Makeup Favourites: My Love Letters

Products Mentioned: Chanel Mascara, Clinique Even Better, MAC Strobe, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl, Benefit PoreFessional.

Dear Chanel mascara,

You are simply the best. Natural and voluminous.

And your new Prune colour for De Volume is to DIE for. But my only problem is the wand. Your Inimitable wand ROCKED. It was clumpfree and really added volume to the lashes. De Volume wand, I have to wipe off diligently before using.

Hope you can improve on that.

I love you

Dear Clinique Even Better,IMGP2227

I have tried some of your duds. Your All About Eyes depuffing serum was ho hum. Not worthy of a repurchase.

But you on the other hand with your brightening, tinted emollient cream makes my under eye circles and tiredness vanish. I even suspect you have reduced my dark circles.

Your tint is universal and suits my NC40-42 skintone so well !

I will buy you again.

I love you.

Dear Mac Strobe Cream and Lotion

Mac Strobe
L: Cream R: Lotion

I f**ing love you both.

Even Paula Begoun has given you her nod, Strobe Cream. Need I say more ?

You could frighten new users, especially Indian skin tones with your initial ‘white pearl’ glow but I would tell them to test you out before ditching you.

I love you.

Dear Benefit Girl Meets Pearl,IMGP2240


I love your Champagne finish and your opalescent glow. You might be a bit too “gold” but on a tanned Indian skin you give a gorg glow.

I love you.

Dear Bobbi Brown Eye brightening,


You were such a pleasant surprise. You smell a bit funky, but you apply and brighten up my eyes like a dream. I would repurchase you if you weren’t so expensive. But you are definitely recommended.

I love you

Dear Dear Dear Benefit PoreFessional,

You are NOT a Benefit hype. You do hide the pores. We must not ‘wipe’ you on our face rather just dab dab dab.

I love you



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