The Kindle and death of (my) good taste

Accessibility and abundance must have a detrimental effect on good taste and good sense 

We no longer care what we buy/eat/choose/read. It’s easy and there is so much of it.

We don’t think ‘is this even worth it ?’ because the mere effort of weighing that decision is more trouble than the actual purchasing.

Shoes, makeup, t-shirts, toiletries, snacks, cds, dvds all part of this mindless acquisition.

The latest culprit to add to my mindless purchasing and bad taste is my Kindle. While the Kindle is relatively new in my life, the habit of reading is not.

As my intellectual mother’s first born I was deemed for perfection and over acheivement.

My earliest memory of my play area was a mural of Animal Alphabets (in a jungle) painted by my mother and being surrounded by books and educational toys, but mainly books. My mother requested books as birthday presents too.

From the traditional bedtime fairtytales I was introduced to classics by my mother.

Kidnapped (oh my god so dull!) , Treasure Island (never finished it) , A Christmas Carol, Jane Eyre (oo the romance), Little Women (my favourite. How I cried when Beth died).


By then the love for reading was in. Once in school, I discovered the whole enchanting world of Enid Blyton and the Nancy Drew series. And then  when I was 16, disaster struck !

CapturedofficialRomance paperbacks. In that school year I must have read every single Mills and Boon and Harlequin romance that was published since 1974 !

From those that ended with the first and only kiss in the last chapter right up to the boldest ones where ” her body was a firework of emotion and every nerve took her to that final burst of fulfillment that he brought her to” 

My mother had no idea, I am not sure what the consequences of that discovery would be and I rather not speculate. My mother was rather prudish in that area of my education!

Thankfully that addiction passed and soon I went on to what I call a ‘100% Oprah‘ phase. Not her book club, but rather, I was all about self help and self discovery.

Anatomy of the Spirit, Honoring Menstruation, Angel Readings of Doreen Virtue, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hays and books on Yoga.

If I needed to read fiction I had to be sensible. There were too many books and I had to be efficient with my choices. So I would only read “good” books.

I would buy only those  that were awarded. Whitbread, Man Booker, Pultizer, Nobel Prize and the like. Books I wanted to keep on my shelf and were the effort of lugging it to and from work. 


Years and years of great reads. My mind was expanding and I was having fun. And then the Kindle entered my life.

I LOVE MY KINDLE. I prefer it over my backlit iPad. More soothing for the eye.

Oh Kindle I love YOU  !

I was a paper lover one day, next day ,a screen lover. Just like that. Whats all this about ‘there is something about turning pages and the smell of paper’ , Twaddle!

Reading and turning pages with ONE HAND how can you beat that ? And no shoulder pain from carrying around a heavy book.


Initially I was sensible with my purchases and made the decisions just like I would as if buying a paper back. Reading only prize winning books.

And then….appeared 50 SHADES OF GREY into everyone’s horizon.

As a book I would never bother. Terrible reviews coupled with occupying shelf space, plus me having to lug it around while I read on the go AND hide the title from people.

Too much trouble.

But on the kindle a whole different story, anonymity and ease.

Of purchase and reading. Best and best.

Don’t you love how ‘Whispernet’ grants you the book like a genie ? Even before you re-think your poor choice it’s appeared in your menu. And then you think ‘ah well its here, might as well’.

How anyone with a basic knowledge of English language, grammar and general common sense write such a terrible book I will never know but it triggered something.

I found pages of Kindle that were hidden from me before this. Pages and pages of erotica (I learnt my lesson with 50, so not going there) but also Free books !

Free books that were not Classics or public domain. Rather modern literature that was free ! They came with ratings of 5+ too.

Again ‘occupying shelf space, lugging a book and being constantly reminded of my silly decision’ was absent with a Kindle.

Its like your purchase never happened unless you turned your menu on !

And I started on this reading of these free books. There were OK, but my whole resistance to only buying and reading GOOD books was gone!

I was reading mediocre books. From that I moved to those less than 5 dollars. After all that’s like almost free. 5 dollars and with a 5+ rating. bargain…not


Writing is awful. The plot is thin, the language weak, the dialogue is like a pre-teen essay  and the sex-romance scenes are laughable.

It’s time for me to learn my lesson.

But with repeat downloads of such rubbish I am not sure ?

But hope to God I am !

Look at all my good books lying, neglected, unread …



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