Eyeshadow Palette: BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil

This palette reminds me of a flamboyant bouquet of Bird of Paradise blooms. It is inspiring and I love it!

They are made in the PRC, leaping bunny certified with a shelf life of 12 months, which I will obviously ignore.

They appear to me to be alternating rows of mattes with satins and/or soft shimmers. They feel beautiful to the touch; soft and smooth.

All the shades are listed as pigments and as with most pigment palettes sold in the United States this packaging also states Not intended for use around immediate eye area.  Haha very funny FDA !

This is a FDA thing. The same eyeshadow palette can be sold in the EU or Australia without a disclaimer or ‘warning’. And Lord knows the EU and Australia have the mossst stringent laws on safety and chemicals.

Anyway back to this post.

So in the past few years of experimenting with eyeshadows and primers I have come to realise a few things.

  1. I am not a subtle eyeshadow wearer. I love colour.
  2. Shimmers and jewel tones stand out on my lids, however in the case of  Jewel tones, those available in palettes are usually dark colours. Great for my outer-v but make my eyes look even smaller when laid all over the lid.
  3. Shimmers on the other hand make my hooded eyes pop but have tragically short life spans on my oily lids.
  4. Mattes are great and last the longest, however most matte shades in palettes (browns, taupes, peaches and oranges ) don’t create enough of a contrast on my NC40-42 eyelids.

So in conclusion it is bright/rainbow mattes that stand out best on my lids, make my eyes look brighter and last the longest on my lids.

It seemed like as soon as I came to that conclusion, the universe aligned itself and Ulta announced their 20% off.

The brightest, most neon palette that called to me is the BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil palette.  And I am not one to stand up against the universe!

I use my Kat Von D White Out Lock it Concealer as a primer on my lids. This is a white concealer so helps the colours pop against my skin tone.

The palette does not contain the traditional transition or crease shades because frankly it is un-necessary. I live on the edge and use brights as my transitions! eye swatches.001eye swatch 2.001

I do not set the concealer and ‘press’ the shades directly on.

I watched a video of Angelica Nyquist’s where she explains pigments and the trouble you can run into when trying to blend them.

And the same will happen here. That is the nature of the beast I think.

I have had great results laying the colour by using a flat eyeshadow brush ( ELF and Wayne Goss) or my fingers.

The colours build on themselves well and then I use a brush a diffuse the edges either along the crease or between the shades.


20180904_180155The 2 mustard-y yellows are pretty similar on the eyelids and the lemon-yellow (top row) needs a little bit of building up, best done with a finger.

The indigo blue (bottom row) swatches awfully but on my eyes I just use my fingers to pack it on and it works great.

The 2 whites are shimmers with a pink and a green shift respectively. The green shift is the better one.

The black in the centre is a not-so-opaque matte black which I personally prefer.

I have used the colours with a wet brush as a liner and they work beautifully. Infact I have not had hard pan though I have used a few mattes with a wet brush to lay them on my lids.

In terms of longevity they were no more or less than my other matte shadows, but the 2 greens that I used today with a wet brush as my liner, did retain their intensity for about 4 hours, even after a face plant nap! (don’t worry I placed a towel on my pillow )

Now do they stain ? I think they might on lighter skin tones, I couldn’t tell on me.

In terms of taking these off I use either an oil or my heavy duty Ponds cream cleaner and they do need extra gentle massaging to get them off.

I am having fun with this palette and it’s been a while since a palette has inspired me.

PIGMENTS ‘NOT EYE SAFE’: Gist of it is US FDA might not have tested that particular palette (it’s a lengthy and expensive process) or some ingredients in the pigments are yet to be tested by the FDA in-order put a ‘safe for eyes’ approval.

However sensitivity IS a personal issue and must be checked by an individual case by case, item  by item.