Eyeshadow Palette: Chanel Les 4 Ombres Tisse Cambon (228)


This particular quad is part of Chanel’s Multi Effect squad. The difference between this and Chanel’s non multi-effect quad seems to be the fact that it contains one more finish which is iridescent , along with the usual matte, satin and metallic finish.

I can’t give a more personal account wrt the differences as is my first, and only, Chanel eyeshadow.

Out of all the Chanel quads the pink/mauve colour stories appealed to me most, and out of the lot it was Tisse Cambon 228 that came home with me.

So first off the pans are tiny compared to how much they cost but I wanted to ‘own’ an iconic Chanel eyeshadow quad so here I am.Chanel size

This is a baked gelee formula and R.E.A.L.L.Y frustrating to apply with my synthetic Real Techniques and Morphe brushes. Zero pickup.

But then again I am not surprised as baked gelee and natural hair brushes are best friends.  

I didn’t have my natural brushes on hand so I used the sponges it comes with and these much maligned sponges did a really good job!

chanel swatches
Shade 4, 3, 2 and 1 (bottom right)

Shade #1 is a soft creamy iridescent mauve. I can definitely see a sparkle when I swatch it, however on the lids it’s more of a metallic finish with fine glitter.

It’s has great colour payoff on my NC40 eyelids.

Shade #2 ummm….looks like a white satin-matte on my skintone. When I peer really close into a mirror I can see a slight pinkish-golden sheen but honestly it’s not something that works on me.shade 1 shade 2

It’s a lovely shade and I do appreciate it but the contrast of the white pigment against my skin overrides everything else.

Shade #3 is a bubblegum pink with subtle golden shimmer. It’s this golden reflect that make’s it very wearable.Shade 3

Shade #4 is a dark eggplant that is a matte finish. It is hardest formula of the lot and swatches horribly. This shade, pigmentation wise, is possibly the weakest and needs a little more work to look well blended.

It does build up to give my eyelid a nice dimension but it is not a super dark ‘smokey’ shade. And this works always for me because I am less scared to work with it and makes for an easy everyday/daily look.shade 124

All in all these shades work really well, are smooth with zero fallout and have good staying power on my lids.

I am very happy with this purchase but unlike the Tom Ford I am not about to run out to buy more.

Not because of quality but more because I am not that confident about Chanel’s pigmentation being truly brown girl friendly.

Update: This particular quad doesn’t work well with my natural hair brushes either. Not sure what the deal is. However it works well with the sponges provided!