Walgreens: Rimmel Eye Pencils 2

I bought 2 Rimmel eye pencils from Walgreens  and had promised to update after additional testing.

In terms of lasting a workout or a yoga class the Exaggerate lasts longer because it is a dryer formula. In general it lasts longer, but I dont like it.imgp3483

The Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl is a nicer softer formula. The pencil is not self sharpening but does so easily. But also because it’s soft it gets blunt quickly.

I like the glittery grey-black liner. Adds a nice touch. You will have a tiny bit of glitter migration, but not terribly so.

It stays well but will smudge, maybe because I have notoriously oily lids.

With an eye primer but without anything creamy like an under-eye concealer the smudging is not so pronounced.exaggerate

However below pic is with the under-eye concealer.  I did not set the under-eye concealer with powder. The smudging was messier and I didn’t like it. exaggerate-conc

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof. I didn’t like this one. Obviously the dry formula makes it long lasting and less smudgy ( new word 🙂 )

But it skips, it’s patchy and bunches your lashes together. imgp3497In-fact I have owned 2 Rimmel Exaggerate pencils previously and they too did that gooping thing.

Its a twist up pencil but not self sharpening so you wont get a sharp point but its workable.

The smudger at the end is useless, a synthetic brush is better.  The line does not want to smudge without removing the pigment! Also work fast if you want to attempt some degree of a smudge, one eye at a time!

If you are not watching your pennies there are other drugstore options (Loreal) which are better, but since I bought them I going to use them ….up.