Mentholatum Lip Fondue: Use It!Wear It !

Mentholatum’s Lip Fondue.OMG ! OMG! I love it.

I picked it up in Sasa and I am ecstatic. Definitely re-purchasing.

It’s a thick gel that instantly soothes your lips.

It doesn’t feel like Vaseline or Chapstick. It’s like a soft cushion on your lips. You can feel it on your lips but it’s not sticky!


It’s difficult to shoot the product. The packaging instructions tell you NOT  to twist it up too much as it DOESN’T retract. It’s colourless and looks like gloss, but may I please repeat, it’s not wet or sticky.

Just what a ‘cushiony balm’ might feel like I think.

It is also a great base for Mattes lipsticks. Matte lippies dry lips. I often have to apply chapstick OVER my matte lip since they feel so dry.

Not with this fondue !

I have applied my Christian Loubotin Matte and my Loreal Matte over this. It does give the matte a slight glow as you would expect. Satin-Matte type look.

But it didn’t make it slip or slide. None got on my teeth or leaked outside my lips !

My lipstick stayed on through sips of water, Proseco, toast and a slice of (oatflour) banana bread.

I am now off to have Ramen.

Nothing survives Ramen though !