Tips & Tricks: Hit Pan quicker in Eyeshadow Palettes

Me: Indian, MAC NC 40-42. Normal skin that is now veering towards dry as the years march on. I do not have sensitive, problematic or acne prone skin.

The answer is already there, just that we (I) choose to ignore it. Use the palettes for eyes, face and hair! Yes I know I said hair. I will explain more below.

NB: facial powders, especially newer formulations have hydrating ingredients in them, from blush to setting powders and eyeshadows are usually dryer formulations. (read my skin type disclaimer above) 

Eyeshadow palettes are like shoes. We collect them in multiples. But for some reason un-used eyeshadow palettes seem to cause me more anxiety than the shoes I don’t wear.

Time to end this passive aggressive, guilt inducing tyranny of these palettes. Let’s put them to work.

Whilst in the UK I used a Wet n Wild Color Icon palette as eyeshadow, setting powder, blush, bronzer and highlight. (Read post here) I love the simplicity of this practice and been continuing on the single palette trick even back home.

It’s a real thrill trying to use one palette and see how far it will go !

Viseart Petit Pro 1 Currently I am trying to hit pan in this and going whole hog.

Eyeshadow Viseart Petit Pro 1


I went to brunch and used this for eyes, contour and highlighter. The  khaki and the reddish brown mixed together make for a nice contour for my face and the white shimmer (below the white) as highlighter.

I used a mix of the gold and bronze shimmer on my eyes. The black as a ‘kohl’ liner. White on the brow bone.

I have also worn the purple shimmer, lightly, as a glowy blush.  Lightly being the operative word here.

In-fact across the board for eyeshadow palettes, use the shades LIGHTLY on the face and build it up. Even “lightly” pigmented shades on the eyes show up pretty bold on the face.

Viseart Paris Nudes I don’t own too many highlighters and definitely none from Mr and Mrs Popular (Jeffree Starr, Anastasia Beverly Hills) and every time I think ‘oh maybe I should get at-least one” I look at my Paris Nudes and think, ‘Nope. This is the best!’  This palette is my favourite ‘highlight and glowy blush’ palette.Eyeshadow Viseart Paris Nudes

Viseart shimmer shades receive a lot of flack for not being ‘shimmery’ enough. The lack of shimmer or glitter specks make for my kind of  perfect ‘glow’. ( read review of the Paris Nudes here)

The other versatile palette is Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam.

Eyeshadow ABH Soft Glam
Top to bottom: Shimmer; Bronze, Sultry, Rose Pink, Glistening and Fairy

For my skintone I have a choice of 3 shades, Sienna, Rustic and Cyprus Umber that add dimension to my face.

Eyeshadow ABH Soft Glam

I layer or mix shades depending on what I am looking for on that day. Contour or bronzer?

On some days Sienna will do as both contour and blush. What I mean by that is it adds an interesting, yet natural colour and shape to my face.

I use a light dusting of Mulberry as a blush. It works for my skintone and more importantly, my undertone. But go LIGHT !!!

Dusty Rose also gives a nice soft flush to my cheeks.

Glistening and Rose Pink are my favourite highlighters from this palette. Glistening giving a ‘smoother’ finish.

Hair  Eyeshadows make for amazing root touch up! Obviously for greys and light hair. Root touch ups in the market make my hair greasy and stiff at the same time. I can feel that ‘waxy’ layer on the strands. Not eyeshadow.20181028_142810-1

Also the shadows don’t ‘run’  or transfer as I thought they would.

I used Dark Umber from Soft Glam to remove the starkness of the grey roots along the sides on my face.  The grey roots around my temples, especially when my hair is pulled back looks like I have bald patches along the sides. But not when I dust eyeshadow over them.

I have used purples and pinks too. Great fun!

The swatches done the back of my hands in this post look pretty scary, but on my face  they translate very well. It just looks like “makeup”.20181020_133239-1

So have fun, use what you have.Mag Pal Naked 3.001 I have even used that awful shade from Naked 3, DUST as a full on glitter highlight. It was a “embrace the glitter” moment I was having…and….I L.I.K.E.D it!

This is the beauty of makeup. It’s art, it’s creating, it’s discovery and it’s FUN.

I never thought I would EVER like glittery highlighter. And the best outcome of all I don’t need to buy blush, contour or highlighter for atleast….a year !


Cruelty Free Beauty: How I Started

I stopped applying makeup on my pets’ faces a while back. They looked like ‘ladies of the night’ frankly.Noor Zeb

Kidding obviously, because I have very high sanitary standards and would not contaminate my makeup with those furry beasts.

I started small. I have now been using body soap cakes for the past 15 years now, 9 out of 10 times apply toners with my palms or spray them on and rare-never use makeup wipes. I generally use rags a lot. (NB: You have to apply Tarte’s Tingling toner with a cotton ball or your fingers will burn off!)

Now for the animals. This is a very recent start for me. I know I had to at some point and that time is NOW.

I had to literally force myself to ‘see’ in my mind’s eye an animal in a testing lab in those cages. ( I still eat meat…so…)

While I am not a fan of how makeup can being returned in the US  ( landfill ) I do love more and more US brands are marching towards the leaping bunny logo.

Check below links. The best thing is we already own and love most of these brands. Yaaay!

The Leaping Bunny Logo is the only internationally recognized symbol guaranteeing consumers that no new animal tests were used in the development of any product displaying it. The Logo can be seen on packaging, advertising, and websites for cosmetics and household products around the world. 

A lot of people are critical when a brand calls itself CF but the parent company is not (Loreal) OR ingredients that were acquired from 3rd party suppliers are not CF (say Unilever’s supply chain). It’s a minefield.

I apply the gym philosophy ‘start by trying to run atleast 2 miles without stopping while keeping the goal 5 miles’. Baby steps. Also I don’t over analyze because that usually stops me from starting a journey.

Example ‘go ALL CF or not atall’. ‘Go CF and vegetarian or not atall.’  I will fail with such hardline boundaries and I don’t want to fail.

I am not going Vegan. As an Indian Hindu woman ‘ghee’ and dairy were drilled into my psyche. More than that I am going to be lusting after oysters and sushi for a long while more and I can not resist a plate of cheese and nuts.

Anyway I am looking at my makeup first. That for me is an easier switch before I look at skincare and toiletries.

Some of my go-to brands are questionable. MAC, Urban Decay, Maybelline and Loreal.

Other than the MAC Fix+ <sob> and OMG the Urban Decay GrindHouse sharpener the others are easily swapped.

Actually I will give up the Fix+, with both hands, before I give that sharpener up. Sorry bunny.

And then there is high end. This where the struggle is real. I really like Shu Uemura, YSL and Dior. YSL fragrance and lips, Dior face and Shu Uemura cleansing oils and their makeup aesthetic. Oh over-priced Shu Uemura cleansing oil, how I love thee.

I will give up this cleansing oil before I give up my Urban Decay sharpener.

Sorry bunny, but not really.

So my CF makeup start is fairly easy.

  1. I don’t have a vast collection so fewer traps.
  2. I don’t have strong brand loyalty with most makeup companies 🙂
  3. Most of the CF brands listed I already own and throughly enjoy.
  4. Questionable products from MAC and Maybelline I am going to use up and not re-purchase.

Oh MAC! I am literally getting teary eyed here. It’s like giving up my makeup security blanket. When all fails MAC is always there for me with their easily identifiable shade range. NC 40 is all I know 😦

My $80 Viseart palette will be with me for a while. I LOVE Viseart, unhappy bunny and all. But when I say I set small goals I mean it.

While I will not repurchase Viseart I will not guilt myself all the time I am going to use the palette I already own. I like their mattes and REALLY love their shimmers. Subtle and muted and age appropriate for me.

My dream of buying the Viseart Dark Mattes has been put to rest because I aint buying it.

What about Pat McGrath* and Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk ? The answer is sadly NO.  I will sneak in a cheeky PmcG swatch in Sephora just so I know I have touched a PM palette and experienced its heavenly wonder.

Update: as per Pat McGrath website:

Are PAT McGRATH LABS products cruelty-free?
A: Pat McGrath Labs does not test our products or ingredients on animals.

What else ? I am trying to rack my brains to see if I have left something out. I know I am going to have to print the CF list out and paste it near my vanity. If not I know I will forget and get blinded by a Nars launch.

And oh, I don’t care how much of an activitist you are I AM going to re-purchase that Urban Decay Grind House sharpener.

Maybe they don’t sell that sharpener in China…













Favourite est-test Eyeshadow Palette: Wet and Wild Color Icon

I now own a small collection of Viseart, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay and Smashbox eyeshadow palettes but before all that, I had bought myself 3 Wet n Wild Color Icon palettes.Anti Haul emily wants.002

Rose in the Air, Not Your Basic Peach and Comfort Zone.(see previous posts 2 of the palettes here and here)

But I never realised how much I loved these palettes till I had acquired the rest of my posse and I still reach for my WnW palettes the most.

I like the size of the palettes, I love their staying power (longer than my ABH Soft Galm) and their blendability. But I still had to switch between the different CI palettes for a look.

So I decided to create my own One-stop-Palette.

I binned the dud shades and then swapped shades around to create palettes that, for me, work as ‘complete’ palettes.WnW New Palettes.001

The Final Annihilation of Rose in the Air.  I killed everyone’s favourite dupe of ABH’s Modern Rennaissance. HAHA.Rose in the AIr

At a pinch the “new” Not Your Basic Peach is a complete day and ‘new” Comfort Zone is evening/night. WnW My Own Pale

Perfect travel palettes ! Size and colour scheme. You don’t need masses of time to think or plan the looks. I can’t be bothered to spend too much time on makeup when traveling. Places to visit, cuisines to eat.

Thanks to these WnW palettes, I am not in the least bit interested in buying those standard issue nude/neutral, warm palettes from Too Faced, Tarte and company.

Also not tempted by palettes that have that one pop of Green or Blue that draws in your eye and then your cash.

‘I have it ….ALL’, she said.

But it is massively sad too. I don’t get to try interesting releases!

Huda’s new Nude palette or Urban Decay’s Born to Run or Makeup Revolution’s Emily Noel Wants palette. WnW Fav POst.001

I kinda go towards them and then look at what I have and think…oh well nevermind.

I don’t feel the need to try other drugstore (or drugstore prices) staples either.  Colourpop, Rimmel, NYX, Flower Beauty, Milani etc etc. I am not researching into ‘drugstore eyeshadows’. I have WnW and it works great.

Once panned I will buy the ones I want to try. Urban Decay Born to Run, Huda Beauty Desert Dusk, Makeup Rev Wants, Juvia’s Place Masquerade and the like.

Mindless consumption aside, the quality of WnW to me fantastic and I have no idea why no one ever talks about them ????

Or have I got phenomenally oily lids and it is WnW’s ‘unique’ formula that works best on my kind of lids ? Whats the scoop ?









Brown Girl Highlight : Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator

First off if you are an Indian skintone like me, MAC NC40-42, then be careful about picking up Gilded Honey. Unless you like a yellowy, champagne gold highlight, swatched it and made a personal decision to pick it up for yourself.

The reason I say this is because an almost knee jerk suggestion made by your friendly Makeup counter assistant is that of Gilded Honey. No doubt it IS the most popular highlight. ‘But for which skintone’ is The Question.

My shade, as was conceded by the lovely Ulta assistant, was the one I chose for myself. BALLERINA ! Rose gold but has more of a golden reflect on the face. My face.

And I prefer this gold to the more yellowy gold reflect of Gilded Honey.

I am very very V.E.R.Y picky about powder/pressed highlighters. I do not want to see even the tiniest speck of shimmer or micro glitter. And I look at my cheeks via a x5 magnifying mirror.

Just for reference I am not impressed with the finish of the pressed Becca Champagne pop highlighter.

Now the ‘sheen’ I want is, usually,  best delivered by liquid luminizers but powders are so much easier and quicker to apply.

Right off the bat I will tell you I like this highlighter over every other highlighter I swatched at Ulta, close second would be the ones in the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess collection.

Colour preference aside lets say the Laura Geller one had the least amount of visible micro glitter.

Caveat: Makeup Revolution highlighters were not available to be swatched and the Dior Backstage face palette is not stocked at Ulta so I can not compare it with those.  Am eyeing the Dior Backstage though….

I have the Hourglass Ambient Light Edit and the Elf Blushed Gems. When I want something with a little more pop than the Hourglass edit the ELF is an option. However I can see micro glitter particles. I OCD over it.

Hourglass and ELF

I have tried to buff it, I have applied it wet, I have buffed over it with a wet brush and even used a damp sponge to ‘dab dab dab’ But I can still see the particles…

With the Laura Geller highlight my cheek bones pop and there is marginal visible particles.

Colour wise my win win choice would be if Ballerina was a more bronzey-rosey tone like that of Blushed Gems but….. it’s only makeup and no one really cares 🙂

In conclusion this is a happy purchase for me.

Now some of you will think “yea so what happened to your No Buy?”

Well I was invited to accompany a 13 y/o and we stood in line waiting for the doors to open for Ulta Beauty’s Kirkland grand opening …ALL… so we could get a ‘free’ gift.

My gift was a $10 off coupon. What did you want me to do ? I am not a Saint!

Project Pan: September Konmari Declutter

I started my project pan March 2018 (post here) and had an update in July (post).

Project Pan is constantly a  ‘teaching moment’. On how I view my makeup, the  impact of impulse purchase and letting go.

This month is about letting go. Letting go through the method of ‘Spark Joy’ (Marie Kondo of KonMari)

Sadly there are a few items from my project pan that I am letting go, into the bin. They are just not sparking joy.  Unfortunately they are too old, or damaged or too manky to be donated.

What I am fully committed to doing is to not REPLACE the product with yet another purchase of the same.  This means is a binned bronzer will not be replaced with another bronzer.BB and MAC.001No Joy: Bobbi Brown Shimmer powder blush ; Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge creme blush:

Both blushes are more than 5 years old.

For years and years I rarely used the shimmer powder blush.  It is just too pigmented, even with a light tap, and I had to spend ages buffing it or wiping it off. Not useful when one is rushing to take the train to work.

Same problem now. Too much trouble to use add to that the fact it’s lost it’s sheen.

As for the creme blush, when I got it as a gift I was ecstatic. I like the formula, I like creme blushes and I like the colour of this creme blush.

So what’s the problem ? At the cost of sounding like a pompous a#se it is literally not sparking any joy!!

While corals and peaches are what I love, in reality they don’t do anything for my face.  It doesn’t ‘wake up’ my face nor does it make it pop ‘youthfully’.

Maybe because I, literally, go red after a spin a class,  shades of dusky red or terracota are most flattering to my natural undertone rather than peach-coral shades.

No Joy: MAC Bronzer

This is around 6 years old. This was my first bronzer/contour. The MAC sales assistant suggested it to me and I bought it.  I can’t tell what it does for me but I know what it doesn’t do for me.

Shortly after that, I bought Benefit’s Hoola and Oh My. I used Hoola all the time. It really gave my face dimension. ‘Mirror I am gawgus….thanks!’

Anyway this MAC bronzer sat on my vanity and guilted me so I decided to attack the bronzer as part of my project pan.

It’s now been 6 months and it  continues to have no effect on me. Yes it deposits colour (same as my skintone) and has micro-glitter….but what of it ???

No shaping, no dimension, no interest. What’s the point ? This bronzer just sucks the joy out of project panning !

No Joy: Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil

Shu Mayb
Ignore the Shu Uemura (HG) calligraphy pen. This is a re-used image from a previous post of mine.

Since July this pencil hasn’t reduced even a wee bit though I HAVE worn this.

Initially the reason for buying this was because I wanted a black eyeliner for my bottom lash line. This liner stays ON but it also smudges, like C.R.A.Z.Y.  This is really scary when I try and wear it out, you know like outside my front door in front of real people with eyes!

Also the black is pitch black which is just too harsh on my bottom lashes ….that pesky age thing I guess !  So sadly…bye bye Maybelline pencil.

Items that are going well with my project pan are; Bobbi Brown Finishing Powder, Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow pencil (wear it on my lower lashline), the 2 Maybelline lippies and the ELF undereye high def setting powder.Untitled.001

I wont be repurchasing any of the above. For the powders I have the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder (mini) and for the lippies and the eyeshadow stick I have other stuff in my stash to pan next.

These products are annoyingly close to the end but being a stay-at-home wife ( temporarily…..praying that changes soon!!!) I don’t have anywhere to go to everyday that requires makeup.

If I had a job like any other normal person these would be long over!

That’s the other thing that makes project pan so hard for me. 😦 There is a limit to being over-made up for the grocery store. Sigh.








Beauty Diet: No Buy July 2018

July 2018 is my first No Buy month. No buy includes Makeup and Skincare. My aim is to go on a 3 month no buy ie July, August and September.

Why? Well I am eyeing a Canon camera. A simple point and shoot with really convenient features. I really liked it and decided to put in a ‘sacrifice’ of sorts, so I could ‘earn’ this camera.

July 2018:. No Buy: <check>

I did have a wobbly moment when the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette (yes that one) went down to $21 dollars, but I recovered soon enough, probably because it was always out of stock haha.

Truth be told I am not worried about makeup, I have enough to go on a 6 month no buy, it’s skincare that is going to pose a real problem.

At an alarming level is my Pixi Glow tonic (glycolic acid). Chemical exfoliation is my thang, especially in summer when I am out in the sun so much. These will last me probably 1 more use.

Then what ? Leathery skin for the next 2 months? In the past this would be the time that I would panic…and…BUY. But not this time. I really want this No Buy to be a success.

OK, so alternatives?  I am looking at an lactic acid alternative which is basically a plain yogurt face mask.

MASK: Plain Yogurt + turmeric. Lemon juice; optional. This wont be as strong as the Glow Tonic so I am assuming I would have to do the mask at-least twice a week.

Another alternative is also a face mask which is my Kate Sommerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. I LOVE this one !!! This is my 4th tube. It has Salicylic acid, Lactic acid and Fruit enzymes. Once a week in the shower. My face is baby soft after this.

At worrying levels are my mini Cerave Hydrating Facial cleanser and my full size Drunk Elephant Vitamin C serum. 

The Drunk Elephant Vitamin C serum is going to be hard. It’s summer and I am outdoors a lot. I really need that vitamin C.

God/cosmos/universal energy give me strength. (breathe…aim…keep Canon steady within the crosshairs )

I have the Derma E vitamin C serum that might carry me through(read post here). However the vitamin C in the Derma C is different to the Drunk Elephant one but the derivative is getting positive reviews so fingers crossed.

The Cerave Hydrating facial cleanser ? I have no alternatives. I use that in the shower, mainly post a workout and that will have to be on ‘pause’.

Skincare divas tell you NOT to wash your face in the shower as water temperature is typically hotter than what is recommended for your face. …Oh but the convenience of the shower…sigh.

My Garnier micellar water is EMPTY, it’s done. The micellar water is my first step in removing my eye makeup before I go in with a my double cleanse. Micellar water is great in correcting/wiping off eye makeup fk ups too.

My Neutrogena Oil-free makeup remover and my (‘magic’) makeup removing micro-fibre washcloths are viable alternatives. However the Neutrogena does give me fuzzy eyes (like an oil remover does). Also it is pretty emollient so I hesitate to correct eye makeup mistakes because I feel it will aid to more smudging or ‘moving” of the makeup.

Ok August…come on in!




Project Pan: Pan Porn

Courtesy to whoever came up with #panporn on Instagram and to all the amazing YouTubers who are blazing tracks with their #projectpan.

So I started my panning journey late March 2018 (read post here)

Products I had chosen, my progress and new products introduced are as follows;

Bobbi Brown sheer finish pressed powder in Warm Natural:  Pleased to inform that the pan has expanded quite a bit. Yaay! I have now started to set my eye primer with it too. It works well.

Lancome Grandiose Smudgeproof mascara (black): This started to smell so I had to throw it away. However I did a swatch test on a tissuse to see how many uses it had left.

Approximately 10 days of wear I think. This is how I used it as it grew drier: 3 strokes for 1 eye , then dip and 3 strokes for the other.

In a previous post I had mentioned why I am not going to re-purchase.I don’t like wet formulas and it smudged on me. I bought it because of YouTube. (grimace)

I have added the L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise waterproof and a mini Benefit Bad Gal Bang. I am enjoying them both but the Benefit Bad Gal is my fav, it’s always been.Mascara

L’oreal Infallible Paints Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Black Party 300: Done! Not gonna re-purchase. (read ‘why not’ here)

While I prefer waterproof formulas I do need to use up my Shu Uemura Calligraphy pen. It is not waterproof but it is old. I have also added the Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel pencil liner.Shu Mayb

The Maybelline one will be a long one because I don’t reach for this often. The black is a rich black gel that sets well but it tends to smudge rather badly on me. (My oily lids are no match for anyone or anything.)

Jordana Easy Liner for Lips in Rose Crush: I am not sure why I bought a lip liner because I just don’t use lip liners. This one will be a LOOOONG haul. There is a lot to go !

I have now decided to apply it all over my lips and let it set and then I apply my project pan item the Maybelline Color Sensational in Untainted Spice (satin) over it. I like how the satin feels more matte when applied over the liner.Mayb Lip Jordana Lip.001

Maybelline 14 hr Super Stay Lipstick in Always Plum (matte):  I LOVE this. The formula and the colour. But my lips tend to be dry and I wear the satin more often than this matte. Not satisfied with struggling to pan 1 matte lippie I decided to add one more.

The MAC Viva Glam Rihanna 2.  I am worried about it. It’s starting to go dry even though it’s newer than the two Maybelline lipsticks. If it goes bad it will be a colossal waste of money because I have hardly used it.

MAC Viva Glam 3 pics.001It is a warm copper mauve with a frosted/metallic finish. It’s unusual but not a  ‘lets do a grocery run’ kind of colour for me. But I need to find a way to make it work as an everyday, day time colour. Perhaps trying to mix it with my other lip products to make it more daytime/wearable? Dunno.

MAC Bronzing Powder: Finally a glimpse of pan ! I never thought this day would arrive. Like I mentioned in a previous post this bronzer does sweet f-all on my skintone. If I had to choose a product in this category I would go for a contour-matte shade. I am just waaaittiing for it to empty and then I will never buy it again.Bronzer BF AF New.001

Anyway empty it I must. So what I do now is it mix it with another project pan product my Bobbi Brown single eyeshadow in Heather (matte) and use it as a subtle contour!

The purple-grey works well with this brown to give me ‘shadows’ and add a dimension to my face which the bronzer alone was not giving.

Bobbi Brown single eyeshadow in Heather (matte):  Speaking of…..look at the dip in the centre! I have been picking this and the bronzer with my Real Techniques contour brush which is a stiff brush. I swirl my bronzer and then give a poke,poke on the Heather. Not too hard…but look at the DIPPPPP!!! yes!!Heather Swatch and Dip NEW

Working with Heather I have a new found respect for Bobbi Brown eyeshadows.

This is an old single but the formula is amazing. It’s firmly packed, barely any (none) kickup, soft to the touch, blends well and builds beautifully. It’s a really fantastic matte!

I have now started to use it to deepen my outer corner. Example if I use ABH’s DUSTY ROSE in my crease, this Heather is a nice outer corner shade to deepen the look. It is not as dramatic as a grey or dark brown or a black and perfect for work/daytime.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer: My favourite contour shadeI had already hit pan a while back. But this is a sad story. I decided to re-organise it from one magnetic palette to another (why???) and I dropped it.

Beware! When a powder product that has hit pan, like this one, breaks, it crumbles. Mine crumbled into powder..all over my carpet. 😦

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Calypso Coral &  Shimmer Blush in Pink Sugar: BB Cream Blush and Powder NEW.001I like cream blushes in summer or for long wear however other than the dip getting deeper I am not sure this is going anywhere soon. This is pigmented and you need a tiny bit. This is an old one. I honestly think this will go bad (start to smell, or dry up) before I can pan/empty it.

The shimmer blush is heavily pigmented, needs a light hand, hence hard to pan. The all over shimmer finish that is not my favourite at this stage in my life.

A.N.Y.W.A.Y. I was again trying to re-organise the magnetic palettes and the blush cracked while I was trying to do it. I repressed it with some alcohol, but the top layer of one side fell off and it got hard pan where I used the alcohol to press it back.

No biggie can still use it. I wont be re-purchasing this or any other shimmer blush like this. I like my blushes matte.

Elf High Definition Under Eye setting powder: This seems to be going pretty well. It’s hard to see through pictures but the level is reducing. It’s nice but i don’t like the micro glitter bits it has.ELF Under EYE PDR.001

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon cream eyeshadow in Dark Pearl & Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in Espresso : I love both of these products. I have measured the pencils as they stand now. We will see how they go. The Jordana pencil I bought around Feb this year so it will be with me for a while 🙂 I prefer this to the Maybelline pencil.CharTill Jordana

MAC Prep and Prime Lip Primer :Done and not re-purchasing. (read why here.) This was the easiest because it was already nearly over. Foolishly I did not keep the empty tube so I could photograph it here.

It was the first product I emptied from my project pan and in my excitement could not wait to get rid of it in the recycle bin.

A victory ‘basket’ of sorts!

NYX HD Eyeshadow base : I like the NYX primer but I gave it to my sister.

I basically sent my sister a small goody bag of makeup to lift her spirits. She is entering the workforce after 10 years of being a mum and needs a boost of confidence. I bought her some makeup and decided to send her this barely used primer so she can start to play with eyeshadows.

The last time she played with eye makeup the concept of primer was alien and there were no YouTube vloggers to help us! I wanted her to playing with something I had ‘used’ and could ‘vouch’ for.

For my own pan, I swapped this item with a mini Urban Decay Anti Aging primer .

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop (Powder & Liquid): The powder I sent to my sister. Highlighter is a COMPLETELY new concept for her so it will be fun to see what she thinks.

So now I am left the liquid highlighter.

I really dislike it and not sure how I will pan/empty this ! I mean l like subtle but not invisible. For me this is another of those overrated ‘YouTube made me buy it’ products.

I honestly prefer Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl way more than this.

Anyone who lives in Seattle and doesn’t care about germs 🙂 came and take it from me. It’s a mini so don’t get too excited.

So that’s it.

Wish me luck !