Sasa Hong Kong: Sasatinnie Brushes

Disclaimer: I use the word ‘soft’ here a lot. And it’s true. But please don’t compare it to the ‘I-set-the-standard-on-what-SOFT-is’ Wayne Goss brushes (and a price tag to match !)

Living in Hong Kong we don’t have access to mid-priced makeup brushes that are good quality. It’s all high end department store brands MAC, Bobbi Brown etc.

So I have been on a quest to buy and test out all manner of brushes on display at Bonjour, Sasa & Colormix.

After enough encounters with scratchy hard brushes (husband uses them to clean his key board and music instruments now) I must say I have been happy with some of my Sasatinnie Brushes from Sasa. Below are my favs!


Nice flat brush. Large enough to cover lid to brow bone in two swipes. Perfect for base shadow. It’s not fluffy enough for blending but still good enough to even out what you have placed.


The angled crease brush is great for my small eyes. I have spent enough time blending edges with the pointy end and it’s as soft as ever. However what I didn’t quite get was how/when to use the flat kabuki-like top. Anyhoo the edges are great for both crease and outer V.

20161013_112216Another soft, fluffy brush. The edge is great to place contour, flat side great for bronzer and blush. It’s probably not as great at blending as the Real Techniques Blush Brush but good enough! It’s not as gigantic as the RT blush brush either and I find myself reaching for this more than my RT.

POWDERThis powder brush is a travel size and pretty fluffy for all over powder, even under my eyes.  Soft enough for under my eyes? That’s saying a lot for a cheapie. And it hasn’t frayed in-spite of my rough handling of this poor brush. (I want to buy the mini Bobbi Brown face/powder brush so hoping my rough handling will ruin it and justify a purchase. But no it’s not quitting on me :))

FOUNDI am not a foundation brush person, rather more of a Beauty Blender or fingers kind of person. So I have not used this brush for foundation rather I (mis)use it to put on all manner of face packs. I treat it so callously. Hot water, cold water, harsh detergents, Dettol soap, basically whatever is at hand. But it doesn’t shed or fray.

In summary these cheap brushes they do a good job.  Good on you Sasa!

Cautionary Note: Please be sure to check ‘made in’. I think these brushes are made in Europe. After my horrible experience with the Sasatinnie eyeliner pencilquality control of the brand doesn’t seem to be Sasa’s forte and who knows the next lot of brushes you buy just might be rough scratchy brushes made in God knows where.