WARNING: Post contains crepey eye lids and unfilled eye brows. Proceed at your own peril since you can never un-see these things! 

This post follows from a previous post where I wrote about how I am being frugal and now shop mainly at a drugstore rather than Sephora.  (read previous post here)

I have oily lids and all eye pencils stray on me. So I avoid pencils opting for liquid liners instead, but alas sometimes one just needs an eye pencil!

They are quick, you can hide the crooked lines with some nifty smudging and great for the lower lash line.

Also we now live in the world of kickass smudge-proof eye pencils from Urban Decay and Marc Jacobs so the ‘superior eye pencil’ technology must have trickled down to the drugstore level.

So off I went to my Walgreens to try some eye pencils.

Here I got even more frugal. I passed on the $8-$10 L’oreal Infallible and Maybelline pencils and spied the $4 something dollars Rimmel ones instead. And everyone raves about Rimmel right ? So it’s all good.

I bought two pencils. I bought a Prune/Plum Rimmel Exaggerate and a sparkly Black Scandaleyes kohl pencil. Both claim to be waterproof. imgp3483imgp3487

The Scandaleyes pencil is nice and soft and I love the sparkles. There is a bit of fall out. The packaging however is….well.  I had stored the pencil upside down and when I picked it up the entire gel liner thing had slid out of the pencil. I gently tapped it back in.

Also I am not sure how well it will sharpen. You can see the tip is already flattened..

The purple Rimmel Exaggerate feels a bit dry and  applies patchy. I am not sure if this is a formula thing or a colour thing. Purple is a hard colour!

The pencil is a plastic twist up and not self sharpening and again, the tip is already flat!

The pencil comes with a smudger which I used. Work quickly though as it dries quickly. I do one eye at a time. Same applies if you are trying to re-apply over your patchy bits. Once it dries it will start to crumble as you try and re-apply.

So anyway the test!

I have oily  hooded eyes so I get upper lid transfer AND racoon eyes under. A double whammy. And I need to find that pencil that doesn’t do either!

I wanted to give these pencils the best chance ever.

I allowed my eye cream and moisturiser to really get absorbed before I started.

I wore an old ELF eye primer I had kicking around, set it with the Bobbi Brown finishing powder and then applied the pencils.imgp3482imgp3497imgp3501

I do not have foundation (who haz time fer dat) or any under eye concealer. Under eye concealer, well  that my friend, leads to a whole new level of under-eye smudging.

That’s a battle no eye pencil has won as yet…or will it ?

Anyway it’s been around 4 hours now, so far so good. A slight darkening under eye but I can live with it, even IRL. I reapplied the black on the lower lashline and it applied smooth with no crumbles nothing. So me concludes tis good for touch ups.

I didn’t touch the purple. I am not wowed by the formula anyway.

Also I had worn the purple Exaggerate last night without a primer, on dry lids. And inspite of that I had transfer !! But today I can’t see a transfer with the primer.

After 6 hours: Purple was still good, no transfer to the crease however the black had smudged for both eyes. So carry makeup wipes for a quick fix.img_2913

Also my Bioderma Sensibio water wasn’t able to remove the black properly. Guess we need an oil.

I will do two more tests and report in another post

  1. wear at the gym or at a particularly sweaty yoga practice
  2. wear with under eye concealer.

Later gators