The Humble Sponge

IMGP1983 IMGP1984 Beauty Gurus, vloggers and bloggers will all extol the virtues of the RIGHT makeup tools to give you the finish you need. Basically the right brush !

While I agree , its not the be all and end all of makeup application.

What I do agree with is if you want to buy a brush dont buy cheap ones.

Cheap ones (see below) have the SHAPE but don’t meet the function. Too hard, not fluffy enough, too fat, frayed hairs, shedding etc etc.

The flip side of that is the expensive brushes don’t always satisfy their functionality, and while rare its also a case of trial and error between one big name brand versus another.

We of course have our fingers. Anything  that requires an all over face application; foundation, tinted moisturisers, BB creams, even cream blushes and cheek stains, your fingers are a good ally.

However fingers are not so good for the  inner-eye concealer application or anything that needs a more precise application. While you cant fault a brush for applying and blending lip and eye makeup, lets not forget the makeup sponge for everything else.


That old fashioned method before stipling brushes , foundation brushes , buffing brushes and concealer brushes came into our focus and distracted us.

Spray on a little bit of water, dab dab dab and smoothen your foundation and concealer to lovely non cakey finish.

The narrow edge of a damp sponge is great for concealers too. Gentler than your ring finger and precise. A damp sponge also helps with cream blushes. A natural flush like finish !

A damn sponge is awesome especially over the winter months when the skin is dry and you don’t want to buff things on with a brush. Dab. If you need to swipe, then use the narrow edge in a light feathery motion.


I admit I don’t own the hallowed Beauty Blender. And I believe the BB has an effect that is enchanting and airbrushed. The internet is all ablaze with the Beauty Blender.

I however don’t feel the need to order it off Amazon. My humble generic makeup sponge is doing such a great job. Granted I have a normal to combination skin and use water based products.

Give it a try and let me know how it worked for you.

(checkout gossmakeupartist and Lisa Eldridge on Youtube for their take on Sponges)

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