Urban Decay Naked 3 and my Indian skintone

Damn you Urban Decay Naked 3,  I only ever wanted you to love me!

I came late into the eyeshadow game and by the time I got confident enough to play, Viseart had already hit the market and I went directly to Viseart. (never disappointed with those babies)

But I was curious about brands that seemed to be staples in everyone’s collection and I wanted to be just like everyone else 🙂

So I bought myself an Urban Decay, an Anastasia Beverly Hills and a Smashbox palette(Tarte and Too Faced looked just too meh with most of the palettes having too many dull brown and neutral shades.)

With UD, I had to get atleast one of the iconic NAKEDs.  Naked Smokey was what I wanted but it’s discontinued (why???) so Naked 3 was the next most interesting to me.

Pink is my favourite colour ( and my sister’s most hated colour; fun fact). My first ever eyeshadow was a Shu Uemura baby pink matte single.

Also I love mauve and cool pink undertones so Naked 3 it was.

Naked3 final

DAMNIT! Why didn’t anyone tell me all/most of the shimmers in the palette look the same on the lids ?? They had swatched beautifully, and distinctly, on my arm…?

Or is the palette just not meant for my NC40 Indian skintone eyelids ? Just not enough contrast between the shades and my eyelid ?

My eyelids are not overly pigmented nor do I have dark circles on my eyelids.  When using the palette I often use a concealer as primer or Kat Von D’s whiteout concealer to kind of ‘wipe’ out any colour.

I don’t have a shiny oily face. It’s Dust thats flown all over my face.

I don’t mind that the matte shade Limit does not show up on my lids because Nooner works great against my skintone. That is perfectly fine because a palette should have the ability to cater to a wider range of skintones. The white matte Strange is great for under the brow bone.

What about the shimmers, the main reason I bought this palette ?


3rd shade Burnout and #5 Buzz look similar on my lids, even though one is satin and the other is a shimmer.

Same with #5 Buzz and #6 Trick. Yes one is more pink and the other more rose gold but on the lid  they don’t look that different.  Infact I went to lunch with one on each lid. I have Nooner in the crease and Strange to set my concealer (primer).Buzz Trick clean

Same with #8 Liar and #10 Mugshot. I could have one on each lid and you couldn’t tell the difference.

I had also thought Naked 3 could take me from ‘work’ to ‘wine’ especially with Mugshot. No I cant.  Wet or Dry they just don’t stand out for a night time glam look on my lids.UB deeper combo.001

I appreciate that the dark shades Factory, Darkside and Darkheart are not full on dark and deep because I find that kind of intensity difficult to work with. Personally I am able to deepen the outer v with these shades without panic. I do like that!Fac DkSide Dk Heart

I don’t need to mention DUST do I ? It’s an abomination and is  universally disappointing whether brown girl, white girl and all shades in between. 😛

The palette that gets rave reviews on YouTube Tartlette in Bloom with a similar colour story but now I am not confident. What if this does not show on me either ? What if cool mauve/pink palettes are just not for me.