Living in America: Sunny Seattle

I had two sets of guests visiting from Hong Kong over the 1st week in April this year.

Guests who came with a few pre-conceived notions.  Notions where you inevitably put ‘Seattle, rain and Twilight ‘ all in the same sentence. (thankfully they were unaware of Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgway)

The last two weeks in March we had the most glorious weather, sunny and warm. celeryI was thrilled. ‘Oh yeah ! we (Seattle) will show you. You weather prejudiced people’

My first set of guests arrived 31st March. They left 6th April. The reception that Seattle gave them could only be described as…….COLD. It was actually a scene out of Twilight.Snoquo.001

I thought ‘you know what ? It’s fine. Spring is hit and miss’.  I had warned my guests and they took it in their stride.

However what really got my goat, and hence this post, is just when the Uber arrived to take them to the airport, out comes the sun blazing away merrily like it hadn’t let me down over for the past week.

Shortly after my first set of guests were well and truly on their way home, we went to catch up with our second set of friends over brunch.

It was so cold, we could barely say goodbye properly. No last minute chit-chat outside the cafe. We shivered, stomped our feet, hugged each other quickly and escaped into the warmth of our respective cars . No post-brunch walk around the neighbourhood as planned.

The next day they left for the airport….and……..guess what ? Yeah….sunny, warm, 17C/61F.

See the Needle ? That’s how it was when our friends were in town. Now ? Well what do you think ? Check those turtles out.Untitled.001

I am not complaining about the vagaries of the weather in spring. What I am complaining about is WHEN when the sun decided to come out.

Enroute to SeaTac International Airport…enroute to Hong Kong !

Seriously what is the point in impressing me, Sun ? I needed you to be there when my guests were here. To come out and STAY out, so I could show them the breathtaking beauty of Washington State. the mountains and the Eastside.

The only time they got to see Mt. Ranier was from the plane on their way back home!Rainier plane (1)

Oh well, rain, mist and we still enjoyed ourselves; Stuffed our faces with fresh oysters, gawked at the beauty of University of Washington, marveled the Snoquolmie Falls,  gazed in wonder at the Amazon Spheres, had a ball at Pike Place market, and most all was awestruck at the numerous cherry blossoms in full bloom.cherry blossom (1)

When you are from Asia whenever you think Cherry Blossoms, you think Japan !

Seattle ? Would have never crossed our minds.









  1. Haha… When Twilight was at its height of popularity, Forks was a vacation destination. Meyers had Googled the wettest, grayest town for her vampires to dwell– Forks. She imagined the rest of it. 🙂 You hit the spots that we always share with guests. We forget how beautiful our area is until we experience it through someone else’s eyes. If you ever have friends who are Twin Peaks fans, the show was filmed at Snoqualmie falls, Salish Lodge, and in North Bend. You can even get “cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee” at Twede’s Cafe, the same cafe from the show.

    • Omg that’s exactly what we did when Scot took me to the falls when we visited in 2016! Gobbled the ‘cherry pie and damned fine cup of cofee’. My friends did watch Twin Peaks so we didn’t do the whole experience :). LOL@Forks. seriously!

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