Christian Louboutin Bengali Lipstick

A lipstick called Bengali ? It’s not often my (Bengali) culture or roots are evoked in the beauty world, so when it happens you can be damn sure I will buy it.

The Christian Louboutin lipsticks are not available in Asia so a dear friend offered to get his wife to procure it for me from Canada! Bless them !

She carried it all the way from Canada to Hong Kong. I am forever grateful. Especially  her patience for my shallow fripperies.



It’s beautiful to look at.

A pretty solid base with a slightly plasticky cap.


Yes you pay $90 for packaging alone!

20160306_105405 (1)



Apart from the name what fascinates me is the colour. It’s what we (Indians) call ‘Rani Pink’.

This pink, I swear , is what most of my Bengali ‘aunties’ wore around Durga Puja.  Pink, a favourite for the lips in the ‘old’ days.   What I don’t understand is how did he know? (Christian Louboutin I mean!)

How did he know this is the Pink the Bengali aunties so love ?


It’s a beautiful velvet matte, applies really well, not patchy atall. It’s not drying either and stays on for AGES !

Even after this oily, slurrpy Chinese Meal!

20160306_161151 (1)


I like.

Is it comparable to MAC and Urban Decay ? Of course it is.

You don’t need to buy  a Christian Louboutin lipstick!

Stick with MAC Urban Decay Loreal NYX and co.

I bought it only because of the name. BENGALI.

I am a proud Bengali and now I own a kick-ass looking lipstick.







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