ELF Baked Highlighter: Blush Gems

Me: NC 40 Indian skin-tone. Normal skin. My skin is now veering towards dry because of that wonderful thing called age.

I like ELF cosmetics as a company and always up for supporting them. At their price point I can afford to experiment with their products to see if they work or not. Some hits some misses.

Anyway I saw the Blush Gems Baked Highlighter at Target and bought it.  Yes you guessed it right! The very same highlighter that everyone loves to hate !

So why am I writing about this one when Tati #glamlifeguru and co have already raved about how great ELF’s newer highlighters are?  Well that is because I have something nice to say and I want Blush Gems to get some internet-beauty-love.

I have been playing with this for over a month now and I feel that Blush Gems behaves like an affordable dupe for the iconic Hourglass Ambient lighting powders.

Placebo effect or not, I think these Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders do impart a creamy, blurring effect on my skin. When I dust DIM Light on my cheek bones it brings that area forward, ‘highlights’ it. When I dust the Blush Gems on my cheek bones it gives me the very same effect ! A subtle bringing  of the area ‘forward’.

There is a sheen but it’s subtle.

At my age I am not into highlighters you can see from space nor into highlighters that emphasise my facial texture or pores. So I like these powders that have an ‘age appropriate’ effect on me.

But bear in mind some housekeeping notes for the Blush Gems.

Take the top layer off: I took a rough-ish tissue and rubbed the top layer off. I did not use anything stronger. On Makeup alley people have said eyebrow spoolies etc etc. Nope just a rough textured tissue was good.

Use a stiffer brush: I always use my Real techniques contour brush for this. Or even those cheap(not soft or fluffy) blush brushes you get with palettes.Blush Gems (1)

Usage: Where I need a single tap of the Hourglass ambient lighting powder I had to use 2-3 good swipes with the ELF to get the same effect. I also buff the powder well onto my skin.

Skintone:  On my NC40 Indian skintone there is a subtle colour payoff.

If you are woman of colour I think  the colour payoff from the Apricot Glow or the Pink Diamonds might be stronger. A nice flush to the cheeks.

Blush gems doesn’t give me a flush just enhances it. A brown-gold sheen with a hint of pink, as opposed to yellow-gold.

What I mean by ‘yellow-gold’ is what Becca’s Champagne pop  gives off on my skin. Blush gems is not yellow.

For a $4 highlighter it is oddly without chunky glitter and suitable for work and/or in  the day while running errands.

NB1: I have not tried the Essence Pure Nude highlighter. This is the one EmilyNoel83 really likes but I am not sure if it will show up on my skintone or not. The way the description reads on Makeup Alley the effect seems similar to the ELF Blush Gems.

NB2: I dont really like the Becca Champagne Pop highlighter. It’s too ‘look I am wearing a highlighter’ for me. After I am done with my mini I will not re-purchase it.





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