Exfoliation & The Environment

As we age, exfoliation is a must.

I like to nag my friends to wear SPF and exfoliate. Forcibly if need be (I think secretly) because NO ONE wants to look like a leather handbag…or Keith Richards

So we must, we must, we must…….or our faces will go bust.

My personal weapon of choice are chemical exfoliants (AHA and BHA). These acids are far more efficient in eating away dead skin and clearing out pores than scrubbing it off topically with a facial scrub.

I am not a fan of physical exfoliation at-all. These scrubs typically come with itty bitty grit in them.  And these, be it natural walnut kernels, quartz or plastic beads, are too abrasive for my facial skin, especially as all my efforts are geared towards anti-ageing skin care.

PLASTIC: I do not want micro scratches (abrasions) on my face, and anyone on the wrong side of 30 also needs to be mindful of that. Add to that the fact that store bought scrubs come with plastic micro beads which is harming our marine life.


(*Plastic Microbeads in Cosmetics: This product contains polyethylene beads, which is an ingredient that has come under controversy in the recent past. In December of 2013, research published in the peer-reviewed journal, Marine Pollution Bulletin demonstrated that although polyethylene beads are non-toxic to humans, they are not filtered during sewage treatment and are accumulating in waterways. This means the beads have the potential to negatively affect marine wildlife who mistakenly consume them (Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2013).)

So please stop. Just…. stop.

Now if you are all ’50 Shades of Grey’ and like it rough, and a warm face cloth is not doing it for you then go for facial scrubs with Jojoba beads. It’s environmentally friendly AND the uniform edge of the beads is less likely to jab your skin compared to the uneven edges of natural grit, stone or walnut kernels.

But remember true exfoliation will only come with AHA and BHA, facial scrubs is just S&M. Well thats MY opinion.

LANDFILL: The type of AHA & BHA exfoliation I currently use brings me to my own environmentally unfriendly dilemma. Disposing those cotton pads after the toner, or those (uhmayzing) disposable exfoliating toner pads.IMGP2646FAB

But exfoliate I must. So what’s a gal to do ?

WIN WIN 1: There is hope ! Everyone, who is anyone who knows anything about makeup and skincare, (haha) knows that Paula’s Choice.

PC has some of the most effective skincare around. And what is really attracting me to Paula’s Choice is their AHA and BHA toners. They have LEAVE ON ones. Which means NO cotton pads no landfill and the perfect % for the right exfoliation.

WIN WIN 2: But till I get my hands on PC I guess a face mask of Turmeric, Honey and Yogurt should do the trick. It gives you Chemical and Physical. The lactic acid of the yogurt and as you wipe-wash it off (after 20 mins) you feel the graininess of the turmeric powder which gives you the satisfaction of the “rough” scrub.

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