Beauty and the Environment

Toners with cotton balls, makeup wipes, tissues to wipe brushes & cotton buds to adjust makeup boo-boos. An everyday, no twice a day event, for makeup/skincare junkies. And I don’t have to tell you what that translates to in terms of landfills.

I am proud to say that for most of my life none of the above have been a part of my life. However they are now creeping in, especially cotton pads with toners. It makes me cringe every time a used cotton ball falls into the dustbin!

While I use washcloths to wipe brushes & cloth makeup remover wipes I have found that I can reuse nail polish remover sponges. No cotton balls soaked acetone destined to become bin-fill!

You will need 🙂

Used Instant nail polish remover



Remove sponge, wash with baby shampoo.IMGP2689

Re-use this sponge over and over again to remove nail polish. All you need to do is wash with diluted baby shampoo after each use.


This sponge removes nail polish like a DREAM because it is designed to hold acetone and remove polish ! Its baby soft and smooth and removes better than cotton pads/balls.



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