Eye Brushes: Wayne Goss and Chikuhodo

Me: Hooded eyes with a lot of movable skin. Plus limited real estate between lash line and brow bone! The eye brushes I use have to be small whether to lay colour or to blend.

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Makeup or Art supplies, the Japanese make the best brushes! 

There is no greater truth. 

I used to love my Real Techniques, ELF and few no-name brushes from Sasa ( Hong Kong’s Sephora) and Walgreens (the Walgreens one is really good !!! read post here

Cheap but Soft! 2 Sasa brushes and the double ended Walgreens brush.

I was playing around with green shadows last night and I used a the Morphe 514 eye blending brush to it blow out and after a few hours I could feel a sting along the crease. In-fact my lid felt tender even the next morning. ‘scratchy tender’.

BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil. Smashbox Smokey Green on my lips. Kiss Natural falsies

NB: It was really soft till I washed* it. (*how I wash my brushes; end of post.)

Infact more and more a lot of affordable brushes either feel stiff or a bit scratchy. And because of that I feel like I get a lot of micro-abrasions as I blend, blend, blend. Face or eyes.

Enough is enough! What I needed most were good quality eye brushes. So I jumped onto Beautylish.com and ordered 2 more Wayne Goss eyebrushes and my first Chikuhodo. o+xumfb%qugedp94bqdwhq_thumb_11ef

These natural hair brushes are great with powder eyeshadows as they pick up product beautifully, and blending with these super soft brushes is just so much fun.

Chikuhodo GSN 09 GSN-9 is gray squirrel. The smaller size makes it perfect for more precise eyeshadow application. The ultra soft bristles make it gentle for more mature skin. Sweep brush over eye shadow powder and gently apply on eye lid starting from inner corner. ($25+tax) – edit from Beautylish.com

These brushes are soft as bunnies! I use the GSN 09 to lay colour in the outer 3rd of my eye. Then also use it sideways to blend out edges. 

gsn comparision.001

The GSN 09 replaces my scratchy ELF eyeshadow brush and my Real Techniques shader brush. Now the size of the ELF is really good for my eyes and I thought the GSN 09 would be big for that outer 3rd, but no. It’s all good!

The RT shader brush is definitely fluffier and while it’s not an exact dupe, the Chikuhodo does the job of laying colour and blending it out.

This might be my first Chikuhodo brush but it definitely wont be my last, I think I am in love!

WAYNE GOSS 19. Eye Shadow Precision Blending Brush.  After the Morphe 514 turned scratchy after a wash, I am now afraid the same will happen with the M506 brushes. The Wayne Goss 19 seemed to be a good replacement for the M506. 

wg morphe nosThe WG 19 is a small pointy brush that fits perfectly into the crease but I use it to lay dark colours in the outer V and lightly blend it out.

Goat Hair, cruelty free. Designed for small and hooded eyes the slim shape reaches deep into the crease while the ultra-soft hairs pick up and lay down the perfect amount of pigment. Each brush is carefully handmade in Kumano, Japan by more than 20 artisans using traditional brush making techniques.($23 +tax). Edit from Beautylish.com

I haven’t found a replacement for the Morphe M514. The shape is great. It’s fluffy, not too big and has a nice point. Perfect to blend out the crease colour for my eye type. 

WAYNE GOSS 16. Large Eye Shadow Crease Brush Goat Hair, cruelty free.Tailor-made for blending eye shadow, with the softest undyed natural hair for diffusing color all over the eye without any patchiness or muddiness. Just one swipe—pop it into the corner of the eye and pull shadow out—extends pigment all the way across the eyelid.

Blend powder, cream, and liquid shadow to a seamless finish, thanks to the dome-shaped head that nestles into the curves of the eye socket.($30+tax). Edit from Beautylish.com

all wgI use this to apply base shadow/setting powder all over my lids and also to soften the edges as part of the final step.

I prefer tapered brushes versus all over flat shadow brushes. The tapered ends gives me better mobility and blend. 

I am thrilled with my purchase. Basically I have replaced all my eye brushes with natural hair WG, Chikuhodo and Shu Uemura. 

The affordable brushes are now my travel brushes. That way I don’t worry about brushes fraying etc.

Right now I am waiting for the SoniaG pro brushes to come back because I need a SoniaG fix! I have my eyes on her Crease Pro.

What about the Blender Pro and the Builder One you say?

Oh I don’t know. Depends on how rich I feel 🙂

How I clean my brushes:

  • After every use I wipe off with a microfibre cloth and/or a Vera Mona Colour Switch.
  • Sometimes I spritz the Elf daily brush cleaner and wipe dry with a rag.
  • I deep clean with the Beauty Blender solid brush cleaner. Wipe dry. Apply a thin coat of pure Aloe Vera gel around the bristles and lay them down, at an angle, ferrule facing down. (Gel tip by Stephanie Nicole and Tarababyz)