Coconut Flour Muffins

NB: All measures are American. I baked in a Whirlpool Microwave Convection oven20160705_171907

Don’t be scared by how they look. Out of all the Coconut flour bakes I have made these turned out the best.20160705_174306

While I don’t take credit for the recipe, it’s a Pintrest thing, the reason I decided to post about these muffins is because the recipe definitely needs some adjustment.20160705_173719

The recipe calls for 3 eggs, but I found that makes it a bit too eggy so the next time I am planning to use 2 eggs + 1 egg substitue (baking soda+vinegar or applesauce)

It asks for 1/4 spoon of salt but that made it too salty so next time a pinch. No measuring spoon, just a pinch and be done with it.

In-spite of the muffins turning out pretty yum they were a bit soggy. Now coconut flour is like a sponge and gobbles up liquid, so the recipe asks you to add water in order to maintain a batter consistency.

While this is an important step you will have to be the best judge of that given your current kitchen/baking conditions.

I use Bob’s RedMill Coconut flour.

I had freshly washed blue berries (that were still wet) and then I mashed them roughly so they got even more wet with the water and juice.

And though I used only 2 tablespoons of water, given the above blue berry situation 1 tablespoon will suffice in the future. The batter should not too wet.

As for the sugar and butter, as with ALL baking, I either leave sugar out completely or cut both sugar and butter by half.

And while the recipe didn’t ask for it I sprinkled semi-dark chocolate chips once the muffin batter was in the pan. Those gave it the additional butter and sugar hence above mentioned sugar-butter step can definitely be reduced.

Am excited to try part 2 as soon as I am done consuming current batch.

Husband who appreciates all my culinary attempts has run away from them, crying.  He wants good old self raising white flour. So these muffins- ALL MINE!