Makeup Apartheid: Hong Kong

Gist of my email to Clinique:

Hong Kong is a world city and needs to accept that people with different skin colours exist in Hong Kong. 

If MAC and Bobbi Brown are able to recognise and respect such skin tones, its a bit surprising that an Estee Lauder company like Clinique still practices such prejudiced values by consistently not stocking colours for people with deeper skin tones. 

Singapore stocks and accepts people of different skin tones why not Hong Kong?
Clinique has consistently failed in this aspect. I have supported Clinique for the past 20 years because of their amazing skincare products and for me the Moisture Surge CC cream is perfect for my skin’s needs.
I am not so bothered that Japanese and Korean companies do not cater to “brown people” but Clinique is a an American company and needs to practice racial harmony like their counterparts in UK and USA
I also read that Cliniqu CC cream moisture surge is the BEST one amongst all CC creams in the market.
I would like to try Light Medium, Medium and Medium deep to know which one suits me and then order if possible.
Atleast keep DARK shades so we can atleast try and then order