Holy Grail Hair Brush

Don’t we all love the Goody Hot Round Brush ? But for me there is something better, MUCH better. The Lee Stafford Round Brush.


Now I have wavy hair and I have LOTS of it. At the same time hair shaft in itself is fine.

So put these 3 factors together and what do you get ? The perfect combination for fluffy, poufy hair ! Mrs. Ronald McDonald, ugh.

So I chemically straighten my hair.The old relaxing technology never worked on my hair. However once the Japanese got into the game we were in business.

I  used to ION straighten. (That 6 hour treatment, remember ?)

Then came the Keratin straightening, loved it (never did the Brazilian blowout) and now I do the Goldweil Kerasilk straightening. My fav technology so far.

With my hair you cant just straighten and call it a day.  And after a swim, shampoo or the gym a good blow dry is a must. With a good hairbrush.

I loved the Goody till Sam from Pixiwoo talked about the Mark Hill round brush. I was intrigued. In my recent visit to the UK I did not find the Mark Hill but found the Lee Stafford round brush at Boots.

2016-03-25 15.26.36

Hello! this is the BEST brush ever. EVERR.

It took me 1 try to understand how to best handle this. And now I am in smooth, straight hair heaven.



I struggle with a round brush because I need 3 arms.

One to hold the hair dryer and the other two arms to section and feed the hair sections around the brush.

Not with this one. The shape of the brush helps you twirl the hair and hold it taut while you run the dryer over it.

I just haphazardly feed the hair onto the brush with one arm while blow drying with the other.

And its quick. ( I dry my hair at 85% dry)

Now I don’t know WHO came up with this brush first but whoever did deserves a shout-out.

In HK the hair accessory shops sell the Japanese make of these brushes. They are the same colour too. Pink and Black.

I didn’t buy them, though cheaper than the Lee Stafford one, because I wasn’t sure of quality. I don’t like my hair snagging & breaking and always afraid of cheap hair accessories.

You can also curl, wave etc., just Youtube it. (don’t you love how nouns become verbs in this day and age of the internet?)

It’s also good for lifting the roots if you have flat hair however in my opinion my Goody hot round gives better Volume.