Makeup Releases Summer 2018: Love or Not?


Finally….Summer 2018 has managed to peak my interest in makeup again compared to the snooze fest previous releases have been so far. (Maybe not Jeffree Star’s releases but I don’t support Jeffree Star.)

For the longest time the only makeup items in my loves list were the Viseart Dark Mattes and the Viseart Editorial Brights.

And then Sleeping Makeup Beauty woke up from her long sleep…..

Love: Finally a palette, well a magnetic palette, comes along and it’s got me hooked. The Colored Raine Vivid Pigments and Shadows. This gives me the same vibes as mix of the Viseart Dark Mattes and their Editorial Brights.

2018 Yes or No Colored raine.001
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I would have liked an Olive green shade but it is still topping my LOVE list.

I am really hoping this is NOT limited edition and I can still buy it after my 3 month ‘No Buy’. I want all 16 shades and the magnetic palette.

Love: Those who have been reading my blog know I am a lazy makeup user/wearer. With lip products I am lazy to re-apply, hence I have no interest in lip glosses. I struggle to finish what I currently own and thus, rarely interested in buying more.

Bullet lip balms are the only things I ‘re-apply’ because…you know…who likes dry lips.

But look at these !!!  Bite Beauty French Press Lip Glosses.

bite french press

I wont lie, I am taken in with the branding. It’s coffee and I love a DIRTY CHAI (mix of tea and coffee). I believe they smell like coffee too. Heaven.

Sadly these are ‘limited edition’ as of now so not sure if they will still be selling these at the end of my No Buy.

But if these are still hanging around, Ima buy meself a Dirty Chai.

Love Not: I am going to say it outright. I am not interested in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette.  Between my Naked 3 and my ABH Soft Glam palette I am pretty much covered with most of the looks this palette will give me. 2018 Yes or No ABH ABH.001

But what about the purple and plum shimmers, you ask. Through trial and error I have realised that on my small hooded eyes dark shimmers  make my eyes look smaller.

Now mattes of the same shade are a different story. They give the outer V an interesting depth and I love that! But this palette is a pass.

Love Not: I must say I have not been interested in the Fenty Beauty range at-all. Maybe because I feel the whole aesthetic is more appealing to a younger demographic rather than my matured lady taste :).

But I was VERY excited for the Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice palette. I was so sure it would be really innovative. And then I saw it. Seen a balloon deflate ? That was me.

2018 Yes or No Fenty .002

So uninspiring. Also it gives me ABH Soft Glam vibes with a few cool tones. I can honestly tell you most beauty enthusiasts would already have these shades in their collection.

Even me, with my 2 and a half palettes, already have most these shades, or close to these shades, in my collection.

I look at my Smashbox Smoky palette and my Wet n Wild Color Icon palettes and think ‘nah! hard pass’.

2018 Yes or No Fenty .001
I created my own WnW Color Icon palettes hence they might look confusing 🙂

Love: Urban Decay Born to Run. ‘Urban Decay it’s been a while…… but thanks for this!’

2018 Yes or No Urban Decay .001

To me this is a very comprehensive palette. Definitely a day-to-night, travel palette.

I am mostly attracted to the second half of the palette but disappointed with the reviews that said the purple shade GUILT TRIP is not very pigmented, or rather needs building up. That’s the shade that most interests me.

I will probably buy it but not till I hit pan/empty some of the palettes I own, most specifically my SmashBox Smoky palette and the ABH Soft Glam.

Fingers crossed this palette is here to stay.

Love: This one is a tie between 3.  L’Oreal Brow Stylist Boost & Set Brow Mascara, Benefit Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel and Milk Makeup Kush Clear Brow Gel.2018 Yes No Brow.001

Milk Makeup Kush Clear Brow Gel has CBD oil. CBD oil is supposed to condition brows (and lashes) and I fell for the marketing. The only reason I want this 😛

With brow gels that contain colour I like the spoolie to be thin because my brows are naturally thin. The Milk spoolie, from images, does not look thin enough hence the Benefit and the L’Oreal ones.

The Benefit Gimme Brow is an old favourite and I am glad they brought it back. However I am not overtly brand loyal with my brow gels so the L’Oreal Brow Stylist Boost & Set Brow Mascara is definitely a contender.

After my No Buy I will most definitely buy the clear Milk brow gel before getting any of the ones with a tint.

Love: Again a tie only because of the claims. Maybelline Lash Boosting SerumMilk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara mini

One says ” lash boosting” and the other has CBD oil. I want boosted well conditioned lashes, wouldn’t you ? 🙂

And mini. Yep. Because I have decided that with makeup products, where possible, I will go for minis. Why ? Because ‘Project pan is a Pain’.

Love:  I love Dior products. I have always been happy with whatever I have bought from them in the past. The Dior BackStage collection interests me. Because the Dior aesthetic is usually subtle & muted looks the eyeshadow palette is a pass but I am interested in the Dior Backstage Glow Face palette.Dior Face

Frankly I am afraid to try most highlighters featured by YouTubers because the whole ‘seen from space’ is not appealing to me. Moreover even a hint of micro glitter annoys me.

But having experienced Dior’s powder formulas I know that they are very finely milled so am hoping this face palette is same. And this makes me assume that they would translate to a more ‘lit from within’, sheen like finish on the skin.

So that’s it for this season, the stuff that I love and would like to buy.

On a separate note enjoy summer guys….stay hydrated, cool and don’t forget your SPF.

Never forget your SPF.