Bio Essence Gold Water

Oh Bio Essence you are really pissing me off.

So I also bought this 24K Bio-Gold Water along with the Deep Exfoliating Gel (dud). Mainly because of its Anti Oxidant claims.

2016-03-22 16.02.33

And its hydrating,  with some flecks of gold suspended in it.  Gold is always fun.

2016-03-22 16.03.12


We Indians have consumed gold for the longest time. In deserts and in our health foods. So I ain’t afraid of a little bit of gold.

2016-03-22 16.11.50

It has a light watery texture , that you pat in.  I have found PAT is best and not wipe or rub. As it absorbs pretty quick and then leaves a very tacky feel. This tackiness does disappear to leave that light siliconey-smooth feel to skin.

I used it this morning after my shower and a gentle toner (Garnier Aqua Defense).

I plan to use this Gold Water as an AM serum of sorts.

Once it disappears I apply my Olay Anti Wrinkle Serum and then my moisturiser.

I will update once enough time as gone by. However what really frikkin gets my goat is the cheap packaging.

Yes its a glass jar, but with a Cheap Sticker label.

2016-03-22 16.03.492016-03-22 16.10.10

This is day 2 of use. Even my phone screen sticker has lasted without peeling for 3 years

Not Happy