My Eye Makeup Collection 2013

From a 20 year habit of only ever wearing Lakme Liquid eyeliner on my lids and occasionally some  mascara I have graduated to a full blown multi-coloured-eye- makeup person.

My eye colouring palette grows in leaps and bounds. From possessing just one coloured  mascara I now possess blue, purple and burgundy mascaras.


The black mascaras I have are mainly gifts excepting the recently purchased POP (British) ‘comb’ applicator mascara.

Its been day two so am withholding a review. So far its OK. The comb applicator is not as ‘lashy’ as I would like it to be and I feel like it can clump lashes together.

I personally dont like the lashclumping ‘volume’ look. I prefer the separate lash look. But one coat can look good.

Oily lids coupled with concealer under eyes, makes my liner run even more. So often liquid liner is the way to go.


Lakme has been my go-to eye liner, but in the last few years they changed their brushes  making them super thin and a tad too long making it difficult to apply the liner.  I mean it’s great for getting into the upper lash line and being generally invisible because it’s so damned thin but I like a slightly thicker line.  I even snipped the ends of the brush off. And now its scratchy and awful.

I bought a few trying to find one with a thicker brush but then gave up and went with eye-liner pens which are more easily available in Hong Kong.

My experience with pens has been disappointing. They keep drying on me even though I store them like pens, upside down.

My Maybelline and Cyber Colour (flat tip) are now used as applicators for my Lakme. My latest is the POP eyeliner. I like the fat tip and lets see how it goes.

In terms of application the Maybelline one was easier to apply because it has more slip. The Cyber Colours and POP are both harder, drier. Personally I think being drier makes it easier for lower lash line but drags and jumps across my creases on the my upper lids.

My liners are all black, because coloured liquid liners are a bit harsh and high school. That logic however doesn’t apply to eye liner pencils.



Nudes to open up the eye, whites to lighten inner corners, and browns, blues, purples, greens and a silver, just for fun !

I rarely do a single colour eye anymore. At any given time I have atleast 3 colours around my eyes (not counting nude or inner corner highlight)

Nude – lower waterline

White – smudged along inner corner.

Black or Brown – smudged out on the lashlines.

Blue/Green/Purple/Silver – smudged out along the outer corner, lower and upper.

Coloured mascara on the lashes.

sounds mental, but looks good !

I have dark brown eyes and if ANY of my frikking selfies every work out I would upload my eyes up here. Yes sometimes my mascara can cry out “look we are blue!” but thats intentional.

I am still learning eye shadow techniques to suit my deeply hooded eyes – how to lift and widen.  Currently my shadows serve to lock my eye liner pencils in, applied wet with an angled brush.

I bought my first mega palette. Again POP (Asos). Swatches of my POP shadow palette, on my sister-in-law’s arms.

My Eye Makeup Collection 2013 Eyeshadows
Hong Kong Stash.

My Eye Makeup Collection 2013My Eye Makeup Collection 2013My Eye Makeup Collection 2013

By the time I master my eye shadow techniques, I am hoping my selfies improve enough to upload here for a show and tell.


  1. I was thinking last night as I was doing my makeup, eyes included, how you must have unconsciously influenced this activity:). I would rarely wear makeup to got out for dinner in DB and nearly never wear eye shadow. But now I find myself putting it in whenever I go out! Must be your influence Tina:)

  2. You are full of surprises! Can you help me find a non smudge chemical free mascara? I say non smudge as the 2 brands I’ve bought before leave you with panda eyes within an hr of applying….dark circles are enough, I have no need for panda eyes….

    Much thanks

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