Kate Sommerville (or ‘Yes Hirons you were Right!’)


I am a Kate Sommerville convert. Or rather lets say I am at the point where I will cry if they stop selling it it Hong Kong AND am willing to spend on Kate’s range and to use them for atleast 2 rounds of empties and see if they make a difference in my never ending quest for Anti Aging.

Look Clarins is also a SHINING star but the alcohol and fragrance in their ingredients is what sways me to Kate. Also Kate’s packaging is pump based. Nothing is a open gaping hole. EVEN her Jars- yes ! Thanks to Paula Begoun, we know sealed skincare contributes towards a more effective skincare.

But then I cant cut/scoop every bit of product out. Will have husband device a cutting device so I cant get every last bit of this very expensive product out. Anyway I digress!

My impressions.

1.Best exfoliator is the exfoliKate, that’s it. This is the only ‘grainy bits’ exfoliator I will invest it.

I am NOT a big grainy bits person as I dont believe in scratching my skin. I prefer chemical exfoliation that are in the form of toners or a hot wash-cloth especially as my skin ages.

2. The Dermal Quench got the nod from a few beauty editors, so have invested in a full size (after trying a sample before). I use it before serum, or rather as a serum.This will need extended use to prove the anti-wrinkle it purports to be.  But I will only follow this up with a Kate face product.

3. The Goat Milk is greasy and I didn’t like how it felt, so use it only at night. But it’s the lactic acid in it that keeps me excited to keep using it. Will I re-purchase this one? probably not.

4. The Line Release eye cream I will continue to invest in till I cant get my hands on Zelens.

Its a light cream. I dab what’s remaining between my eyebrows and around my lips. It has silicones so you get that ‘soft/spongy/smooth’ feeling.

I can see creasing and lines, and while I know 50% of that is me NOT drinking enough water, I also know at my age a good eye cream, is a MUST. No faffing around here.

I received a whole lot of samples (a very RARE sample landslide in HK. I think ONLY because Kate is still trying to establish her range here)


a. I was impressed with the IllumiKate CC cream. Its shade 3, looks light, but settles to look just…. amazing  on my NC40 skintone ! I like the luminosity. I don’t like the MAC cc cream, and the Clinique left me meh. I will DEFINITELY cry of they stop selling in HK. A definite ‘what would you like for Christmas darling’ from my husband.

b. The Deep Tissue Repair moisturiser is a Caroline Hirons favourite. The sample feels lovely on the skin, absorbs quickly and is very easily the day cream.(wear your SPF separately please)

Is it really deep tissue repair ? I doubt it. So while it feels lovely I am sure any light day cream is fine.

c. I am yet to try the Kate Sommerville Daily Deflector SPF sachets. I am sure I will love it but to invest in this I will need more research. European or American is the first place to start.

Australian I believe is the best, however we don’t get them in Hong Kong.

Will look into Caroline Hirons and Lisa Eldridge’s blogs/vlogs to make the right choice

Currently I am using the Dr. Jart Brightening and Anti Aging SPF , but I cant see UVB listed so am a bit disappointed.  I can’t believe I missed checking that when I was in Sasa.

So while I have some bits covered with Kate, its a good, effective moisturiser that I am looking for. A proper Anti Aging moisturiser.

So I guess that would between Estee Lauder and Kate Sommerville after my extended research and reviews.


Till then, Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting will suffice. It feels beautiful.




Kate Sommerville Skincare

25th March and I am a year older. And what better way to celebrate that advancing age than a free trial offer of Kate Sommerville products from Lane Crawford (HKG). Caroline Hirons swears by Kate, so win-win. IMG_0295 The Goat Milk moisturiser was the only thing I bought, but at 50% off. This is the HOLY GRAIL for a lot of women out there, but I am meh! It’s too greasy for me and a wee bit grainy. The Lactic Acid moisturiser feels exactly how my face used to feel when my mom used to apply a thin layer of fresh milk cream on my face when I was a kid.

Difficult to describe. Try it in your kitchen one day and let me know. I prefer my Bobbi Brown Extra Repair.

The packaging ROCKS though ! Its a Jar yes, but its sealed and only dispenses as you press down on the seal. Paula Begoun should be pleased. ALL JAR packaging should be like this from now on.

2015-06-15 07.16.41 (1)

My favourite Kate Sommerville is ExfoliKate.  I love it ! Instant clearing up. Especially for skin that looks rough and bumpy. Ugh I hate that. This works so well. A definite re-purchase !

20150615_071218 (1)

Green-roughish texture. Smells herbal. I dont use it on my cheeks as its a bit too rough for me, but I use it on my nose, forehead and chin. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS- 30 secs rub, 1-2 mins leave on

I am not sure about this one, the Dermal Quench Liquid Lift.

2015-05-24 11.57.40

 People swear by this one too. The Oxygen pumped into your face and it works against wrinkles and lines. But then I also understand something like this needs regular use. 

I am noticing fine lines around my lips/mouth so I am thinking of buying the full size and using it regularly to see what happens.

2015-05-24 11.56.15

It dispenses a foam that you massage in. Avoid Eyes and Mouth it says.  I was irresponsible and sprayed it near my lid and it burned. No visible reaction but it did burn!

My verdict on Kate is I need to use her products more regularly to have a clearer and a more educated opinion.  Her Line Release under eye cream is also the other thing I want to try out. 



Line Release under eye cream

Dermal Quench Liquid Lift.

As soon as my myriad skincare hits Empty.