My Pet Peeve…. (or Packing)

My pet peeve is PACKING. Other people’s lack of organisation that is !

People will ask “Why does it bother you so much ?” “how does it affect you ?” “its their life!”

Ya Ya I know all that, but that’s what a Peeve is. An irritant that is illogical.

Mine is when people tell me, or even if I over hear it : “I am leaving tonight….(or tomorrow)  and I haven’t packed

It’s rarely a ‘HAHAHAHA I haven’t packed and I dont give a s***’. It usually said with either mild panic in the tone or worse, a half-apologetic tone.

WHY ??? why haven’t you packed ? Was it a surprise trip ?  A sudden business trip ? An emergency ?

Other than that, its sheer incompetence.

Especially if it’s a holiday, You planned it you so you would know your dates, so why this last minute non-packing situation ? Also you didn’t have to come out drinking/to the movies/gym 12 hours before your flight ? Stay home and pack.

I used to pack 2 weeks in advance.

Lists made, calenders referred to, outfits and dates matched, underwear for each day then multiplied by 2, flight clothes IN and flight clothes OUT, call Hotels/host to check for hair dryers, if I am planning to meet other human beings then I usually take my Flat Iron, 3-4 shoes max.

I admit 2 weeks in advance is inefficient. Because I would usually spend the night before pulling everything out because I have forgotten what I put inside. So now I do it a weekend before and am most definitely, and efficiently,packed, 24 hours before my flight.

Last things in are phone chargers and toiletries.

Packing stresses me out. I don’t over-pack, prefer not to have carry on baggage and hate a heavy suitcase.

So I spend days, re-calibrating my packing decisions.

Items that can double up, economising on shoes, evaluating the kind of people I am going to meet. If I don’t know them I don’t pack my flat iron or hair dryer. They can see my Ronald McDonald frizzy hair I dont care !

Permutation & Combinations of thoughts and what-ifs. What if I get my period ? what if it hurts ? what if its very painful ?

Work -Holidays are bad.  Work clothes, work shoes, weekend clothes, weekend shoes. Work makeup. Weekend look. I need them ALL right till the last min.

But packing for Cold places is the WORST. I can never decided HOW many warm clothes will be enough ! What if I am colder than this ? what is my toes are cold ? what if the outside is really cold but the inside is really warm ? Are the evenings chilly or cold ? how many layers below my woollen coat ?

Loads of meltdowns later, I am packed.

If I can do it, surely you can ? You, who are so carefree and angst free. Pack in time and save me this one less stress of getting peeved.


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