UK Trip: Minimal Makeup Bag

My general makeup aesthetic: MAC NC 40-42 depending on season. Foundation, take it or leave it. Concealer is my thang. Have oily eyes so liquid eyeliners are the safest bet for me. I am into subtle highlighting because I am not 20 anymore. Those pores are a-growing bigger everyday that I look into my x5 magnification mirror yo.

We are leaving for the UK for about a week -10 days. Usually when we are there we do plenty of walks, lunches at gastro pubs, a nice night out and coffee dates. So basically events that do call for nice shoes and makeup. And for all of that I am taking one eyeshadow palette!

It is my Wet n Wild Colour Icon palette.


Which one is this you ask ? Weaall it’s a palette I made myself as an everyday, quick palette.

It’s mostly Not Your Basic Peach with shades swapped in and out from Comfort Zone and 2 shades from Rose in the Air ( the ABH Tempera and Buon Fresco dupes I think).

(NB: I did not like Rose in the Air. Read rant here)

I love the Wet n Wild formula, honestly. I find it has a longer staying power on my oily lids (with primer) than my Urban Decay or my Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes. Maybe because they are drier they work well with my body chemistry.

This DIY palette is a super star!


All over face and under eye Powder: The light transition shade (not swatched here)

Blush: The light peach, swatched on my pinky .

Contour: When I say contour I mean a slight shaping of the face not a full on chiseled look. The Buon Fresco dupe on my pointer coupled with the darker transition shade, on my ring finger will work as a contour. Note to self: the dark transition shade does translate terracota on the face so careful with that!

Highlight: The pink soft shimmer will serve as a subtle highlight.

Eyeshadow: But ofcourse this DIY palette is a fantastic everyday palette too!

What else is my makeup bag ?IMG_3347

Project pan:

  1. Benefit mini Bad Girl Bang mascara,
  2. my Shu Uemura calligraphy eyeliner pen,
  3. the Maybelline matte lipstick in Always Plum,
  4. Jordana Espresso longwear eye pencil
  5. and my Charlotte Tilbury colour chameleon eyeshadow pencil.


  1. Maybelline Instant Age rewind in Golden,
  2. my ‘can not leave home without it’ Tweezerman metal eyelash comb,
  3. the NYX glitter glue* as my eyeshadow primer
  4. Giorgio Armani sheer plum lippie. Mainly to wear along with the matte when my lips start to feel dry.
  5. and the ELF eyebrow brush

*YouTuber Georgie Harris mentioned that she uses a glitter glue for her eyeshadows and it helps prevent transfer for her hooded eyes. Good tip so I am trying that.

So that’s that for makeup.

Now skincare and cleansers, that’s a whole different thing. I wish I could pack that kitchen sink over in the corner!