Kate Sommerville (or ‘Yes Hirons you were Right!’)


I am a Kate Sommerville convert. Or rather lets say I am at the point where I will cry if they stop selling it it Hong Kong AND am willing to spend on Kate’s range and to use them for atleast 2 rounds of empties and see if they make a difference in my never ending quest for Anti Aging.

Look Clarins is also a SHINING star but the alcohol and fragrance in their ingredients is what sways me to Kate. Also Kate’s packaging is pump based. Nothing is a open gaping hole. EVEN her Jars- yes ! Thanks to Paula Begoun, we know sealed skincare contributes towards a more effective skincare.

But then I cant cut/scoop every bit of product out. Will have husband device a cutting device so I cant get every last bit of this very expensive product out. Anyway I digress!

My impressions.

1.Best exfoliator is the exfoliKate, that’s it. This is the only ‘grainy bits’ exfoliator I will invest it.

I am NOT a big grainy bits person as I dont believe in scratching my skin. I prefer chemical exfoliation that are in the form of toners or a hot wash-cloth especially as my skin ages.

2. The Dermal Quench got the nod from a few beauty editors, so have invested in a full size (after trying a sample before). I use it before serum, or rather as a serum.This will need extended use to prove the anti-wrinkle it purports to be.  But I will only follow this up with a Kate face product.

3. The Goat Milk is greasy and I didn’t like how it felt, so use it only at night. But it’s the lactic acid in it that keeps me excited to keep using it. Will I re-purchase this one? probably not.

4. The Line Release eye cream I will continue to invest in till I cant get my hands on Zelens.

Its a light cream. I dab what’s remaining between my eyebrows and around my lips. It has silicones so you get that ‘soft/spongy/smooth’ feeling.

I can see creasing and lines, and while I know 50% of that is me NOT drinking enough water, I also know at my age a good eye cream, is a MUST. No faffing around here.

I received a whole lot of samples (a very RARE sample landslide in HK. I think ONLY because Kate is still trying to establish her range here)


a. I was impressed with the IllumiKate CC cream. Its shade 3, looks light, but settles to look just…. amazing  on my NC40 skintone ! I like the luminosity. I don’t like the MAC cc cream, and the Clinique left me meh. I will DEFINITELY cry of they stop selling in HK. A definite ‘what would you like for Christmas darling’ from my husband.

b. The Deep Tissue Repair moisturiser is a Caroline Hirons favourite. The sample feels lovely on the skin, absorbs quickly and is very easily the day cream.(wear your SPF separately please)

Is it really deep tissue repair ? I doubt it. So while it feels lovely I am sure any light day cream is fine.

c. I am yet to try the Kate Sommerville Daily Deflector SPF sachets. I am sure I will love it but to invest in this I will need more research. European or American is the first place to start.

Australian I believe is the best, however we don’t get them in Hong Kong.

Will look into Caroline Hirons and Lisa Eldridge’s blogs/vlogs to make the right choice

Currently I am using the Dr. Jart Brightening and Anti Aging SPF , but I cant see UVB listed so am a bit disappointed.  I can’t believe I missed checking that when I was in Sasa.

So while I have some bits covered with Kate, its a good, effective moisturiser that I am looking for. A proper Anti Aging moisturiser.

So I guess that would between Estee Lauder and Kate Sommerville after my extended research and reviews.


Till then, Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting will suffice. It feels beautiful.