Anti-Haul: Emily Noel Wants Palette

The Makeup Revolution x Emily Edit The Wants eyeshadow palette is a snapshot of Emily’s life. It’s a storybook where each shade tells a tale.

Usually I don’t bother with shade names because, umm, I can ‘see’ the shades cant I ? But it is the authenticity that makes me love these names. 20180916_155302

However this palette is a Anti Haul for me.  Calm down, it’s only temporary.

Currently I am on a No Buy and also on a Project Pan (zzzz). All I want to do right now is to pare down my makeup collection. A small manageable collection that doesn’t cause me anxiety every time I see it sitting on my vanity.

I love Emily Noel and she is the only, O.N.L.Y. Beau-tuber I have ever wanted to support with my money.  Ok maybe Makeup Struggles too 🙂 because she is a hoot and her palette designs are simply, genius!

I have never tried Makeup Revolution products and have watched good and bad-ish reviews but I don’t care. I want to support Emily.

But I am not buying it. The biggest reason for my Anti Haul is simply because at this point in time I have most of the shades or shades similar to it in my teeny tiny eyeshadow collectionAnti Haul emily wants.002

ABH Soft Glam, Smashbox Smoky, Naked 3, Viseart Petit Pro 1, Viseart Paris Nudes and BH Cosmetics Take me Back to Brazil.

Now I could ignore what is in my stash and just support Emily but my anxiety of clutter and waste would get the better of me.

I would happily swap 4 of my palettes for this one ! The Naked 3, the Viseart Petit Pro 1, the Smashbox AND the Soft Glam for this Wants palette. But it is what it is and pan I must hit.

Hit Pan Must I

I am hoping that in 6 months or honestly, in 12 months, when some of these start to hit pan The Wants palette is still available !!

If not, I will be very sad.

It will be the one that got away 😦