Sunscreen: My SPF Is Driving Me Crazy

My AM skincare has a few steps (toner, essence, serum, eye serum, eye cream, moisturiser) and often I forget a step in the routine. No biggie.

However throw sunscreen in the mix and I start to panic. I don’t believe the SPF in makeup to be as effective and prefer my sunscreen to be separate to my moisturiser, so that adds one more step. Again no big deal.

What gets me with sunscreen are the rules.

Everywhere you turn someone is harping on about facial sunscreen. Especially amongst the beauty community because wrinkles and anti-ageing is our number one (first world) problem. And for that you follow the RULES.

SPF:The Rules of Engagement

1. the right order – I belong to the after moisturiser sunscreen camp. And in an ideal world I would be able to wait a good 10-15 mins before the SPF goes on.

2.the right amount1/4th tsp for just face. Do you KNOW how much that is ??? I need to apply 3 layers of ‘apply-wait-absorb’ to finish the 1/4tsp. It’s a LOT.

3. the right time to wait after application- 30 mins before you step outside. Beautypedia scared the sh*t out me saying that sun damage starts to happen in the first 1 min in the sun. FIRST 1 MIN. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

and the nearly impossible to follow

4. the re-application – don’t even get me started, especially if I am wearing makeup. All that glow of the blush and carefully placed contour and highlight, gone, as soon as you apply the sunscreen (usually in powder form when over makeup)

Seriously Sun-Damage you are a kill joy.

I often do not have 30 mins to hang around before stepping out and nearly always don’t bother (forget) with the re-application. What’s the point ?

No point. This then leads me down the depressing path of ignoring the world around me to solely focus on the sun turning my face into crocodile skin.

More often than not this stress is not even worth it because  I am more indoors than out. Maybe a total of 30-40 mins in the sun.

But to get those mins right I have to go through the rules. Remember sun damage starts in the 1st min of unprotected skin Bah!

And have I told you all this malarky of waiting around for the ‘sunscreen to absorb’,  I end up running late, which means NO time to put on makeup ?

Makeup. Time that I actually enjoy applying, layering & blending.

I really cant be bothered.  Just dress like a Ninja and be done with.