moisturising Lotion.


It’s not WHITENING wont turn your WHITE!. It’s just exfoliating.

I have been using Nuxe for a bit  but I don’t see the same clarity/glow that Clarins and FAB seem to offer. But I still have a long way to go, it’s a big bottle so we will see if I re-purchase or move onto others.

NB:  too much exfoliation is not good, so use your own judgement. On some days you could swap an acid toner for just a hydrating one.

  • After acid toning (and wait 3 mins) I move to serum.People will mist with a hydrating toner before the serum, but I dont.  Because by now I am begining to get a bit tired.
  • While waiting for the serum to sink in (3 mins) I put on my eye cream. ( I will put on a serum before an eye cream, but thats ONLY in the morning)
  • Then moisturiser. I wait after this for around 10 mins.
  • And then follow with a facial oil (every night over winters and sometimes in summer)

While I mess around with different serums and moisturisers my constants every night are Kate Sommerville Line Release Undereye Repair cream & Clarins Santal facial oil.


  • End with lip balm. This is a MUST for me. Be it Vaseline, Chapstick, Mentholatum MaxiLip (my current FAV!) Lip balm, but balm I must !

Goodnight !



Best Hot Chocolate: Shanghai

According to my humble palate it’s at the HOF, French Concession side street, in Shanghai. 75% Caribe.

Melted chocolate. Chocolate/Cocoa like my tongue imagines it. Pure. Not of milk, not of sugar, not of cream. Neither is it bitter.

The empty cup deserved the pic because it housed something so wonderful, as opposed to the full cup. The full cup looked like any ordinary hot chocolate. And mind you it wasn’t till I sipped it did I realise its magic.

Again it’s my palate comparing it to Max Brenner Sydney and Godiva in Cambridge. I have to say I haven’t tried hot chocolate in Japan. Now Japan would be a strong contender, I can see that!

Anyway been in Hong Kong for more than 15 years and this is my first visit to Shanghai. Shame on me! We visited over Easter,  March 2016. Sunny, cool and dry.

The BundPudong


We walked around the city, the main bits. Took the metro a fair bit. And that was fun and we discovered more in and around because of this.

It was with our walking around that we discovered this gem. Corner of Sichuan Road and Guandong road, zero tourists, atleast when we were there, the pan fried dumpling shop.


We ate too much. The flavour was better than in Hong Kong, which means, it’s better than in the whole world!

Taxis can be hairy only because our Mandarin is non-existent so we avoided them, unless there was a hotel concierge guiding us.

Ofcourse what would a blog post be without a picture of Sephora, along Nanjing Road.


Nanjing Raod

But I need to tell you is something I don’t see in Hong Kong. The BIGGEST Innisfree, Too Cool for School and DHC shops. I am talking 2 floors !

I didn’t take any pictures because it wouldn’t capture their magnificence. It was awe inspiring.

We stayed near the bund, perfect !

And The Hyatt on the Bund has spectacular views and that’s me in the rooftop bar The Vue (not enjoying) my Dirty Martini. Don’t know why I ordered it.



Next trip Suzhou & Sichuan (only to eat tonnes of spicy Sichuan food)

Dry Flaky Skin & Facial Oils

I spent the winter recovering from surgery.  This meant I was (largely) bed ridden for weeks.

This winter Hong Kong also plunged to 4 degrees centigrade at times.  So I spent around 14 hours a day under blankets with the heater on.

During my recovery, I wasn’t strong enough for my usual skincare routine and skipped an eye cream or moisturiser, here and there.

And then it was time to get back to work.

I sat down at my vanity and started to put my face on ……when I noticed !

Makeup clinging to flaking skin, creasey & patchy under-eye concealer and rough dry skin rings. Basically lizard skin.  And oh my lord if I “set” my  skin with powder I looked like a French aristocrat.

Hugh Laurie in Black Adder 

My rough dry skin leapt out at me. Worst places are the outer corner of my eyes, a C-shaped area from tear duct and under, sides of my nose and a patch below my cheek bone.

I panicked. I looked like I had aged overnight. You know that cakey look  on really really wrinkly skin ?


I have normal to combination skin that is generally problem free. I use moisturising skincare that is suited to my skin type, use acid exfoliators and avoid alcohol in my skincare.

So why ? Anyway I had to do something, QUICK !

The only thing missing in my skincare arsenal was Facial oil. Maybe Facial oil would do the magic.

Sunday Riley is not easily available in Hong Kong (hence the delay for my purchase) but I knew I had to get something quick. So I did my usual, researched, and then bought 2 facial oils.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight serum in oil. While I don’t buy products for their fragrance, the fragrance doesn’t bother me. The ‘powdery’ fragrance reminds me of my mother.

It’s a light oil.

For my face it’s between 3-5 drops. I apply with my finger tips, face and neck, with my usual swipe and press.

For my face and neck, if I put around 5 drops, the oil will take a while to sink in. So on makeup days I will go with less is more, follow with an additional moisturiser and then apply my makeup. Otherwise I am worried the makeup will ball up or slip and slide.

The Clarins’ oil for my skin is the Blue Orchid (dehydrated skin) but alas it was sold out. So I bought the Clarins Santal one (for Dry skin).

I am not a fan of the fragrance. I love Sandalwood incense but this one reminds me of some kind of Indian desert.

It’s a heavier, thicker oil than the Body Shop one. I use it only at night. It definitely takes a while to sink, more than 10 mins, so don’t apply it too close to bedtime otherwise your face will stick to your pillow 🙂

I generally like the feel of oil so it’s obvious both oils feel nourishing, but give them time to sink in.

I traveled to Shanghai recently and the only ‘moisturiser’ I carried was the Clarin’s oil. The Body Shop one can feel a bit dry by itself.

On some days, I put a drop of the Body Shop serum-in-oil with my face makeup so it spreads better.

And what about my lizard skin ? I am not sure whether it was solely the oils. Because at the time of their purchase, Hong Kong was also warming up. So basically no heater. But after 2 weeks that horrible scaly, patchy look has gone. Concealer applied like a dream.

Thank god. I wasn’t enjoying the ‘whatever happened to baby Jane’ look! o-que-terc3a1-acontecido-a-baby-jane-9

Now Hong Kong is heading into a hot, humid hot summer which means its ‘Aircon assault’ time. Aircons too are not good friends with skin.

Well formulated facial oils are definitely worth the purchase and when you find the one that works for you. Use it.