Being Frugal;Hit Pan!

I love being frugal. Or at-least the idea of ‘frugal’. I envision a minimalist life with a home that’s free of ‘things’. (Um..  don’t open the fridge please. I succumbed to the demon that COSTCO is and now have food and groceries to last me for a year. Bah!)

Anyway with makeup I am determined to be disciplined. Less wasteful. I absolutely do NOT need 4 red lipsticks, 3 black mascaras and 5 shades of a pink blush. You might, I don’t!

So I decided to hit the Refresh button as I was packing up Hong Kong to move to the US.

I purged a lot of my makeup then but even now I think I have too much. Too much for someone who is too lazy to wear makeup. A moisturised, SPFed face is what’s on when I get out the door. So the makeup just sits and sits, and then gets thrown away because it gets too old. What a waste!imgp3391

ENOUGH! I watched these brilliant ‘Pan the Palette‘ videos on YouTube and decided I am going to do just that. ‘Hit pan’ or finish that makeup before I buy anymore. And more importantly for me, before it goes off.

So I am starting with this.imgp3393-1

1. Bobbi Brown Eye Brightener in Peach. I love it. It brightens beautifully and at a pinch doubles up as an under eye concealer.

2. Z Palette with 3 Benefit blushes and the Hoola Bronzer. I sometimes use the blushes as eye shadow. The Coralista blush looks really nice. Subtle and nice.

3. Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes and Colour Chameleon in Amber Haze. These two are amongst some of my most FAV makeup items. The tragedy is they are both drying out so I might have to chuck them before finishing it.

4.Estee Lauder lipstick palette (the bright pink also doubles up as a cream blush)

5. Ugh I need to use this one because I spent good money on this, but I think it’s rubbish. The Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture balm (read review here).  While it’s really hydrating, in-order to cut out the unnatural crazy golden sheen I use it with….

6. Stila One Step Correct serumI love it by itself but definitely over the Bobbi Brown Illuminating balm.

7. MAC conceal and contour palette in Medium. The concealer is perfect for my NC40 skintone but unfortunately the contour colours are too warm, orangey-red undertones, but I can make it work with Hoola over it.

(5,6 & 7 are only on more special occasions like an evening out or sumtin’.)

Wish me luck !








Stila One Step Correct

Is there a hype on this ? I have been ODing on beauty vlogs and blogs for 3 years now, and haven’t seen anything. Or is this ‘so last year?’ Tell me, enquiring minds want to know.

And then let me tell you some-

2015-06-22 12.04.19

2015-06-22 12.03.29
2015-06-22 15.10.25

I wanted to try this for a bit and then comment. My NC40 skintone has dark circles, not too bad, and around my mouth its darker than the rest of my face, which means a lot of makeup will look ashy around my mouth especially if I wear lipstick. This is my face with the Stila One Step.

Even! The darkness under eyes and around mouth are not noticeable. Worn over moisturiser. Please DO moisturise prior!


This is like a serum but not silicone-y ( silky soft feel that silicone based products have.)

It says brighten as a product function but I dont see a luminosity like my Bobbi Brown Illuminating Balm. But probably the evening out of skintone gives a natural anti-dullness lets say. In the pictures it does look “white” but that I think is my camera. Its definitely not ashy atall.

I also do believe that on lighter skins it might have a more noticeable effect because of the redness that a lot of caucasian skin tones have. I hardly have any redness.

This is a primer but I dont see any blurring of pores etc, just the evening out of skintone. Benefit’s Porefessional is the master of blurring fine lines and pores. Even my Smashbox cant live up to the Porefessional.

Back to Stila One Step- it is a primer and when I tried to dab,sweep, dab, sweep my BB cream over it, it did ball up. So this morning I waited a while.

Rough Time: moisturised face, then moisturised body. Then come back and applied Stila.  Gently rub product in. Then chose clothes, ironed top, wore clothes, did eyes, applied MAC concealer with sponge wedge in dab dab motion (to hide bags) then applied the BB cream over Stila.

Now I always feel a BB cream is harder to apply than a foundation and I always do a dab, dab, press press, light sweep. I dont rub it in.

And this time there was no balling up. So basically wait a while.

Stila has definitely turned me onto the wonder of CC creams and love this evening out. Now the struggle is to whether repurchase Stila One Step or to move up a notch and buy a tinted CC cream.

Decisions, decisions.