Boots Mini Brush Set: Angled Brush

Are you like me ? Forever on a mission to find the perfect eye brush – for small hooded, crepey eye-lids like mine ? (not creepy, oh you bad person you!)

Well the  Angled Brush  from the Boots Mini Brush Set wins it for me

Why ? Its skinny and stiff and nestles nicely between my lashes and the eye-lid. It’s the skinniest of all the liner brushes I have. And to mis-quote Ms Kate Moss “nothing (not:tastes) is as good as skinny”brush smackdown

I use it to line (or push-line) my liquid liners and powder eye-shadow in my top lash-line.angledbrush

The other brushes in this set are a miss for me.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 11.25.48 AM

The Powder/Face brush is stiff and hard and I gave that to hubby to clean his laptop key-board 🙂

Alas the size was perfect !!  In HK it’s difficult to find travel minis and the only one I see around is the Bobbi Brown travel brush set. However the BB face brush is HUGE. But this Boots one was perfect. For my face, for blush and even under my eyes.

I can’t work with eye shadow sponges, even in desperate times so that’s a miss .

I think the Concealer brush is terrible, but then again I don’t use a concealer brush, ever. I use fingers or a beauty sponge so I can’t really do a fair review.

However what I do use it for is to apply liquid liner on my bottom lash line.


NB: Liquid Liner on the lower lids is too harsh and pencil or powder is the way to go. However I have super oily lids and my pencils and powder runs down my face. And for that the Concealer brush serves to give a thick-ish smudged line on the lower lash line.



The Lip brush is also stiff and a bit too small for my lips, so I use it for clean ups.


This is not a brush set to end all brush sets and I wouldn’t recommend it. However I am happy I bought it because of this little angled gem!