Aubergine Potato

This post is for my sister. It is not a recipe rather some pics with a few words thrown in.

She will know what I mean. Sis has 2 kids and likes to get food related inspiration from me, as me from her.

So Ru here goes;

I was walking past a vendor selling long slim aubergines and a whole bunch of really long (longer than a runner bean!) green chillies. I think it might have been from her farm in the New Territories.


When I see chillies I salivate, so I had to buy them. I did and bought the aubergines too.

These chillies lack heat, at-least for those  who are used to eating Indian, Sichuan or  Thai food.

I chopped both and then like Ma ( rather most Bengalis) I marinated them in salt and turmeric for around 10 mins before cooking.


I also cubed a potato and marinated it with salt and turmeric.

I then added some water and zapped it in the microwave to soften it (microwave no!!. Oh well I am not that paranoid with the microwave and sometimes it’s just bloody quicker)

I didn’t get to post any pictures of the potato because they didn’t come out- the light was all wrong. 😦


To temper I decided to use a mix of Fenugreek (methi) & Mustrad (rai )seeds


Then added the aubergine-chilli combo20160528_125536

Cooked on low till the aubergine looked like this.IMGP2805

At this stage I added the potatoes that were nice and soft.

Cooked on low for another 10 mins- just enough for the flavours of the auberine and potato to mesh together.IMGP2811


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  1. Nice. Love it. Can’t reply on post though. Will try on my computer.

    By the way we missed you last Sunday. I hope raved about how good the day was so you’ll come next time 😊😘

    Thanks Angie Sent from my iPhone


    1. thanks hon. Junks…are like prison cells 😦 I was jealous of the sun and imagining the water, but then felt relieved I wasn’t claustrophobic LOL

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