Japanese SPF: Shisedo Wet Force

Sun and Aging, go hand in hand. They skip across our skin causing sun spots and wrinkles in their wake. BFFs, these two!

I have been slapdash about SPF until very recently. Call me naive but I didn’t know Indian-tanned skin needed SPF . (Yeah I know) I wasn’t bothered about the ‘tanning’,  not realising that tanning is the first step in aging. Duh oh!

However before we get carried away with wearing SPF all the time, indoors and at night 🙂 lets take a moment to recognise that we need some amount of sun DAILY. Before noon is the best. (Un-necessary Fun Fact: as a baby, my nanny (bai) would set me in the early morning sun to catch a few precious rays of Vit D; after an oil massage. Baby Basting.)

Anyway Google is your best friend to get a good understanding of Sunscreens, SPF and the ‘what-nots’.  I personally like Dr. Oz  & this article on Ingredients of Wellness .

On the Dos & Dont’s of SPF the gals that rock my world are, ofcourse the great Ms Caroline Hirons (my skincare crush)  Lisa Eldridge’s Sunscreen video (mainly French sunscreens) and Gothamista’s Summer Skincare faves (Asian Sunscreens).

It’s summer in HK which means hiking-walking- running-outside-time. But it also means I need a bullet proof sunscreen.

And (the angels start to play their harps right about now) the only one that meets that criteria is this hero product.


Shiseido Wet Force. ( Contains Alcohol, Silicone and Talc)  This has a 4 star rating on Beautypedia!  Even if it didn’t I would still use it.


The water resistant technology is mind blowing.



It has a light, runny consistency and disappears to a non-white cast, matte finish.

I kept touching my face after I applied this. I have NEVER worn a sunscreen that didn’t feel heavy or greasy.

I have normal, blemish free skin and the HK summer is hooomid(!) so this is matte finish on my skin didn’t feel tight either.

I went for a hike and when I started to sweat it was a ‘non-oily-greasy’ kind of sweating. Hard to describe, but anyone who has worn moisturiser outdoors in a hot humid climate will hopefully get what I mean. Rivers of sweat running down one’s face ?

My face didn’t do that. Basically you sweat, but because of the technology you are not sweating your ‘face off’.

It’s not cheap. For 50ml its HKD 378.  I bought this at Sogo Department store Shiseido counter. You get a small travel size (sample) for free. The sample is great to carry around incase of touch-ups.

For that price, I ONLY use this for the face.

I use the normal run of the mill SPF for my arms (and legs, if I can be bothered atall)