Korean Sheet Masks

I love face masks I wont lie.

And to be honest Ruby Hammer’s comment about using a face mask everyday , on some TV show, set me on this trail!

Walk into SASA HK and it’s a treasure trove of sheet masks. Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese.

2016-02-10 13.03.19

So Beaute and SNP were the ones I bought. I also wanted to buy the Skinfood masks, but didn’t see any in the Sasas I visited.

The SNP animal ones are silly…



The SNP ones are also dddripping in liquid, which I do not like.

If you store them standing up, they are still drippy but you end up with around  1-1.5 inch of liquid in the pack ! So now I store them flat.

And what’s point of the animal pics, I do not know,

The So Beaute is the one I prefer. Seemed to fit better and drip less. It also seemed to leave the right amount of product once you took the mask off. Just enough to tap the residue in.

I use sheet masks for hydration and it’s a nice self pampering ritual for a weekend.

That’s what most face  masks do.

It’s that little bit of TLC you give yourself. And it’s the TLC that gives you the glow I think and not the mask, when you look in the mirror!

And for me personally the fact that, even after so long, it ALWAYS makes my husband  giggle.




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