Dry Flaky Skin & Facial Oils

I spent the winter recovering from surgery.  This meant I was (largely) bed ridden for weeks.

This winter Hong Kong also plunged to 4 degrees centigrade at times.  So I spent around 14 hours a day under blankets with the heater on.

During my recovery, I wasn’t strong enough for my usual skincare routine and skipped an eye cream or moisturiser, here and there.

And then it was time to get back to work.

I sat down at my vanity and started to put my face on ……when I noticed !

Makeup clinging to flaking skin, creasey & patchy under-eye concealer and rough dry skin rings. Basically lizard skin.  And oh my lord if I “set” my  skin with powder I looked like a French aristocrat.

Hugh Laurie in Black Adder 

My rough dry skin leapt out at me. Worst places are the outer corner of my eyes, a C-shaped area from tear duct and under, sides of my nose and a patch below my cheek bone.

I panicked. I looked like I had aged overnight. You know that cakey look  on really really wrinkly skin ?


I have normal to combination skin that is generally problem free. I use moisturising skincare that is suited to my skin type, use acid exfoliators and avoid alcohol in my skincare.

So why ? Anyway I had to do something, QUICK !

The only thing missing in my skincare arsenal was Facial oil. Maybe Facial oil would do the magic.

Sunday Riley is not easily available in Hong Kong (hence the delay for my purchase) but I knew I had to get something quick. So I did my usual, researched, and then bought 2 facial oils.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight serum in oil. While I don’t buy products for their fragrance, the fragrance doesn’t bother me. The ‘powdery’ fragrance reminds me of my mother.

It’s a light oil.

For my face it’s between 3-5 drops. I apply with my finger tips, face and neck, with my usual swipe and press.

For my face and neck, if I put around 5 drops, the oil will take a while to sink in. So on makeup days I will go with less is more, follow with an additional moisturiser and then apply my makeup. Otherwise I am worried the makeup will ball up or slip and slide.

The Clarins’ oil for my skin is the Blue Orchid (dehydrated skin) but alas it was sold out. So I bought the Clarins Santal one (for Dry skin).

I am not a fan of the fragrance. I love Sandalwood incense but this one reminds me of some kind of Indian desert.

It’s a heavier, thicker oil than the Body Shop one. I use it only at night. It definitely takes a while to sink, more than 10 mins, so don’t apply it too close to bedtime otherwise your face will stick to your pillow 🙂

I generally like the feel of oil so it’s obvious both oils feel nourishing, but give them time to sink in.

I traveled to Shanghai recently and the only ‘moisturiser’ I carried was the Clarin’s oil. The Body Shop one can feel a bit dry by itself.

On some days, I put a drop of the Body Shop serum-in-oil with my face makeup so it spreads better.

And what about my lizard skin ? I am not sure whether it was solely the oils. Because at the time of their purchase, Hong Kong was also warming up. So basically no heater. But after 2 weeks that horrible scaly, patchy look has gone. Concealer applied like a dream.

Thank god. I wasn’t enjoying the ‘whatever happened to baby Jane’ look! o-que-terc3a1-acontecido-a-baby-jane-9

Now Hong Kong is heading into a hot, humid hot summer which means its ‘Aircon assault’ time. Aircons too are not good friends with skin.

Well formulated facial oils are definitely worth the purchase and when you find the one that works for you. Use it.