Project Pan Eyeshadow Palettes: Tip of the Month.

Eyeshadow Brands Mentioned: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Colorpop Cosmetics, Urban Decay Naked, Viseart, Pat McGrath Mothership, Smashbox Covershot, Covergirl Cosmetics.

Let’s be real, I will never ‘use up’ a palette enough to justify me buying Yet.Another.Eyeshadow.Palette. YAEP.. nope!

So many brands, so many palettes and just one pair of eyes. Damn! So project panning continues to be important.

This month’s tip is to pick a favourite shade or shades from a palette and to only use those from that particular palette.

This strategy has helped me immensely!!!  Palettes are less overwhelming because I know exactly what I am going to use and what to expect. And because I am fickle I have multiple palettes in rotation, but I can still be focussed.

These are my picks;

Colorpop Disney Designer Collection: The ONLY reason to buy this palette was because of Disney Princesses. I didn’t even grow up with Disney however I love dolls, so…

I don’t like the shimmer formula in this palette so I am not going to pick ’em.

Eyeshadow ColorPop Disney Princess Collection

I am going to concentrate on the bottom row and the shades I picked are Enchanted Rose, Poison Apple, Magic Carpet and Beast.ColorPop 4 shades

Enchanted Rose outer half, Poison Apple inner half, Magic Carpet (aubergine) to deepen outer v and light dusting of Beast (dark brown) along crease.

I wanted to used all 4 shades for ‘swatch’ purposes. While the camera didn’t pick the colours well, I was pleased to see that the shades do show up independently on my lids.

ABH Jackie Aina Eyeshadow Palette: I just got this one a few months back so no major hurry to pan, but having a plan is always good.

I love this thing. No struggle to pack on or for colours to show up. First dip and it’s there! ABHxJAckieAina

To keep me focussed on my plan I have picked the last quad because it houses my most fav shades in this palette. Credit, Lituation, Sponsored and Ginger.

JA shades look.001
Ginger crease, Credit outer V. Sponsored is the shade with the Green shift

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam: While I love the ‘soft glam’ aesthetic of this palette, I struggle with the shades to show up the way I want them to. It’s not the pigmentation but rather the colour against my brown eyelids.


For example Orange Soda is invisible on my lids and I could have done with just Sienna and lost the Burnt Orange completely. Mulberry is disappointing because on my lids it leans more brown instead of that yummy red-brown and Sultry is another that disapppears on my lids. 

Cyprus Umber a shade of brown I love is however it is the worst dark brown I have encountered. Patchy AF.

Anyway enough griping, this is my strategy with this palette. I chose the shades that work best for me which are Rose Pink and Dusty Rose. And maybe Glistening , if and when I feel like a gold.Soft Glam 3

Pet Peeve: hate the name ‘Dusty rose’. The word is DUSKY. Implication being the tricks light plays at dusk on colours.  Dusty are just grey-black-brown dirt particles.  Thank god for Pat McGrath naming her shade Dusky… bringing it back from this ‘dusty’ nonsense.

Urban Decay Naked 3: A pretty, work appropriate, daytime palette but I didn’t need so many similar shades in one palette. But that’s a ‘UD Naked’ problem. And that shade DUST. Perfectly named. It’s rubbish and as useful as ‘dust’ is in my house.

Naked3 final

However I really love the cool colour scheme and considering I am not going to declutter it, I might as well pick my favs and make an attempt to atleast pan those.

So here they are Buzz, Trick, Nooner, and Liar. While Liar and Buzz look distinctly different in the pan, on my lids they are pretty similar.Naked 3 Liar Buzz.001

Trick is a lovely rose-gold but has fall-out so best to have scotch-tape handy.

I like the depth that Nooner adds to my NC40 lids. Though not as deep as Dusty Pink from the ABH Soft Glam palette.

Smashbox Covershot Smoky Eyepalette: It seems it’s unfashionable to talk about Smashbox eyeshadow palettes but I really like the one I have. Colour scheme apart I love the longevity, colour-payoff and the smooth non-glittery shimmers.

Anyway apart from the cool brown, the shade I always gravitate towards is Rock Me. It’s a flattering warm silver. I love it and will focus on hitting pan in it.

smashbox smoky (1)
Smashbox Smoky Palette
ViseSmash Swatch
Rock Me from SmashBox. Bronze shimmer from Viseart Petit Pro 1

Viseart Petite Pro 1:  Seriously how hard is it to pan this teeny-tiny palette ??

Viseart Petit Pro 1
Thats a US penny

Hard when you are me and are infinitely fickle. Anyway time to buckle down and get to work. I love the bronze-copper shimmer. That’s it.  One shade.

Frankly it’s a mystery to me why I don’t play with the Eggplant-Plummy shimmer more. Next project I guess.

Pat McGrath Mothership Subversive:  This palette is a hard one because I like all the shades in this one. It’s not often I look at a palette and have a hard time picking my fav shades.erws4ma4qvuwo0grbdyawq_thumb_11e2

But focus is KEY …so focus. Skinshow Fever (soft gold), Night Creature (purple), Lazarus (brown-bronze), Black Metal, Blitz Amethyst( Blue-Purple)and VR Pink.PatMc.001NB: When you pick 6 giant pans, you might have already lost the panning game! just sayin’. . And Oh did I tell you I did NOT pick the only 2 mattes in this palette. Because who cares about mattes, I live dangerously!

9 pan Viseart Dark Mattes & Viseart Paris Nudes: Viserat swatch Pan.002The Dark Mattes palette intimidates me because the colours are so dark and deep. And it’s out of fear that I found myself not using it atall.  But this ‘pick a shade and stick with it’makes it easier. I have to admit because of the depth of the colours nearly ALL give a ‘smokey’ eye look.

The Paris Nudes is an all shimmer palette. BeauTube is not hot on this formula because they lack the shine and razz-matazz that one has come to expect from shimmers.

I would call these satins with micro glitter. The reason I appreciate them is because they don’t emphasise the texture on my eyelids and all these shimmers are perfectly acceptable even in the daytime!

Warning: Viseart mattes swatch T.E.R.R.I.B.L.Y but apply amazingly on the eyes. These are some of the best mattes in the market.

So what did I pick ? The shades don’t have names so you will have to guess.  I chose the Olive Green, the Navy Blue and the Purple in the mattes. These are to pair with 4 shimmers I chose from the Paris Nudes.Viserat swatch Pan.001


Covergirl Jewels Palette: This palette proves I have a declutter problem.

CG jewels
M=matte, S=satin, G= glitter

I trash/donate/recycle things very easily, no problem. I rarely stock up on things and never have ‘back ups’ or ‘collect’ anything.

But makeup ? No. It takes me long, years even, before I can ‘declutter’.

This damned palette needs to be decluttered but I can’t let go.

  • I got this in Walgreens for $6.
  • Shades 3 and 6 turned out to be duds.
  • Shade 1 is a white shimmer with a pink shift but on my skintone looks milky and can exaggerate texture.
  • And the longevity of these shades is not great.

Top it all there is only one shade I am interested in. It is shade 4, Purple, but even then I reach for it, like, never.

covergirl eyes.001
Purple buffed out with the Pink Matte. White Pinkish Shimmer on the inner half.

I swear if I haven’t reached for that damned purple in 3 months I am gonna declutter it. I have to, this sentiment is stupid!

Last thought:Wonder how long before I succumb to buying my first Natasha Denona palette.