Best Hot Chocolate: Shanghai

According to my humble palate it’s at the HOF, French Concession side street, in Shanghai. 75% Caribe.

Melted chocolate. Chocolate/Cocoa like my tongue imagines it. Pure. Not of milk, not of sugar, not of cream. Neither is it bitter.

The empty cup deserved the pic because it housed something so wonderful, as opposed to the full cup. The full cup looked like any ordinary hot chocolate. And mind you it wasn’t till I sipped it did I realise its magic.

Again it’s my palate comparing it to Max Brenner Sydney and Godiva in Cambridge. I have to say I haven’t tried hot chocolate in Japan. Now Japan would be a strong contender, I can see that!

Anyway been in Hong Kong for more than 15 years and this is my first visit to Shanghai. Shame on me! We visited over Easter,  March 2016. Sunny, cool and dry.

The BundPudong


We walked around the city, the main bits. Took the metro a fair bit. And that was fun and we discovered more in and around because of this.

It was with our walking around that we discovered this gem. Corner of Sichuan Road and Guandong road, zero tourists, atleast when we were there, the pan fried dumpling shop.


We ate too much. The flavour was better than in Hong Kong, which means, it’s better than in the whole world!

Taxis can be hairy only because our Mandarin is non-existent so we avoided them, unless there was a hotel concierge guiding us.

Ofcourse what would a blog post be without a picture of Sephora, along Nanjing Road.


Nanjing Raod

But I need to tell you is something I don’t see in Hong Kong. The BIGGEST Innisfree, Too Cool for School and DHC shops. I am talking 2 floors !

I didn’t take any pictures because it wouldn’t capture their magnificence. It was awe inspiring.

We stayed near the bund, perfect !

And The Hyatt on the Bund has spectacular views and that’s me in the rooftop bar The Vue (not enjoying) my Dirty Martini. Don’t know why I ordered it.



Next trip Suzhou & Sichuan (only to eat tonnes of spicy Sichuan food)